Always on My Mind you baby...

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Coming Home…

 Come with me…

Let’s take a quiet stroll

I know the days on you, had taken quite a toll

I know it gets only harder for now

But again see, that's when the days will get a better show!

Here by the large mustard field of your mind

Let’s go find a lil hiding smile,

There at the corner of your letting your baby brother win the latest video games boys night

At his innocent laugh as you fake a cute fight

He is the nine years old iron man and it’s quite, by you, 

all right..

Or here by the side of your soul sister rehearsal before the mirror with you as her only audience, late after you sneaked in some Mc and fries

The harder she always, for perfection..tries

That beautiful star born of the moon and the sun… tip toe where he hides, to off his hardest days, run…

You see him sweat his longest night off

On a 9 speed fast, or ten

Dead-lifting the weight of the whole world upon his heart..

As calm as the ocean before the storm

He holds ur face in between his eyelids, and rains…

And you watch him from behind the bar

That he already set higher with a bench

You see him now..

Reaching out every corner to hold you up once more..

A cold cup of coffee by his side 

And a crowded ashtray

You quietly hold of his blurry eyes, a ray

Stronger we stay…

Papa…you say…

I am for you, sooner than soon

Defeating the injustice goon..

And wait for me today papa..

Spread your arms king size

For wherever I may be 

For you, I will always be Home. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

My note to love...


All the eyes that aren’t your eyes...

Can’t see
All that is not seen by your eyes, is unseen
All those hairs that get messed up by the mad winds, are still
And still... are those mad winds that don’t mess up with your sky hair...
The air that is not invited by your aristocratic nose is unfair
For this life’s party only begins at the gush of your highness nose aired exhale...
All the words that aren’t born off the womb of your fleshy lips, are wordless
And nameless, are all the names, until you call them ..
so i feel for all these faces, anonymously living behind the bars of freedom    
they think they exist! 
and to this thought , even, revolt!
but until you lay on them this- laying in a bed of mischief- eye
their best bet would be to happily just, die!
nothing makes any sense, until you forensically, do
pouring in tots of stares trips...    
Jack-Danieling all the lines in your lashes drips, 
O what do they know...
Sober would be all Ghalib’s Ghazal if not in your each glimpse grips...
Wordless is the world until you world into it..
Lifeless is the life, until you into it, life...
What sunshine are they talking about?
The sun comes up only at your every blink..
And how do they see light in the children’s smiles?
If all the children’ s happiness lights up only at your smile?
Heard them say, roses naturally bloom in spring
Snow innocently falls in winter..
when seasons follow each other at your every head tilt... 
of the wildest dreams, weaving my late nights' secret quilt

But all I know..
That all the magic fields your spring feet don’t upon-step, are arid
And all the expecting clouds, you don’t melt with your fire stare, are sterile..
Heard some talks about birds chirping at mornings dew
And rivers flowing in the arms of the potent shores...
But all the mornings bird at your chirping silence..
And the potent shores only climax in the arms of your Hapi rivers’ glares...
And what is it all about volcanoes burning the Rocky lands heart
When my lava heart erodes only at your every dragon breath
Yes. It is that destructively, apt!
Only at your every mighty coming, that I erupt
Nothing is anything until you are
Nothing is as close as far
My moon, sun, and every whispering star...
It is not a sky above me, until you into my night, night
I don’t see what Newton astonishingly achieved watching his falling apple
I know all the heart apples fall in your hands love touch...
And the bride earth then, at your fingers play...blush
and in my genius physical mind now, I hush...
For it all in you begins, and ends
All that is in me broken at your eyes call, mends
You rain upon your desert rose
Off your every coming, my hopeful wind blows
Soaked in a lucid dream
Wrapped in your arms, or so I seem
set free beneath a solid window
and with my crippled wings of poetry,
i charmingly, soar
Wondering how could I have ever been anywhere else before?
When all I have ever been therein,
 is by then, Home.
My lifeless life is but within you, a life.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

20 seconds...


20 seconds...

They said it should last for 20 seconds...
Oh my darling...
what do they know
how many times per second 
had i just closed my eyes on that thought--
feeling your love arms holding my-
now small to fit body- and hiding me from the world
how many times per second
had i breathed this air only because for one second
you may had had that breath into you and out
its a small world after all
and the winds fly from wherever you are to me
teaching universal geography currently,
so i know for sure that lovers inhale each others 
across the skies of distance 
exhale with each breath a flying life-kiss.
20 seconds...
they said it can heal your pains
when someone who loves you so much
_no one does more than i do by the way-
hugs you as tight for 20 seconds
you are no longer in any pain
you heal...
this i do feel!
when in my every night dream
we do.
within our souls shield 
this darkness, for 20 seconds then,
bloom into a mustard field
of acceptance
20 seconds...
a wish that i pray only to come true
a red in my heart that turns every night blue
a me into myself growing into you...
a life that i claim and deny 
a when that asks me and a roaring answering.. fly! 
a morning run that i everyday do
as if i am running off you to you...
and the time stands then still
i wish my burning breath by then could tell
those worn out racing heart beats
and the sweet tears roll treats
on the wet face
that i for once will happily dew
20 seconds ...
i think i can then everything, forgive 
be where they say i can live
i would call your name as a prayer
like i always do
and hymn you my every unborn poem
of you
may be i don't know how it feels like in your arms
but i know there is a wise why i don't
one that i can't for the life of me, accept
may be when it's our time i will
only, for 20 seconds...
Or more...
again, they say
what do they know
i would never by then let go 
20 seconds..
in the cobblestone streets of our finally  happening...?
or in the sunshine of your spotless mind library..
where my Home theater will play
in the background of my rhyming fear

what is this now!
O another silly tear...
Ahh ...i see you here...
The you coming from your eyes heavens gate
and for 20 seconds
i would hide in your heart of fate
and plead guilty 
smell as our eternal soul encounter, misty
may you never relate...
life would then be for me complete..
i would take those minor burns pains to my skin
inhale wherever it hurts inside of you to my within
warmth your shivering bones in my flaming chest
reach out to that forgotten patella 
and be for the blue bird of your chirping eyes
a nest...
as i blow for you tonight
one candle per verse
may they lasts forever and beyond
those 20 seconds of lifetime. 



Monday, August 24, 2020

That Necessary...


for you..

like i can savor these juicy words

off your mind lips raw...

like i haven't had in a lifetime, off you, a bite


for you..

like the desert of my arid waiting...

that i would sip off your every half glance,

of my love, a river...

and refill of your starry sky hairs,

for my longer night, a night...

There is something about you
that i can't explain
for my orphan heart, your eyes are but a mother
for my gypsy soul,
your voice is but home.
and when you smile,
poems blossom at the mustard fields of my lips
like Akhenaton hymns in your name
the Aton of my atheist faith in our happening
and the Satan of my hell inviting to our happening,
... doubts
like a sun kiss your hairs, mess with my mind rosy cheeks then, Sirius
they said i am a lunatic to believe
a fertile dream of you every day in my unsaid words, i conceive
delivering my rhyming children in the cave of our silence
and nursing them my lifeline of patience.
understanding it all is but the enemy
knowing why, fires back at your hope fortresses, 
catapult balls of despair arranging my desire archers,
my fingers burst in dancing butterflies
on the tunes of my love creed
what is it that you need?
that my heart can afford
...or can't...
when will it fruit, that flesh dream we, per blink, seed?
where would my air dyiptiques and Creed...
and if ever my arms would tuck your hairs into my bosom of time
but then i put on my blues sneakers
turn as loud the volume of wait
running miles in the cities of your fairytale dimples
every time i close my eyes to drop another pearl of love sweat
the streets of your words hug my stammering steps
and the empty lighthouse at the top of your aristocratic nose
 calls my shortened breath for a rest
i climb in my worn out joggers of expectation,
to the flashing beacon of acceptance
the world seems too small from up there and bigger is my sky
a fleet of tears roll upon my sea face
watching my dream ships fade into the horizon of your angry absence
and in the wind howl
i listen but to your lost sailor eyes call...
the tune of melancholy
the sparrows of irony dance in the foggy temple of my wishes
as the pregnant clouds of my heavy heart, deliver
the star at your every scar, shiver
as i reach out my hands full of your coming to me
in the birdy air,,
and i breathe you in..
that unnoticed...
and yet, that necessary. 


Friday, April 10, 2020

Safety measures...

You said
As close...
as distant
in our world my love,
there is no distance
No safety measures
We dive into the realms of the sweet danger
with every breath
we eye hug with every sneaked in selfie stare
we, with our every word stripped bare, lip lock
and we melt...
in the fire of our dream-handshake- yearning
and resurrect...
with our every Isis upon Her Osiris magical wish-meeting teardrop
and roam in the Lisbon Diaries cobblestone streets of our minds around
we don't wear but our brave hearts skin
sprinkling but our unloved love aroma yang-yin...
we coffee of the same cup at the corner of our old town visions tip
and take a bite of the same plate of time in our own world 
my love
we share our cheeks for a tear fall
and hold our hands soaked in pain
we inch in, one beat at a touch
A Nile within us, with every outer drought 
would flow
For we know
they all leave when they come
we have nothing, when we have only some...
silence plays louder than a drum
when all we can afford then, is a hum
flesh to flesh turns into dust
every life breath is a call to death
reborn we shall remain
in our own home of exile
so here we are
my love
dancing under the rains of hope
drenched in the falling skies of our possibility
laughing at the odds of our happening
and happening despite every odd,
one soul we are
hanging at the edge of our own world
with a life thread of flash lights...
and poetry.  


Saturday, March 28, 2020


Spreading like fire in the hay
your eyes flame stares or may...
they said i should at home, stay
and what do they know
my love...
if your hell eyes, are but home
and i am with that heavy heart,
pleading guilty
this screen is but the wonderland of your heaven's hairs
and my dancing tips on the words,
are but swans Tchaikovskiying around
a ballad without a sound
but our breaths intertwined
for life...
this coffee cup
beaming your smokey scented aroma to my spotless mind cells
grateful i had not had even one encounter attack
to keep getting infected with the sweetest venom
of your skin...
it has been so long...
since we got lost in a song..
where have you been?
at home? like me...
within me...
laying in my eyes bed 
safe covered with my rhyming lids sheets
and dangerously roaming in my every vision of you,
wearing but your heart...
and my unrequited love
or is it upon my bosom lips
nursing of my verse nectar 
the petrified poet you are

one hymn at a flying kiss...
What is it about me now!
i wash my line hands every-time
may you drop of the scary thoughts tips
i curl in my mind arms all the time
may you are but my mind's tightest arms
i sink in my unshed tears 
float in my unsmiled smile
and rise in unfinished poem of you
like Tchaikovsky's black swan... 

Quarantine it is then
as if we weren't already
as if every step out wasn't but in
as if every innocent word-spill wasn't but a killer spin
as if every hug wasn't but a safe distance
and every handshake wasn't but a greeting goodbye..
as if home wasn't but you...
and i am but forever then,


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Meet The lady...

Meet the lady...
will ya?
that one with the words,
falling off her eyes
like shooting stars...
with the verse dripping off her velvet skin,
like pearls of sweat
After a heavy heart intense workout...
squatting the pain with the dumbbells of time
crunching all her silly expectations 
lounging this distance away
and drenching all this anger 
in her every tear fall dead-lift.
Would you meet the lady...
that speaks but your name language
like the softest breeze...
and grammers but the complete sentences 
of your every glance?
would you give her a chance?
she who punctuates but in your lips shy bites
and days only when its your lonely long nights
suffixes but your initials footsteps...
and rephrases but in your tango dimples dance...
writes with your fleshy fingertips
wandering around her mind body
like a thai relief master
she who recites poems of your laughter
and rhymes million sonata in your each blink
couplets every time your hands fly with a drink
she who Saxton(s) her longing to your every still
and Nin(s) the yearning to everyring of smoke you drill...
she who lyrics but the melody of your comings
and hymns but your silent smiling screams
she who may or seems...
she who plays the distance mandolin
and tip-toes upon the glass floor of time...
would you please...
meet the lady of the fragrance breeze?
the one with growing gardens of your soul in her every stare...
and floods of your glared tears flowing in her bosom Nile...
just for a lifetime while...
enough to hold her heart again whole...
enough to bring all those who before it's ever enough...
and enough to bring her into herself heart...back. 
meet the lady
you can't until date say her name
out loud...
the lady who is wearing your existence scent around
the lady who calls you in her every sleep
for a meeting...
a lifetime enough, 
per dream. 


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