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Sunday, February 14, 2021

My note to love...


All the eyes that aren’t your eyes...

Can’t see
All that is not seen by your eyes, is unseen
All those hairs that get messed up by the mad winds, are still
And still... are those mad winds that don’t mess up with your sky hair...
The air that is not invited by your aristocratic nose is unfair
For this life’s party only begins at the gush of your highness nose aired exhale...
All the words that aren’t born off the womb of your fleshy lips, are wordless
And nameless, are all the names, until you call them ..
so i feel for all these faces, anonymously living behind the bars of freedom    
they think they exist! 
and to this thought , even, revolt!
but until you lay on them this- laying in a bed of mischief- eye
their best bet would be to happily just, die!
nothing makes any sense, until you forensically, do
pouring in tots of stares trips...    
Jack-Danieling all the lines in your lashes drips, 
O what do they know...
Sober would be all Ghalib’s Ghazal if not in your each glimpse grips...
Wordless is the world until you world into it..
Lifeless is the life, until you into it, life...
What sunshine are they talking about?
The sun comes up only at your every blink..
And how do they see light in the children’s smiles?
If all the children’ s happiness lights up only at your smile?
Heard them say, roses naturally bloom in spring
Snow innocently falls in winter..
when seasons follow each other at your every head tilt... 
of the wildest dreams, weaving my late nights' secret quilt

But all I know..
That all the magic fields your spring feet don’t upon-step, are arid
And all the expecting clouds, you don’t melt with your fire stare, are sterile..
Heard some talks about birds chirping at mornings dew
And rivers flowing in the arms of the potent shores...
But all the mornings bird at your chirping silence..
And the potent shores only climax in the arms of your Hapi rivers’ glares...
And what is it all about volcanoes burning the Rocky lands heart
When my lava heart erodes only at your every dragon breath
Yes. It is that destructively, apt!
Only at your every mighty coming, that I erupt
Nothing is anything until you are
Nothing is as close as far
My moon, sun, and every whispering star...
It is not a sky above me, until you into my night, night
I don’t see what Newton astonishingly achieved watching his falling apple
I know all the heart apples fall in your hands love touch...
And the bride earth then, at your fingers play...blush
and in my genius physical mind now, I hush...
For it all in you begins, and ends
All that is in me broken at your eyes call, mends
You rain upon your desert rose
Off your every coming, my hopeful wind blows
Soaked in a lucid dream
Wrapped in your arms, or so I seem
set free beneath a solid window
and with my crippled wings of poetry,
i charmingly, soar
Wondering how could I have ever been anywhere else before?
When all I have ever been therein,
 is by then, Home.
My lifeless life is but within you, a life.

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