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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

He said...

Love me some more
He said,
Leave not a word
cut my silence with your poetic sword
Be as savage as a Barbarian
as insane
like a vulgar pain
Erupt in my masqueraded face
Run me over, Invade my space
Break into my absent presence
smash all those tiered soldiers of resistance
Burn all my compromise Bridges
Brutally crash my arrogant fear
Beyond that classical smile,wipe this one rebellious tear
Rise in my dreams every night
devour my waiting moments with your twilight
accept who i can't show
object to what they all know Questions
Destroy my sand castles dreams
vigorously turn off my sun
Hold my hand as i run
stand in my way
plead me guilty to stay
sentenced to live some more
just for you to come
and love me some more

I am a man with no destiny
he said,
So be my fate
keep me in your bosom
as a hieroglyphic relief
be The priest and the thief
be the whip and the rose
bleed in me your wounded prose
Just llike that
be the earth and the sky
the timeless answer to my redundant why

Be the sea and the harbor
Be the home and the exile
stay for a while
when i ask you to leave
keep that denial
when i lie to your belief
read what i don't write
keep me not out of your sight
as i turn away
Hide me under your skin
Rain on my arid within
reply to me when i don't call
be always there when i dare to fall
love me as sinful
as painful
in my deep darkened soul, our memories roar
like a wave to hit the shore
Just love me some more

he said.




Thursday, September 13, 2012

For You...

For you
all the grass grows crowning the mountains
and all the waves are born high
Then they Hug your shore
and melt in a gentle kiss
that much you are a bliss
to life

For you
the jealous seas pose at the horizons
after the crazy clouds circles
sharing a joyful sonata
Daring you my prince of darkness
to shine

For you
all the kids laugh
all the words become your autograph
craving letters crawl at your mind wish
holding the line  

For you
all women dress up,
wearing their euphoric dreams on
at your sight
all roses flirt with the drunken sunlight
chasing your twilight

For you
Still rivers flow
all the soul winds blow
love secrets to your flying kite 
lazy skies snow
Bride fields in silken white

For you
time would stand still
Soft breeze would have all stories to tell
loud whispers to your ears
as you close your eyes
teasing all these whens&whys
watching your made up sand castles
fall at night
feeling all the virtual hugs as tight

For you
life happens
and Dreams shall strive
as long as the dreamer is alive
as long as the dreamer is alive

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