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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lisbon Diaries...

Traveling again?
as if you ever leave my sight
but it's perfectly alright!
wherever you fly
my eye is your sky
and my love, your wings
the journey is the destination
and every burning breath,
is but its northern winds  
over to where the heart of heart is
for a hug and an on her cheeks peck of tenderness
some pure love to pack
for when it gets cold and black 
you'll have your own leather jacket of warmth.
Now you're there
in the ring square.
among the faces around, 
i'll rise and hide
before your eyes and by your side  
so Miraduoro de Graca me when you can, 
Ginjinha my cherries in a sip.
Take me within you on an insta-trip,
to your eyes' barrio alto 
onto your heart's no-28 tram
Tejo your moments captioned cam
and stand tall before the Adamastor of time.
As beautifully you rhyme 
with the lost sailors ballads,
upon a Belèm light.

Pick a view
at the Alfama dew
smile back to the artistic Saldanha
and pose by its buildings palette of freedom
by la Praca da flgueira,
get a doll that was once broken
and with your touch,
it became again anew
wearing a dress of happenings
and singing the melody of your hands.

Brewing of your hotness,
into the Copenhagen Coffee lab 
purified at the sea food temple
and cursed at the gates of your dimples bar,
i melt
like the finest pink port
at your words court 
spilling guilty
and asking of your juicy lips for no forgiveness
ahh your highness
i am literary roaming with the shadows
of your shy smile reading this
metaphorically dancing on the tunes of our distance myth
cheering all the way to your rings of insomniac smoke
and sending all the way to you in lucky Lisbon
a long tight hug and the like of a guiding poem.   


He came, He saw and he heart skipped a beat and u Shah..lots



Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Winds of change

Of course
everything changes!
from being found in you,
to lost
from loving you more,
to most
from spreading the skies of silence open for your face to rise
to sealing the clouds of wait for my shy moon to hide,
when you do
from calling your name once every breath
to breathing once, every calling your name
from closing my eyes to meet you in a waking dream
to meeting you in my eyes, a dream in a wake
from forgiving you, to forgiving myself
from doubt to faith
and from faith to doubt
a rebellious riot
from my eyes to your glares
cracking the expensive patience lens 
and setting fire to your control windmills
from your detachment summits
to my clinging hills
from the valleys of your mellow
to the mountains of my halt
our rivers run everywhere,
with the honey of time   
from your coming to my heart every time you do
to my heart coming every time to you
from my black to your blue
from waiting all my lifetime for you
to living all my time in your wait
and loving it
from wishing for things to do with you,
to wanting them to
and doing it 
from cooking my mind dishes for your absent appetite
to nursing your mind ever present darling hunger
from your smile to your laughter
that space i write to conquer
and then rest forever in its peace
so you see,
everything changes in me
not tighter, i hug you tightest
not softer, i kiss you softest 
that much things change my love,
which are never ever as they seem to the craziest loverist.  

Sunday, September 11, 2016

On a night watch...

On a Night watch
strolling along my streets of wonder
steps of lightening
and stares of thunder
holding the world in a smile
and setting the hearts, on fire
Passing by my canals of yearning
drowning in me every time a pebble
drawing of your touch then, a ripple
and a belly of treasures
Riding in my streets of nostalgia
hopping on my wishes lane
cycling in me all your heart pain
and a path of pleasures
Getting high at the edge of my love
hiding in my mind's bosom
bare to your fears blossom
unfair to my resistance
this all of you with abundance
the thoughts strip
in a touristic trip
off your brown eyes cafe
to the Nine Street of my soul
Posing with the Tulips of my longing
and the roses of our dreams meet
there at your sunshine square
walking on the velvet air 
of my hope
and flying kisses to the crowd
of my roaring heartbeats..
blooming out of my poetic womb
in the playful fields of doubt
dancing on my sonata and your moonlight  
rising like a prayer in the skies of forgiveness
and carving our hugging initials, 
on a patience wall of your own.
smoking life of my waiting pot
brewing in my time-machine flesh, 
your stillness coffee
burning in between my stained fingers
your distant laughter
my loudest whisper
blowing at your silence, the ash.
who are always late and in time
who are my chaotic prose and its rhyme
where i begin and never end
all the letters i write and never send
when i happen to myself
a book dusted on your shelf
and a sleepless night
coming into my world 
giving me of your moments, a herd
Can you hear me?
Would you out of my abyss, get me
spell me once off your mist
and make me in your eyes a nest
take me once in a journey to your lips
show me around your castles of obsessions
and museums of grief
hold my hand to your happiness archive
lecture me about the history of your every pout
explain to my foreign tongue, your juicy whereabouts
guide my name once to your heart gallery
and showcase my love
in a few historic words and a contemporary captioned insta-smile.    




Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Tour

Point of meet
in my eyes
Time of gathering
infinity and a half
by the fountain of wishes
dancing off your waving palms
a waltz of life
my heart shuts off
all his alarms
and goes out to you, bare-beat
on the cobble stoned alleys of want
"come with me!"
your eyes said
in a loud clear glance
i will show you around the world,
of the second chance
come and follow my gaze
get inside the craving maze
here, you can see
what i try hardest to flee
there by the doubts street
where your tears and i
usually meet
and here,
by the tower of distance
where our thoughts fly
off the pink window
in a dreamy greet
and here,
in between my lips
at the statue of silence
that i time built
where i burn my incense
at the fleshy gates of your temple
for a call
An echo in the poetic hall
comes back to me
carrying your heart
in a chaotic rhyme
on the mute.
His eyes said...

Unbuttoned shirt
and a lose tie
releasing shivers
along my spine
off his lips, spilled wine
sliding down the silver peaks
his sweat pearls roll
upon my burning anticipation
lines of our ancient tale
cross on his veins
to my wandering eyes
there in the museum of longing
i stand by his waiting vitrines,
adoring the rarest collection
of his to me, comings
And clicking my eyes flashes
at his every at me, step..closer

"Stay with me"
his eyes said,
not to get lost
in the pleasure labyrinth
of his arms wide spread
in the rooms of love
beating in his bare chest
i got pulled
tiptoeing on the ruins of pain
whatever of you shall remain
blowing my soul in the smoking ashes
and twirling in my yearning ritual
in a heart offering prayer
at his attention feet

"Take your pictures
and let's gather at one for lunch"
awakened at his voice hush
by my nape
caught at his ring escape
"hey darling..are you lost?"
Oh my love,
all my being murmured
I have just been found.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Weather boradcast

It's gloomy
on the Alps' hours of wait
on the cheek dunes of my mind state
a little foggy
down the hills of happenings
and over all cold
in the surroundings of happiness
your clouds of quietitude are hiding my sun
pregnant with all my awaited moments
i pray for a shower of deliverance
and may it hails, hugs and kisses!

Because your loving taught me
it can get that warm in winter
burning hot in the middle of December
i read the temperature degrees in your love backwards
since i had been hit by its lightening
i stand tall, as in my skin, i quiver
for once upon a time you wrote me,
a verse of your mad weather
a line that blurs at your eye shiver
a few words of silence
and a long speech of blank
those keep me sanely, insane
but what have you done to me?
when you edited sober,
what your heart had spilled drunk?

You wrote me,
with the kisses that you were its summer
with the dried leaves that our autumn scattered
with the snow that towards you i walked upon its fire,
bare feet
and i,
strangled in time,
like in your absence wind a feather
still rhyme.

I wait for you
with the hanging dresses waiting for their dates
with the dates that await its lovers
with the lovers that had lost the patience baggage
with the planes that has no taking off timings
with the airports that i was the alphabet of its gates
with the gtes that all of them lead only to you
when you wrote me
poems that on the water of belief,
i wait for you
with the yearning of the fasting to the feasts
with the ribbons of wishes
with the longing of my dreams flight tickets
to where you are
with the weight of the hope baggage
as close as far
with the happiness of lonely hotel rooms first morning Coffee
at the anxiety of a turning key
 with the nostalgia of an empty couch
for a company that never leaves a trace
with the safety of a night that is guarding our destiny's nap
in between life's action shots
with the gush of a door that closes on our solitude
when it's that dark in the middle of the day
with my smiling tears
and tucked in fears
i'll wait
for our words to mate
in a poetical embrace
at your brewing gaze tempest love,
it's just my heart turbulent thunderstorm
that your coming news predicted
in the daily "Heart wishes" weather broadcast. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

King Love

Lights on
life off
His real is
but his reel
wearing pain
dressed in smiles
the sad boy fled his nest 
chasing memories away
carving out of this angst a way 
with nothing on but hard work 
The sad boy made it to the other side
of madness.

 Across the streets of grief

throwing his heart
into the rivers of joy
shredding his time cocoon
the sad boy became a butterfly
of time.

Nights into days
burning ashtrays
His veins at burst
running lines of sweat
screams in his name
life glitters of fame
a dinner with the president
and a photo with the hotel working staff
the king is his own pawn
of your mind, he'll get you blown 
dancing the wounds
bandages torn
tears of blood
of the rose, he held the thorn
in a Classic waltz
spreading his arms
to hug  the world
that hugs him back,
just as tight
Yet he is bright
riding his dreams on an eternal flight
destination happiness
and the journey is but his plight
fifty shades of his soul shred
his eyes tell what the years bled
over every heart he rules
a messenger of love without a crown
or a bed
and when it's too dark inside,
the sun off his dimples winks
shining over the universes of despair
as he blinks 
Dwarfing pain
Wearing hope, faith and light
a warrior of love and pride
and to our souls path, a guide
Our Superhero isn't wearing a red cape or a mask
only upon his sleeves a heart
and twenty something years of a Decade.    


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Nightingale

Like a soft breeze
in a hot summer day
coming from the land of metaphors
and wearing the scent of poetry
 like a dream coming true
she came my way
as sweet as her smile
and as kind 
dawn within her eyes
we meet in the words sky
and with the wings of love,
we fly
she holds me on
with spread arms of belief
both our hearts by now taken
and we love the thief
the path of life is hard
but paved with roses,
having her around
melting the Tirol snow
with her love
and growing yellow fields of joy
every time she loudly laughs
And when she sings,
of distance, her soul cries
and my heart is but tears roll
baking her my cake of lines
and lighting the dancing stars as candles
O My Nightingale 
blow off every pain
and upon your moonlight
you may now make for love,
a wish.    


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