Always on My Mind you baby...

Sunday, March 30, 2014


When you call me
when you call my name
i stand in the space of joy
and ecstasy
listening to the orgasmic shivers of your voice
i get astonished
how did your vocal chords turned into musical steps?
its key is yearning
and how did the letters of my name became
those euphoric notes
burning with longing 

When you call me
when you ignite my flame
i melt in the moment of glow
and intimacy
peeking at your every glance of choice
i get resurrected
one breath at a time
how could your eyes turn into life potions?
and my whole being is this thirsty
at the tip of your river, hanging

When you call me
when your lips don't move
i run to your unopened arms
get closer to your enchanting vain
swinging between two rocks of pain  
your absent presence
and your present resistance
on the path of pride i sit
scared to fall in the ecstatic illusion pit
yet frightened to soar in the void of my rambling

but then you call again
and i let go of all my pain
running to where you don't rhyme
holding your most precious time
in my heart.
i realize all i need is just to be
where your silent screams reach.  



Monday, March 24, 2014


And i get jealous
of every feminine figure around
of how intimidated by them you sound
of every smile you shyly exchange
with a bold devouring eye grip
of their every stare strip  
of every wicked kissing sun ray
and every calling moonlight sway
i get jealous in every dangerous way 
Of those crazily excited Diyptique drops
getting to kiss your neck
then lazily crawl down your chest
of this coffee cup
where your delicious lips rest
of the last smoke in your cigarette
of that black tie and this white shirt
of these lucky buttons
tickling your skin in a playful flirt
of your phone stupid rings
bringing you other women's voices
telling you their mischievous words
I get jealous of every word you say
of every song you nostalgically play
that doesn't bring me dancing to your wildest arena
My Heart, Your Tray

Me, your favorite wine
i even get jealous of my every line
about you
of every sketch of you i drew
even they get to pass by your eyes, heart
and hide in a corner of your mysterious mind 
i get jealous my love
of my eyes staring relentlessly at you
of my hands touching your every hair
behind a screen 
of your gorgeous fat fingers
typing for me
as i desperately wait
for you to just...


Saturday, March 22, 2014

To the Little stronger piece of your Heart...

Tell your son
that you get it wrong at times
you sometimes prose where it should Rhymes
tell him  that you are not perfect
neither he should strive to be
teach him to be human
to appreciate his flaws
change his mind
yet keep his vows 
and  always stick to his faith
more than you did
tell him its a mad world out there
and he has to show his true colors
to survive
fight not for peace
never judge a whole from a piece
tell him you picked the wrong roses
and at times you smashed the right ones
for there are no rights or wrongs
there are only choices
inner intuitive voices
that come from his heart
those are the ones where to start
tell him he should be mercy
when it's most cruel
and to his passion 
he should be the fuel
tell him that you tried
and that being better than you
is simply impossible
he should only be his own human mastery
living his moments off its magical imaginary
tell him its fine to fail
as long as he rises stronger
teach him to be gentle on himself
and furious to every other injustice
every time has its call
teach him to appreciate every fall
we wouldn't have never knew hope
if we weren't first drenched in despair
tell him its almost always unfair
but we still dare
we still care

teach him to believe in his Dreams
and be strong enough to live his worst nightmares
help him to reach out to you
when it's blurry and blue 
your being there by his side
is the Best Role Model you can ever provide.
have faith in his heart
of you, its the best part
so just love him in every way you can

fear no more, 
He will always hold your hand through the darkness
even if with a single "k"
he still giggles saying your name for his self identification.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shall we Dance?

So i Dance
Asking all the questions
in a spin
chest open
heart broken
like a bleeding mention
i hide and turn
stripping the words off my silence
i rain in tears upon your magnificence
each step is a universe
that is yours and mine
i am the cup and you my wine
each twirl is a flowing river
each blink brings along a shiver
rising along your stares
i fly 
to your heavens
and lovingly burn 
in your reason's hell

But i dance
with you in my eyes
for you listen to my sways
with every breath
i shall live again   
resurrected out of this pain
where we can always fly
where all the answers can die
there, on the arena of our wildest imagination.  




Sunday, March 16, 2014


In your absence
all the letters fall down
hanging off the line
dead of longing
in the verse cenotaph
the eyes lean on a photograph
while the sighs roar
at the crowded void
you are not there
but here
no, here...
where the heart lingers
some desperate whispers
still call
then fall tall
at your resistance wall
as i randomly roam
Some fortunate thoughts
like a space ball
in your beautiful mind
and come out of your fingertips
to revive the demons of the words
breathing the  letters back to life
like the most satisfied wife
the verse screams
in orgasmic extremes
the lines moan
shaking to the bone
every dot is a shiver
you are always a giver
but the heart is a begger
asking for your every love deed 
these hungry visions your eyes feed
crave your hopeless mirage
seek in your darkness
its own sunlight   
Then you rise 
shining in disguise
behind the written shield  
as mad as wise
i read your otherwise
and bloom
may your coming forever remains
even within that spectacular telepathy.   


Friday, March 14, 2014


Hey you,
... i love you
so into you like an itching habit 

like an incurable disease
that i am blessed with
i would never wanna heal of
a massive invasion
an impossible equation
you occupy my strength fortresses
demolish all my resistance towers    
and leave me a prey of obsession

such a savage, gentle barbarian habit
that i rejoice its every colonization
you are the army general of my verse
the persuasive power whenever we converse
its always about you the writing&the oppression

Your sensual being electrifies everything
it burns my feminine weapons
exhaust my languages
tore my strongest lines apart
shake my pouring fingers
and the shivering white sheet 
your eyes are my exceptional treat
where i deliberately sink for a life saving mission

Your magnificent self sets fire to my everything
lightening in my mind furniture
satin sheets of my beds
and your voice blows my silence thunder
as i listen in ultimate wonder
how can your vocal cords play heaven symphonies
in every session?
how can i run at your every word
like a refugee
of you i flee
and to you i declare my victorious submission

Everyday i learn you by heart
study your feelings map
sing along as your silence tap
the music of your lips
and the roaring winds of your sighs
i belly dance for your random whys
sprinkle my soul upon your cries
drench in your rivers of sweat
as i recall your every drop's taste
talk endlessly to your every form
take your every absence by storm
i get angry when you hide
dangling off my solitude tip
blowing empty bubbles of anticipation
until i get reborn in your dimpled laughter
rising from beyond my loudest whisper
holding me tighter
my heart grows fonder
between those words you never say
and the ones your eyes spill in every ignorant recognition.   


Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Souvenir Box...

I don't have anything from you
to hold on to 
to cuddle with in my cold solitude 
not a word
not a rose
nor a smell
not even a clue
but still
i have everything off you
that i need
all the lively visions
your mighty absences feed
all the presences your silence breeds
i keep them for company
in my Heart Box of souvenirs

All the words
you never speak
all the roses 
you never pick
and all the signs
you never mean
all the tears
you hold unshed
i tenderly kissed
all the cities you are yet to visit
are in my eyes
and all the games you are yet to play
are on my lips
all the kingdoms you are to rule
are exotically spread upon my skin
they say i am crazy
but i say we met
in all these places you didn't touch
within your mind
we hugged&kissed
dancing around the wildest thoughts
like loving stars do beyond the spheres  

A memory of you?
no, i have all i need
i have the soil&the seed
in my heart i keep you close
soul of the verse
Heart of the prose  
all those dreams you don't remember
are where we lived the most
laughed the most
and cried our hearts out
you just missed out
all those hugs you didn't crash
are where i get my strength
and all those questions you never replied 
hold the answers i need
all those moments you didn't greet
sparkle for me in the darkest nights
everything about you that was never mine
is what i intimately treasure
for it is only about you
that anything ever means something to me.
And i believe my love
that all the lifetimes we never had
will be the ones we shall forever share. 



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