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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He is My Sea...

"It has been so long
since you have been gone"
i heard myself thinking...
Wearing all my hesitation
I counted the stairs
on my way up
before the door
pouring my thoughts on the floor
as he opened in a watery mood
all i could see
he was the sea
this mysteriously inviting
this tenderly enchanting
for a swim
our lips met
in full set
sweet and salty
scented and misty
his presence roared
devouring my silence
currents of desire
passed through my wire
bare soul i shivered
his daring dots were delivered
moving within him
on the edge of a kiss
flooded by music
his being strategic
pained,like the steps dancing on the pavements of passion
under the evening rain, was my confession
bare feet wearing the lightness of our lust
the sea took off his black glasses
and his black shirt
dangerously climbing all my thirst
he sat down and looked at me
half of him was made of ink
the other half was the sea
He stripped me of my questions
between the tides
I was the ebbs
drowning me as his fate
his own liberated state
half of him became shyness
the other half seducing me
I was gripped by a fever of kisses
He pinned and rode me
watching my confusion
scattered in his illusion

I enjoyed his geographical mess
beneath his waves,i yearned to confess
I tried to cover,
under a quilt of paralyzed words and sighs
"don't cover up,
I can see you in the darkness of ink
I feel your mad pulse louder as you sink
only the lantern of desire is shining on your body now
our love has always lived in the darkness of the senses"
he said.
His hurricane blew away all my questions
spread like foam on his bed of lust

In contrast
the sea was rising forward
conquering my resistance
staking banners of masculinity everywhere it passed
with every area he declared occupied or liberated
I discovered how enormously helpless i was before him
His words,like his fingers
these gentle torturers
became matches burning everything inside of me
his virility startled me
as i wiggled in his arms like a fish
starting the rituals of gradual surrender
he suddenly stopped me
"Do you really love me?"
despite the distance?
and the reasonable madness?
lines he didn't say
I crashed them with a sway
His voice was a mixture of ironic pain
his voice has the delayed taste of tears
in a thunderous grip
he took me on his trip
Then,the storm had ended
the sea had left me
a corpse of love washed up on the shores of astonishment.
the sea withdrew,
implanting my body between two poems and two tears
but the salt remained,
as long as i remained
like a refilled sea sponge,
i woke up, it is 8pm
crawling out of my luxurious fantasy
getting ready to meet Him,
The Sea, storming his dimples at the waving crowd.


tuberider said...

Wow, that is some poem! Again very lyrical, I can recognise your style!

Timoteo said...

I have just resigned myself to taking a cold shower after I read your poems! lol

Unknown said...

I followed every word intently! Your poetic structure allowed me to build and imagine each new scene as a visual accompaniment. This came at a time I desperately needed to grasp onto something, and therefore I loved each line individually. Well done, and Thank You!

Anonymous said...

omg... *shivers* if only I was to wash up on your shore....

Anonymous said...

warm in heart.
Thank you

Unknown said...

The poem is magnificently crafted between pain and dream, between echoes and silence, shadow and light.
i felt thrill, i felt pain, i was too exhausted in the end.


Brian Miller said...

a corpse of love washed up on i would do this to me every week...blown away...nice one shot...

signed...bkm said...

one should never read your poetry -alone...bkm

Phil Ray said...

I read this once as a poet and loved it... I read it again as a fan and loved it even more... words can not express how divinely talented you are...

TALON said...

lol @ Tim's reply...I would say I'd join him, but that would be misconstrued entirely!

What a sea this is...a sea I would happily be cast adrift upon. As always, your sensual poem lingers.

moondustwriter said...

That sea had so many parallels with a lover hmmm

Timoteo just need to jump in the cold surf.

Another enjoyable piece dear Rose

Thanks from sharing with One Shot

blushing Moon

Anonymous said...

This was one of the best poem I have read so far . The words have wonderfully been woven , carefully crafted from drops of sea ..Really really wonderful one ! Loved it :)

Anonymous said...

" my luxurious fantasy
getting ready to meet Him,
The Sea, storming his dimples at the waving crowd. "
I bow my head before your talent ...and before your sweet poetry..


dustus said...

Steamy waves linger in the wake of your poetic splash. A, you write like no other. Combination of feeling and imagery through a unique poetic voice. One Shot cheers!

Tofyta said...

WoW bebo .. awesome poam O_O so lovely i can feel shahrukh between ur words ..(the sea took off his black glasses
and his black shirt
dangerously climbing all my thirst
he sat down and looked at me) u r Stunning & very Talented.. always ur poems take me to another world with my lovely king ... love u sweetheart..


gautami tripathy said...

So steamy!

the middles makes it

PattiKen said...

Wow. Look at all these guys panting after reading these words. You've put me in a watery mood myself.

Bubba said...

Very romantic!

One line really stood out to me:
"Wearing all my hesitation"

Nice One Shot, Desert Rose!

Wild Rose said...

Wow Queen you paint a very beautiful and enchanting sea, and yes what a lover i truly enjoyed it babe all the lines got me so magical... hugs tight back xoxo

Claudia said...

this for sure makes one wish to be flooded...

Beachanny said...

Intensely sensual, your poem a sinuous ride curling like a wave crashing like the sea. Interesting style. I enjoyed it. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

Vinay Leo R. said...

ur like an expert in romantic lyrical poetry, Rose :D lovely one shot! :)

My One Shot!

Belinda said...

From ripples to waves, your writing is commanding. And, judging by the other comments, highly interactive! Great job!

Anonymous said...

The sea always withdraws. Until it fulfills its destiny to return.

alex said...

oh my god!!! this is great!!

joanna said...

Desert Rose:

Well I do believe, your email box must be filled and your home phone is ringing off the hook, all from male suitors and admirers, who adore you and want to marry you. You have it going on dear one, If I was a male I would ask to marry you too,

I think I need to borrow a page form your book now and then and share with my partner to add some more sugar, spice, and fire.

Lovely epic of sensual erotic love.


Amanda said...

Whooohoo, I agree, this should not be read alone my friend!! Awesome!!

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Its interesting to see that I read two of the verses about Sea and I love sea... the power and the metaphysical energy there is tremendous.. in fact all water bodies are great source of energy... OK now let me get back to your verse which I liked a lot... Your words "i heard myself thinking...
Wearing all my hesitation,...pouring my thoughts on the floor" made me feel the hsitation you were having...
"Do you really love me?" and then "he took me on his trip" took me to the vivid imagery that you were protraying.. I liked the soft seduction, the fall down and then the awakening.. Very interesting...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay Blog:

Desert Rose said...

@tuberider thank you so much, really humbled :)

@timoteo ahahaa you certainly drew a big smile on my face Tim, cold showers on wednesdays ha ;) love having you always dear..:)

@refuge insomniac Dear David, thank you for such sweet lines!

@Sir thomas you are most welcomed Sir..;)

Desert Rose said...

@Anonymous thank you for the warmth :)

@Mansoor Zia yeah, you got that one right mansoor..:)

@brianmiller1 thank you Brian..:)

@signed...bkm hahaa well,that is a call for more intimacy then ha..:))

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but be tickled by many of your commentator's comments :D And yes I fully agree with them. Romantic, steamy, lyrical, cold showers...all of the above! Love the title. The sea is very much like love...all encompassing.

Desert Rose said...

@phil ray this was so sweet of you phil! i am so happy you enjoy my poetry..:)

@Talon thank you darling, i look forward to your writings as much, lots of love and warm hugs to you :)

@moondustwriter its my honor to have you on my blog moon, onestoppoetry is my home..:) thank you for letting me part of it.:)

Desert Rose said...

@adreamygal thank you so much darling, the sea is in me..flowing :)

@dustus how warm it is to have you around always Adam..i really miss your comments when you don't come..cheers buddy :)

@tofyta you know ya tofy..he is in my lines, their is all for him, my inspiration..forever and more :)

@guatami thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you're writing always leaves me restless. In the most beautiful of ways. Fab One Shot. Love and Light, Sender

Anonymous said...

the images you use are just insane!! this is undeniably sexy, and i just marvel at the multiple worlds that are within your grasp as an artist. i certainly enjoyed that ride!

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