Always on My Mind you baby...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out of My words...

Sometimes I need to lose you
To win my words,
to fight this me in you
waving my feminine swords
For you to leave my lines
And to reside in my pages
Read my vigorous signs
Fascinated me
shaken in a furious mess
sometimes I need to let go of your handsomeness
this fatal attractive handsomeness you really are
for a myth
Out of my own imagination
creating in me one more you
This creative me

I need to gift your sweet smile,
your husky morning voice
your jealous questions
riding my sliding waves
your masculine after shaves
our wondering exotic hiss
To All the jealous women of the world
And You Still be.. mine
Until I give birth of a book from you
That no woman would carry in her womb but me
within your words i am to be
silken cover
in our laces of lust
That much i trust
This Arrogant me

Sometimes, I need to write you
More then my need of your love
To describe you
More then my need to actually see you
To cry you
To miss you
To crave you
To reconstruct your vision in my mind
To pause that me putting you on a shuffle rewind
Sometimes I need to ask the places about you
More than my need to visit the places with you
That even the places wonder
About that lonesome me..

Sometimes i need
To get sad
Imagining my life without you
More than my need to feel the ecstasy
of getting ready for you
stepping into my dreams
as beautiful as it seems
in there i dance you
Rhythm of life
That daring me...

Your love took me
Made me forget to write you
And I wanted you ruling my inspiration
My only man and exclamation
I want All of you
hiding in my exposed self
shining off my time's shelf
the writer that i once was
and the lover i will always be.

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