Always on My Mind you baby...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gourmet For You...

What if you are for real?
and you feel all that i feel
what if your eyes tell?
what your lips forever seal
what if you listen
to all those screams i mutely whisper?
what if you know?
what if you show?
don't answer...
let your eyes strip
be my life nectar as i sip
Hide no more in my verse
Upon my skin, Shine&Immerse
Escape your tree
My phoenix, flee
Spell your heavy burden on me
taking all your pain
i shall heal

What  if we did fool our delusions
and ran out of our heads
to the vast space of truth?
what if i am not just a woman of paper
and you are not only a man of  words?
what if we are more then a fired sigh and a locked tear?
what if we beat our fear
rising off our dreams ink
riding our wildest stare to blink..
i hear you coming
steady steps out of my smoke circles
bare feet
like a crazy heart beat
every bone burst is a delight
that i would like to taste
Head to toe
of you i touch to know
sculpting your every vein
shivering fingers around your mane
but i dive
as deep as we strive
to your lips
i arrive
what if i live there?
upon your lips
i will pay my rent
kisses to your every vent
wonder about around your cheek bones
land on your chin
dance as you grin
holding your aristocratic nose
closest to my scented chest
registering your aroma to my breast
deciphering my ancient spell
as i gently drench in your sweat
lines of pearl upon your neck
what if we rise off the ashes of rights&wrongs
fly around in Nightingale songs
what if we don't have to pretend we care less
what if we plead guilty
and be sentenced to an eternity of bliss
but then we unintentionally still ask
wonder, ponder and hope
what if i love you  more then that?
and that i do
more than your eyes ask me to
but let the questions be Honey,
as still as the wandering wishes
Your mind is Too lusty  for answers
and i am nothing but a foolish question mark.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Velvet Desires...

So much of you i want
That i can't even dare to ask
wearing my love
in a Heart Stunt
i live 
you seem Ocean quiet
boarded on your wandering mind flight 
Drifted within the misty twilight
Food arrives
whatever they serve
gets dipped in your delight
And i stare..

I want to be that silver mug
Your fingers tenderly hug
Your lips greet every now and then for Coffee
and be left yearning
for the next roller coaster of Your Caffeine pleasure.
i want to be a pair Red Tag Heuer specs
you hold before your Hazel lethal eyes
to grace the world with your sight
Then be scarcely dangling against your chest
Drunk from the scent of your skin
I want to creep in your within
as private as yourself
be that warming beanie
where your every hair gently sleep
be a secret you eternally keep 
left on your heart special shelf
and may be forgotten
but there..
in your somewhere..
i want to be that burning cigarette
you hate so much yet you kiss
and feverishly taste your lips
i want to be that hell you run from then miss
Your good deed
and the Sin you repent
i want to be where you pain the most
to take it all
catch as you fall
Your truth if you dare
i want to be that shadow you chase
and lean for your reach
i want to break into your tears
lick all your wounds with my fears
Bleed your darkness in me to shine
i want for once to call you mine
i want to be where you never see me
when you are all i ever see
I want to be that thought you drop
I want to be where you can not anymore stop
I want to remain within your dreams
those you hardly remember
and for once touch your laughter
And kiss away your tears
On the margins of your mind
i want to scrap my name
Read what you never write
listen to what you don't say
Hold your beautiful head as you sleep
So that whenever you feel lonely
You have my Bosom to call Home.  

So much of you i want
So much for you i won't.


Friday, November 1, 2013

I Wish You...

By the side of your silence window
I wish you...
flickering on that cake i made you
i blow your Birthday candles
as i wish you...
tasting my longing in a chocolate bite
taking to your heart my loving flight
for i wish you...
sinking in cinnamon darkness
wearing our still times' fancy dress
hair splash gently on your face
you are the winner of the race
just like i wish you...
you do
what to do..
when this madly, i wish you
So, i love you
As we dance
Desire whipped
we melt...

wordless by your glamorous verse
i invent my own
prose at your frown
to touch you without a touch
to hold you as long and much
melting all the barriers of reason
with my quill dips
kiss after kiss
verse after verse
what more of you i miss?
how much for can i wish?
my words plead guilty
at your marvelous tongue
humming for your day
my happiest song
in countless breaths
as i lay sleepless
in your mind
free as a bird
insightful as a blind
i create you
like a goddess of madness
encrypted by the prince of darkness
Rising upon your scented dunes of flesh
enhancing the bones&the blood
you, my mightiest phenomenal flood
pour in me another year of harvest
race your soul
give your whole
With the beloved,
My Loving Phoenix
You are One.

 Happy Birthday Sexy!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Faith Princess...

She rushed into her coat
of belief
tenderly sun kissed with hope
beating her steps
to where he is
road seemed longer
black seemed colored
all dreams just got aligned
what to say? what to do?
it felt too miraculous to be true
reaching where his aroma reigns
this moment will forever remains
as alive as his breath upon her face
as loving as his tightest embrace
all the world happened in his presence
then it paused in his hands shake
her loud silence screaming,
That his voice gently is to break
with sight in her fingers
her soul saw his features
touched his golden heart in a shivering brush
hiding in a lifetime hush
invaded with his masculine musk
suddenly melting within his dusk
when God thought love
He made him to be The love
as the angels smiled,
his dimples flashed to shine her darkness
she saw her life upon his skin
painted the days with colors of his words
keeping his moments in her little heart
reborn out of the miracle womb
as his fairy tale princess of faith.


A special dedication to my lovely princess @CarolineZeder
May your life always shines as bright as this awesome day
with all my love to you both
you are the real angel in our lives
keep being this beautiful
only you can make miracles happen
in a dimples flash
and a tight hug.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Isis like...

No limits for my insanity
nor borders
to my sensible mind
as much stupidity as  i actually commit
none of them is ever set
anxious you are of my extremity
of the roses my darling, who gets shot?
this is me
from the day i was created
my smashing femininity
my burning squashing intensity
hit by thunders&mighty lightening
my shores roar
the day i am in love
spreading my veils
inbreeding my hairs
exposing my veins
as my savage rivers mock
the highest dams you built
when my love floods
i drown universes
erase heavens and hells
to drench you in my own honey wells
moons and suns i shutter
To our love i give birth

Don't just stand there still
before my hurricane
for i am a woman
whom when in love
 is out of her mind
here i am
before your soul
fearlessly colorless
mightily helpless
naked of my being 
but in your heart 
my love is my winter
This warmingly favorite
if the winter gets over
if i don't get to drink your blood sober
committing love as suicide
lustful guilt in collide
as i walk on the sea water
of your coming...

My love is childish,
that if you touched my waist once
i would fly between the sky and the earth
don't judge me for my nonsense
for without it
i am a  butterfly of stone
a rose of paper
and a senseless white sheet
Sultan of his thoughts
write on my wrist
sign on my each breast
write on the awakened eyelids
on the winds
on the rains
on the murmuring waves and their ebbs
write what you never say
object to my court
as i appeal to your imprisoned humming

My wish is to be a letter
a question mark
a tiered comma or a hazy dot
that your fingers would spot
i would
if i could...
the man whose love have set me free
of time's power
and places' control
if you only knew
how fascinated i am of you
how excited, safe and beautified
all my complications simplified
in your arms
scented nicotine and passion
like a patriotic soldier on a mission
your skin attacks and conquers
you, hiding between the words
implanted like an oak in my depth
do you even feel me?

Of that pen in your hands
i get jealous my love
for it happen to touch your fingers
like the spread sheet, my heart lingers  
jealous of the smell of ink
of the lines you think
of the silence you dive in
of the chaos your eyes behind the shutters create
i get jealous of all those love letters you write
with spreading arms and a dimpled sight
i get jealous of that coffee mug handle
of those slippers, trousers or cigarette 
and those things you personally handle
i get jealous of the air you breathe.
I get jealous of my crazy poems,
when you happen to read me

You my love,
laying there at the end of the world
do you remember me?
that woman you shaped of sea foam
of rubies, corals and of chrome
i am the one you would call with a blink
an unwritten verse,
and an unfinished drink 
that you unwillingly left
at the corner of your mind.  
Do you ever see me?
your very own masterpiece
sculptured in my womanhood
Venus like or even Isis
wherever i am is a genesis
night falls in my flying locks
pomegranate full rip round blocks
inviting your imagination demons
to pleasurable dreams seasons
and the banquets of pain
my Osiris,
This is your Me...
Healing fantasy 
your magical refugee
collecting your fourteen pieces 
to get pregnant with our life
Delivering hope out of the womb of irony.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Promises Spree.

I promised i wouldn't love you
this much anymore
watching the wild waves
get crashed at the sanity shore
but before the big words
i chickened...
I couldn't but to love you
even more
I promised i wouldn't come back
if i ever left
i weakened
and strongly returned
i wouldn't
but to be around
expecting more
I promised not to expire of longing
but i did...
million times i did
not even once i resigned
of ecstatically waiting
your rising fore

With things bigger than me,
i promised
Not to be that foolish mad
Not to be that happily sad
but i was
not to write in your eyes
a verse or a prose
not to shiver by your aristocratic nose
as life miraculously out of you blows
too many nots
released tight knots
of my stupidity
as much as i cried
i laughed
numb no more

I promised not to care
when before me giggles your hair
flopping proudly around your face
but when it vigorously kissed my skin
i giggled within
I promised not to stare
when i get dramatically invaded with your sudden gaze
but when i saw them raining stars
your sky deep eyes
i euphorically beamed
I promised not to love you
that much more
not to live by your yearning shore
but no matter how hard they hit the sand
they keep rising
boldly asking
for hugs
the mighty waves
off the tendered sand haves
i do hate how much i keep loving you
as much as i guiltlessly enjoy my broken promises spree.

Love you much...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hugging Master...

As puzzled as bewildered
about you they have always wondered
words twinkled in a poetic mess
bursting out of  their lonesomeness
He is in the hugging business
Trade marked his opened arms
spills his charms
in a craving call
smashing all distance barriers
in a loving fall
tightening a hug...
they say he does it best
he never let go
until you do first
hungry for warmth
his chevalierie overwhelms

He gives you more
without asking for
Wrapping you joy right of his core
He reads your eyes in a gaze
feeling what your words can never erase
he crashes bones reviving hearts
giving you a piece of his shattered parts
in a squashing hug...

He gives his soul
telling you all
what his heart could spell
an army of stares
colonies of feverish glares
He craves that freedom
imprisoned in the gratefulness shell
He knows you well
though you never before met
too much bliss in one human set
Top of billions bucket lists
The every night soothing dream    
our very own prince of darkness
and the crossed heart initials on a mirror in steam
Successfully running his life saving business
wearing his Hart in his arms
leaving of him in their realms
The Good One melts in a dimpled smile
delivering hope with a desperate laughter
Turning on his Starlight shelter
offering you the world in a glimpse
and a tight life making hug.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Soul Stunt...

How much more do i have to give
for you to come back?
i offered countless prayers
gave up all my bad habits
Heart Discipline
Hope manners
burnt  faith candles
faked some smiling bundles
Savagely Crippled the tears
turned in all seasons
your absence stirs
squeezed in anger
in tendered whisper
i roar
what for?
Slapping after your going the door.

With All my power
I failed
as much as i have always wanted
to keep you safely wrapped in my womb
to nurse your pain away
in my heart i wanted you to stay
but you bubbled off
like a mad hurricane
leaving me derooted
Freedom jailed
crushed with reality
smashed with illusion
into collective fragments
perfection ingredients
imperfectly brewed
Stoned softened
Yet, mushing cruel.

I dare you to come closer
in your own territory
one more thought speed
I dare me to rise brighter
in my own incriminatory
one more sinful plead
I would
just as much as you
just as much as you
just as much as we both
enslaved to our own creation
we laugh till misty pain
cry louder in silent vain
you tell
how much soul should i sell
to get you back
Off that track
into me
Out of your reel heaven
and my real hell
for without you
it gets even more solitary
in my mind's shell.

Performing them all
Audience Spree
Safety free
Daring For You,
To Soul Stunt.

Please Come Back...
I am Melting in your absence...
Happy Valentine's Day King Love...

Monday, January 7, 2013


When they ask you about me
Tell them,
She is being like water
charcoaled in mystery
enchanting her misery
a smoking silhouette 

of a burning shot 
chosen & not
a volcanic ebb and a smashing tide
undefinable  known
like a tear of a stone
that stiff, tender and insane   
she travels around in my vein
a gush of smoke
that i exhale
with all the fire in me
burning her to ashes
she rises from my aching dust
An out of her mind blast
She loves me just
bleeds in mad lust
as easy as her breath
in my silence i confess
all the love words she will never hear
i beat her demons and smash her fear
with my eyes
wandering in her nursing lullabies
Running to her crucified arms
in a hug she may never feel
and a kiss we would childishly sneak to steal
She is my nobody
that i can't live with nor without
My Everything

When they ask you
tell them
she is nothing to talk about
and all the worthy conversations from the heart
million miles away yet never apart
She must be where i shall reach
Colliding sand to my beach
She is a safety charger
and the familiar challenging danger
She is when i am sad
When i am bad
and when i am a stranger
to my own skin
She lives within
between my flesh and bones
a bare queen with no thrones
nor a king

When they ask you
tell them
I whip her soul
with sharpened stares
then lick her wounds
with salty tears
I poison my madness spears
to her brave mind
shoot her acoustic words aligned
She swings in a thought
twirls in a mischievous verse
Steps in a poetic dance
Shivers then fall
hostage to my silent call
immigrating from her humanity
to lay as a savage refugee
between my being and me
in my absence, She is dead
That i revive with a blink


Tell them it is alright
she will forever remain off sight
in black and white
my candled darkness and the Sunshine delight
carved with lunatics insight
one battle that i will not fight
And a lifetime poem that i shall never recite.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Her Name is Braveheart ...

A 23 years old
so much of a tale that could've been told
got swept and ploughed then sold
to the circus of shame
an inspiration of a rise
a superhero say the wise
to me she is me
closer to me then i ever used to be
her screams i heard as loud
scribbling life on a bleeding shroud
like me she had dreams to fulfill
like me she was million stories to tell
like me she deserved better
like me she was one day a winner
like me she is a- now mourning-parents daughter
like me she fought battles of her own slaughter
like me she was a human     
yet unlike me she was too brave to stay
from the Sun she was a ray
made of light and bliss
that presence i shall never miss
deserved happiness and respect
and yes
she deserves justice
hide her name all you want
she shall never be covered in dust
no more masks for you to wear
she will shine in your everywhere
explain all your vocabulary out
in her silence, the brave heart will shout
next it will be your every loved one
unless with full courage you admit
doom her not for manhood defect
blame her not for what you are too ashamed to accept
sin  her not when you are too weak to repent
weep her not when she is burned to object
type no more
words are running out of soul
just take her flame
give your own daughters her name
shave your heads in sinful shame
castrate your own flesh manhood blood
erupt like anger hell gates spread
bless her soul with a wind of change
let it be a joy when a girl is born
not a pain in the back and in the heart a thorn.

Now i can add a video and a name
Her name is Jyoti singh.

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