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Friday, April 10, 2020

Safety measures...

You said
As close...
as distant
in our world my love,
there is no distance
No safety measures
We dive into the realms of the sweet danger
with every breath
we eye hug with every sneaked in selfie stare
we, with our every word stripped bare, lip lock
and we melt...
in the fire of our dream-handshake- yearning
and resurrect...
with our every Isis upon Her Osiris magical wish-meeting teardrop
and roam in the Lisbon Diaries cobblestone streets of our minds around
we don't wear but our brave hearts skin
sprinkling but our unloved love aroma yang-yin...
we coffee of the same cup at the corner of our old town visions tip
and take a bite of the same plate of time in our own world 
my love
we share our cheeks for a tear fall
and hold our hands soaked in pain
we inch in, one beat at a touch
A Nile within us, with every outer drought 
would flow
For we know
they all leave when they come
we have nothing, when we have only some...
silence plays louder than a drum
when all we can afford then, is a hum
flesh to flesh turns into dust
every life breath is a call to death
reborn we shall remain
in our own home of exile
so here we are
my love
dancing under the rains of hope
drenched in the falling skies of our possibility
laughing at the odds of our happening
and happening despite every odd,
one soul we are
hanging at the edge of our own world
with a life thread of flash lights...
and poetry.  


Saturday, March 28, 2020


Spreading like fire in the hay
your eyes flame stares or may...
they said i should at home, stay
and what do they know
my love...
if your hell eyes, are but home
and i am with that heavy heart,
pleading guilty
this screen is but the wonderland of your heaven's hairs
and my dancing tips on the words,
are but swans Tchaikovskiying around
a ballad without a sound
but our breaths intertwined
for life...
this coffee cup
beaming your smokey scented aroma to my spotless mind cells
grateful i had not had even one encounter attack
to keep getting infected with the sweetest venom
of your skin...
it has been so long...
since we got lost in a song..
where have you been?
at home? like me...
within me...
laying in my eyes bed 
safe covered with my rhyming lids sheets
and dangerously roaming in my every vision of you,
wearing but your heart...
and my unrequited love
or is it upon my bosom lips
nursing of my verse nectar 
the petrified poet you are

one hymn at a flying kiss...
What is it about me now!
i wash my line hands every-time
may you drop of the scary thoughts tips
i curl in my mind arms all the time
may you are but my mind's tightest arms
i sink in my unshed tears 
float in my unsmiled smile
and rise in unfinished poem of you
like Tchaikovsky's black swan... 

Quarantine it is then
as if we weren't already
as if every step out wasn't but in
as if every innocent word-spill wasn't but a killer spin
as if every hug wasn't but a safe distance
and every handshake wasn't but a greeting goodbye..
as if home wasn't but you...
and i am but forever then,


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Meet The lady...

Meet the lady...
will ya?
that one with the words,
falling off her eyes
like shooting stars...
with the verse dripping off her velvet skin,
like pearls of sweat
After a heavy heart intense workout...
squatting the pain with the dumbbells of time
crunching all her silly expectations 
lounging this distance away
and drenching all this anger 
in her every tear fall dead-lift.
Would you meet the lady...
that speaks but your name language
like the softest breeze...
and grammers but the complete sentences 
of your every glance?
would you give her a chance?
she who punctuates but in your lips shy bites
and days only when its your lonely long nights
suffixes but your initials footsteps...
and rephrases but in your tango dimples dance...
writes with your fleshy fingertips
wandering around her mind body
like a thai relief master
she who recites poems of your laughter
and rhymes million sonata in your each blink
couplets every time your hands fly with a drink
she who Saxton(s) her longing to your every still
and Nin(s) the yearning to everyring of smoke you drill...
she who lyrics but the melody of your comings
and hymns but your silent smiling screams
she who may or seems...
she who plays the distance mandolin
and tip-toes upon the glass floor of time...
would you please...
meet the lady of the fragrance breeze?
the one with growing gardens of your soul in her every stare...
and floods of your glared tears flowing in her bosom Nile...
just for a lifetime while...
enough to hold her heart again whole...
enough to bring all those who before it's ever enough...
and enough to bring her into herself heart...back. 
meet the lady
you can't until date say her name
out loud...
the lady who is wearing your existence scent around
the lady who calls you in her every sleep
for a meeting...
a lifetime enough, 
per dream. 


Friday, November 1, 2019

Uber facts

They say 
Two tablespoons of honey
would be enough to fuel a bee’s entire flight around the world.
that is a fact!
Two words of your fluent eyes
would be enough to fuel my entire journey
into the stammering oceans of confusion
to blow some fire into this dear life
all i need is your strong hands
to tear those heavy clouds apart
and crash the moon walls of doubts.
There are olived honey countries that call me
in your eyes
and in between your fluffy night hairs
rise million suns and set
the wildest tempest
off your dancing eyelashes,
Where are they all hiding?
those butterflies of your mind
if not in my verse
and where do they all go
those of mine who visit you
if not in yours
your silence pours
and i am but words on a drought.
everyday to me is your special day
to you, i am on my way 
see, i applied for a visa at your lips office
a long pause sigh they gave me
and a stare of lament
oh what at your heavens gate did i miss?
come closer darling
...then a breath
then i got my approved for lifetimes kiss
now all i need is a ticket
off your waving hands i pick it
booking at your veins my flight
my seat, by the window of your heart
we don't when we take off, depart
my love,
the closest we get is when as if apart
i had a good flight!
your loud beats hostess kept me warm
in a blanket of your longing
and of your -at my sight every time blood rush,
a pillow
your heavy clouds of patience cradled my fears
and off my waiting cheeks, i wept your rain. 
then i landed at your arms airport
received by the glad biceps
and tightly taken to the sultry abs most welcomed hall
in a hug that is of what i ever wanted is all.
and i stay as long as it takes
for my journey doesn't begin nor end
a yin yang kinda thing
as we fall my love, we ascend
Then i finally take the cab of your smile
No, i only carry my heart in a back bag
and a pocket full of poetry
you opened your door into me
carried off my back the pain
and saw me
in the flash of your dimples side mirror

Off we go
Take me to the nowhere we know
the road is where your feet step
off the streets of solitude
and the cities of expectations
i dip my feet in the river of yearning
and bloom at your fingers touch
what breeze could ever be as mush
as your dew whisper
scented musk and Amber
calling my name once in a laughter
while time wasn't of us aware
in the garden of our secrets,
the trees of confessions sing
and tango the winds of belief.

Now we're there
what a beautiful Home you are!
all decorated with balloons of lush
and glitters of ecstasy
furnished your chivalrous moments
adorned in your comings to me
and at your hope candles,
your hands hug
and my gazes kiss
what a messy mess!
Your every day brings only happiness
so does your every in and out breath
you are more loved than love was ever of capable
and just the way you are, accepted.
another Hypothesis you think?
No, This is for me, the Ultimate Uber fact. 


Saturday, June 8, 2019


the man coming out of my coming
going into the heart of my going
rising on to my every eclipse
like thousand splendid suns

where my still river runs
my land vigorously, fruit
my probable absolute
my loudest quietude
As my eyes violin
your lips 
where my dreams, dream
of what is and what may seem
Dancing in my morning coffee steam
the waltz of wait
dipping my lips in my nemesis nectar 
laughing at the odds,
and collecting my"wildest what ifs" in a pandora's box
of faith.
rolling upon my cheek
and curling in my for no reason,
smiling streak
where my rock bottom darkness hits its peak
your eyes lights then sneak
and we hope-mate
so full of me so full of you
riding my herds of longing
like of His own times a Don Quijote
fighting our windmills of fate
is it too late?...
you say, sway, play...
night on me and day
and keep me on your acceptance plate  
when i don't..i do
when a lie is but true
when it's time but never due
when it is not enough, enough
the freedom of my every handwritten-cough
the golden cage of my blue bird
and the infinite horizons to my Icarus,
in your love, mind state.
hiding in the obvious
being the wrongest righteous
roaming the countries of possibilities
in my every breath
And i but a mad vagabond
that into your every blink,
what i say when i don't
what i would when i won't
like my book of you
and like my love for you
As it divinely hymns
And in my draft box they childishly play
the rhymes
for sometimes,
May be, the poet i am...
but always you..
All the poems...
and my heart poetry. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018


He must've graced this space
Down the stairs of the plane
something felt insane
but sweet...
There, must've stepped his Golden-Goosed feet...
and hugged as tight, our souls every time we mind meet...
my burning sighs on repeat..
like his latest ballad in my headphones
as i live this life and as long
only to him, i belong
they thought it was the handbag i am dragging...
but it was just my beating heart, love-lagging...
Ah! he definitely stood there!
for a security point-check
may be on his soft cheek, from another lover, a peck
and fast on this electrical line
he probably had his fans align
just like my at this vision of air, gushes
out now at last!
also, like yours, my hand to my pocket, rushes..
a fire spark and the smoke rings fly
you go only once they say,
so i must do all my wrongs as right
then another one as i, like you, glarringly hid my sight
Me to myself, suggested
as we usually know,
a long black one on the go
a bit chilly outside
so i slipped in my mind hoodie
and scarved my visions of you around
here, you may have took a turn
waving the distance into your own car of time 
i see them, asking about you the howling wind,
the widow park trees of longing
and singing in your name, the street,s as they take my feets's hand,
while they cheering along, dance, the traffic lights.
In the city of your love
i spend my day window strolling
for your wordily picks
hanging out in the small cafes of hope
and fancily dinning with dear expectations
as high as it gets, i do..
painting it all red, my town of wishes
and getting you something special from the universal mall of wait.
there! see!
they do tell about you, these sidewalk shy roses of ecstasy
with my every thought of you, a bloom
a bride is my poem with you as your eyes reciting it, groom...
perhaps you had here a drink or two
the shivering glass in my hand tells
as my mouth, your name, bean-spills
was it the same darkness?
you last time here, with your being, witness..
and Zeroingly, lit!
how could it not be the same, the night!
Me to myself, suggested...
even the moon at me laughed
i shrugged and held my love shawl autographed
what do they know!
that silly sky and n-9 cloud..
i called you in my heart, then aloud...
may be tomorrow then..
Me to myself, suggested...
seeding my hope hopefully, within
as i to the grand lobby rushed in
"He might come down for a photo if you can wait"
my heart skipped its every beat...
i felt the breeze scented your coming,
that must be how you smell like
and the marbled floor gardens at your spring arrival
i slowly turned my head
a silent tear off my smiles siege, fled
as you came closer to where i am
posing with the other woman with the cam
and they finally...
took the shot.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Mind drive...

Small bottles of water
arranged in the line of hope
waiting to be picked
like my flowing verse
spilling life into you
muted colored buttons
released at your fingers tender caress
yearning in excess
ringtone silent,
but the screen keeps popping
what next?
the noisy texts still hopping
without a sound  
turned on the same page for days, 
that lost book on the left side,
like everything in your love, 
waiting to be around  

a large cup of dark coffee 
you share with yourself
in a moment out of time

will he still be awake...?

and you shut the world off.

the crowd cheers
as the smile. off me, tears
sitting here before a window
and staring at your soul.
the shutterbugs in your name, begging 
cargo pants teasingly, shrugging
then you, in your own you, cocoon 
Some fortune candies hiding, in the door pockets
that taste after the lil one euphoric joy at your the other night,
home coming
a silent window staring at your world face
some weary thoughts to chase  
is it mere luck?
a beautiful swan you made out of the sad lil duck
my verse here for days got stuck...
alone with your enchanting mind
memories on rewind
in that lil allowed time of freedom
ahh how lucky is that leather couch
holding your wonderland body
to where my Alice mind playfully, loves to wonder
as wild as tender
my every wordily touch
if you only knew how much
your every little detail is as much
if only i can be
that warm winter breeze
you necessarily breathe
as i am, invisible
how edible
is your flying messy sun hairs
crossing the continents of distance
right into my sky heart
then you moon
to the starry flashes
for my eyes candy treat
a flying kisses fleet
sail off my lips dock
to your dimpled cheeks
if only my stares could speak
more than your being poetry
a pack of classics waiting to be lit
just like every glance of you, my doubts, hit
some smoke rings ready to off your lips, dance
every pain you romance
if only that nagging knee knows
at your feet, my road shows,
off your Goldengoose steps,
whatever your hand grips
i would be it
so be it
as the engine starts
and the wheels roll
i am on  to my land scroll
taking off with my dreams drive
my heartbeats in your company
in your air i will be
may be invisible, yes...
yet hopefully, still, 
...that necessary.


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