Always on My Mind you baby...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In the AM...

its almost 2.AM Where you are
And you are still awake
Hey! The damage is already done
you can never keep our sun
from burning
And you can still ignite This moon
howling and hurling
dressed in the winds of your love
i blow to the ball of our exotic melancholy
sipping the snow clouds of distance
in my raining flames cup
until you come up
with something that i don't know
that astonishing and raw
among the scattered autumn leaves
a wreck less tear of mine packs and leaves
to the lands of promises on my sheet
to where we eventually meet
for a breathing break
for all times sake
As we sink in high hopes lake
and never come out
its a wonderful world in the depth
we get sensually dissolved
that we euphorically spout
at the splash of a drift
there on the shores of longing
we lay naked
bare of masks and figures
conceived of rusts and shivers
we swoon
wearing our silver moon
of hunger
in our heads we are the evergreen trees
and the blooming roses
the poisoned daggers and the flesh
in our heads we are that ancient
and fresh
we show what we won't show
and grow cherries in fields of snow
in our heads we are birds
leading magical herds of burning
we cry to sleep in our heads
and cradle our fears with desperate lullabies
in our heads we are the answers
we are too afraid to ask about

Still awake?
nursing the soar soul to rest
i wrap my verse arms around you
may be you can feel the warmth
your restless being tuck me into every night
more Coffee in the AM
this hotel room is too crowded and empty
too cold in the ironed sheets
but you are the fireplace of my hearthold
So Burn
for all times sake
such a mad prose
when i horrifically pose 
to your beautiful mind
As clumsy
as perfect as ugly
beneath the mountains of your patience
i ride my chances
i choreograph your dances
in the rings of my smoke
then we talk the talk
And walk the walk
around the gardens of our sarcastic revelations 

I get you stuff when i go out
and pick your favorite books of every bookstore i visit
or i suppose they suit your taste
i cook you meals you never taste
and do you laundry that is not yours
i get in dresses you haven't seen
but had seen you
And i walk in streets you didn't cross
but they only miss you
I go to parks you never been to
where benches keep asking me about you
Reflection of your sculpted body
sparks when i window shop
in hand with your invisible hand
And a long Starbucks black Coffee Cup
i carry your heart in my heart
(e.e Cummings wouldn't mind that heart theft)
i carry it with me
my love
for the love that we still to make
for now and all times sake

I get angry at my helpless self
And Sometimes at you
but i never tell
we get in this shell
together for a while
you make me laugh then
and i kiss your invisible lips
picking of your smiles my one
to wear for the day
till the next time we sway
i dream of scenarios for us to meet
i tear the mumbling sheet
it is not cheerful enough
people write about things they saw
to strangle them out of their memories closet
and shut them up for good
but i write about you for life
to see you rise off this rambling womb
to hold you out of the verse ribs
to lick you clean like a mother cat does to her newborns
i write you to protect you from my thorns
So that you don't bleed
and i get drunk on your blood
i write to crash the love bud
before Springtime
today i am loose
today i am ballad blues
I can hear Bukowski barking
at the gates of my loneliness Paradise
Where i let the blue bird out. 
It is still in the AM where we both end and begin
Me tossing my stanzas in the yearning ocean of your within
And you hanging in between the strings of a Daboo Ratnani fighting ring
wearing your Heart and a ripped Ten packs cloak of fire.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Soul Calligraphy...

I feel you,
like you are for real
I tell you,
what hurts to heal..
I stab you
as if you are made of steel
and i know
you are only made of heart

I write you
words i kill to revive
a mad verse gone sane
flowing in the rivers of drain
I burst in anticipation anger
break into expectation laughter
then fall flat on the floors of exhaustion
cut into pieces of hope and despair
but then your fire reach out
rising of the ashes of our untold story
I burn..making love to your sudden spark
like i am for real
a woman of your reel
I get pregnant of your children pains
I ache within the silent nights of in-vains
every word you say is a bullet of mercy
and those you don't, shoot me back to life

I read you
in the realms of all the books i don't read
I see you
in all the faces of these people i don't actually see
I hear you
in the voices that don't pass me by
I find you
resting upon the bosom of my mind
laying bare of your knighthood shields
a selfish lover in command
I kiss you
with those untamed lips
this beating interlining drum
And you say you don't know how to kiss?
my darling, i enjoy your little lies
within you, time never flies
Back to your lips
what did i miss?
a quiver?
or a bite??
it's alright...
let's start all over again
for imperfect perfection sakes

 And when i hold you
in my Venus armless arms
against my joyful Pearly breasts
your hunting lips wander
for a nipple of belief to suck on
and a milky way of hope to lick
your lips slick trick
press for release
mess with much ease
in my exploited cavities of dreams
stoned in your high 
rivers of moist flow
and your lips know
what to hear
just like your fingers are experts
at what exactly they should say
Before the volcanic eruption of thirst

So i tell you
in my muted tongue
all the sayings i dared to silence
in a striking revelation marathon
as i paint you
in my colorless love palette
brushing on your starving canvas on reset
one mouthful at a time
Sculpted off my wildest discipline
Deconstructed around your wackiest doctrine 
I dissolve you
in my oceans of hunger
and stained
I want you
Rain to my desert
Earth to my floating galaxies
Air to my suffocating Universe
And Fire to Burn with to the bones of My Fatal Resurrection. 


Monday, September 15, 2014

The Teacher...

Being the Master,
The Moonlight Side effect
and the Sunshine Disaster
Your Love, My Teacher..
Your Love taught me to run without a path
nor a destination
To live without a life invitation
To get what you can't give, with no expectation
To enjoy the insanity of your reason
And the reason-ability of My Hallucinations 
Your love taught me to cry without cry,
to laugh without a smile
and to speak my heart out without a word.
like an acoustic Classic without a chord  
your love taught my blue bird
To fly without wings,
to believe what it wouldn't think,
to hold on to the thin air 
and to walk on the water of certainty.
Your love set the blue bird free
to a skyline of stars without constellation
Your love unchained the beast in me
and the beauty 
Your love is so clever
Now i can ecstatically shiver
without a touch...
I can also scream
without a voice
just like i Dream with no sleep.
And i can curl within the happiness of my weep
i learned the calligraphy of nostalgia
and the Soulful Alphabet of the flesh
Because your love taught me
to write you without a quill
To hug you tighter with no arms
And shed your blood within a kiss
To taste your sweetness without a tongue, 
To be at your Turmoils ring frailly strong,
your love taught me to Burn to the ashes of yearning
without a fire or such

Your Love taught me that much
Me..your lady of nonsense
the presence of your absence
i Pose where you shell
melting in your frozen hell
i am the sweeter bitter
the given beggar
the plain sheet lover
and the stain
the irrelevant relevant
and the main
The everything of your nothing
and the None to your whole
the loudest silence 
at your call
the quietest thunders
of your howl
as you rise
i fall
at the feet of your longing
said and done
me the moon, you the sun
we eternally turn
and we burn
In the Freezing orbits of our Minds lifesaving embrace.  


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Body Party...

Straight to my heart eyes
He Shot His love arrows
From his eyes grab
And i enchanted The stab
His flesh staring at my wildest intention
in desired need of stimulated correction
Shots of  Desperate Hope 
His Chiseled 5.8 inches
burning in ropes and hinges
to my blown up mind
between his sculpted ribs i grind
euphorically blind
lost and found
within the marvels of His Exploited wonderland 
Covers carefully removed,
Shivering Lips drool,
Tongue is a hammering tool
For a taste of his liquid fuel
He the Hottest cool
The seeking Lips,
Sip, On the tip,
of his Determined Hesitation
 As my head bob and weave
Our own web of pleasure
His Skin burst in ease and pressure
Loud and mute
i play his calling flute
in a blasting brush
His Moans, My Hush  
His body awakens in selfless greed,
swoon into my infatuation need
we swing and spin
intertwined within
Excitement Leaks heavenly on tongue,
As soft lips slid on the run
Down his shafted flesh,
that's harder then my resistant control
Then i fall
deeper in his well
His every screaming cell
is a stamped invitation to his feast reception 
The complete collection
is mine...
just like He is.

Released on my kingdom of liberty
Revealed in His Streets of Ecstasy
I am the wicked player and The Toy
Beneath my pink valleys of joy
He wonders his warmth rivers
The King of His Abs and veins, triggers
unfolded upon my mind hungry shores
Exotically Ripped
Of his scented Sweat i dipped
And what the Thirsty Ocean do with His Playful waves?
What the Spring Does to the Cherry trees
Come, Please.. 

Ah, My Baby
I kiss your Mind lips
I kiss your drops and drips
your Random Thoughts bits
And i would mercilessly kiss your words Hips
I Hold your Madness in Softened grips
like  Fuzzy Snowballs of bliss
your gates shutters roar as mine hiss
Welcome to where you should never miss
Let my Eyes invite you
To where the senses feast and fist
To where the glances blur and mist
To our Very Own After Hours best... Body Party.    


Friday, September 5, 2014

Silver lining

On the edge of his mind
Dangling my heart
like a glittering teardrop
a Coffee Shop
with one client and lots of steam
He Comes like a Dream
to my sleepless nights
with every gush of smoke
i burn him
to the ashes of my hunger
just like he burns me
to the tips of his Thirst
But we rise stronger
around his Tobacco arena
with no feet
nor a tune

Then i blast
of His blue fire
a storm of Desire
and a breeze of pain
and pleasure
At his burst
of my red fire womb
life is delivered
as i bleed,
of a wild seed
grows our love
eternally beginning
our story burns to live
in the desert of our time

In the deliriums of my cocoon
i swoon..
as i touch your hair
to the roots of excitement
these dark locks ablaze
my lips shiver at your gaze
paradise gates loose at your eyes
and hell
i am a sinner at your lips altar
resurrected as your djed pillar of truth
agnostic in the realms of your neck bones
atheist before the hymns of your chest 
flesh swords,
my stares ..
sly.. oh my..

A vagabond lover
at the worldwide temple of your skin
wouldn't you invite me in?
sometimes you need to rest
to nurse of my flames breast
forgive me not out of your mercy
i am ecstatically crucified
with every kiss
i crave and miss
with every touch
i feel and hush
your not saying is a saying
That i euphorically greet
your not coming is a coming
where we feverishly meet
your not loving is more loving,
our hell of a silver lining.  



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