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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Coming Home…

 Come with me…

Let’s take a quiet stroll

I know the days on you, had taken quite a toll

I know it gets only harder for now

But again see, that's when the days will get a better show!

Here by the large mustard field of your mind

Let’s go find a lil hiding smile,

There at the corner of your letting your baby brother win the latest video games boys night

At his innocent laugh as you fake a cute fight

He is the nine years old iron man and it’s quite, by you, 

all right..

Or here by the side of your soul sister rehearsal before the mirror with you as her only audience, late after you sneaked in some Mc and fries

The harder she always, for perfection..tries

That beautiful star born of the moon and the sun… tip toe where he hides, to off his hardest days, run…

You see him sweat his longest night off

On a 9 speed fast, or ten

Dead-lifting the weight of the whole world upon his heart..

As calm as the ocean before the storm

He holds ur face in between his eyelids, and rains…

And you watch him from behind the bar

That he already set higher with a bench

You see him now..

Reaching out every corner to hold you up once more..

A cold cup of coffee by his side 

And a crowded ashtray

You quietly hold of his blurry eyes, a ray

Stronger we stay…

Papa…you say…

I am for you, sooner than soon

Defeating the injustice goon..

And wait for me today papa..

Spread your arms king size

For wherever I may be 

For you, I will always be Home. 

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