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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

His name is Khan and He is Framed...


In the cell

They call n-956

so many walls i see

why only four they said to be?

made of mothers tears

carved with fathers ' helpless fears

shattered dreams on iron beds

covered with injustice sheets

stained with hate

My name is my fate

For my pride, i got blamed

My name is Khan, and i got framed.

I leave my body to my head

one step at a stare

i can see them everywhere

Raising fingers and waving flags

writing articles and Hashtags

A fraud it is or a scam

they jail me now for who i am

i wish for that, they saw me instead

in time they will

Dry around me in the well

And for my silence, i got shamed.

They locked me in, they think

in my own freedom, i blink

Anger is my dear host

that too i can't attend to

what did i do?


i know and they do too

But still

Here i am

sitting still

in youssef's well

waiting for the passers by to pick me up

in my head, a little, i rest

in my beloved ones's warm nest

its getting cold out here

so i fold my arms around my heart

never have we been this apart

In my head, it hurts too

what did i do?

Nothing, the voice said

that i know, and they do too

How is he holding up?

I wonder

the roaring thunder

wakes me up

hang in there my son

After the longest night, there will be a rising sun

that is always then any darkness, stronger

I close my eyes on his face

I beat my lungs out to the breath race

within the walls it's getting tighter

I am a kinght fighter

Suddenly the world seemed lighter

at the warmth of his teary smile

Its not about you, the voice in my head,


its about being alive and dead

what then did i do?


I know that, they do too

My friend Raj,  i remember 

his mother's delicious sweets every diwali,

she especially for me made and sent

my school teacher, Mrs Singh

giving me honors for Science in the seventh grade

like a cold blade

memories come rushing through

what did i do?

my father is a Khan

my mother is a Chibber

we are all the same

although we all beg to differ

when it rains we were raised to dance

but some of us chose,

to only get wet.  


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