Always on My Mind you baby...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cooking Tips...

It was late
when i stepped into the kitchen
of my longing
Waiting for the poetic water to boil
my mind traveled to where you are
right behind my neck
your aromatic breath in a peck
unbuckling my long night of hair
unzipping all the doubts i wear
boiling my beliefs enough
the faith pan shivered at your touch
untying every line your fingers brush
adding some silence salt
and absence pepper
the temperature drops when you're long
and when you're long, 
every drop is a longing song
and then you gently stir
every verse with your eyes Sheer
until they tenderly moan
those hardened long ramblings
under your fire pressure
every touch is a slap of pleasure
softened like rose buds in the heart of spring
as i mind rub the metaphors nectar 
why do you hide so far?
when you burn only as close as a breath
rising out of my calling lungs
and falling just in the palms of my expecting mess
seasoned with your masculine oil
the desert rose sweats in moisture  
and hanker dew

And to prevent your hooky sticking
pour plenty of your presence water
drown in the drain
get off that life's fast lane
and board on our fantasy plane
taste as i serve you of my soul
and bite when dressing on my heart for you
in a seasonal linguistic delight
the longer you cook your comings
the mushier they become
and melt in the hug of one "hello"
forget not your craving letters ratio
don't rely on this clock to evaluate doneness
use those teeth
bite to know when to stop
lip to feel when never to
keep some water to the going sauce
when i have nothing but my lonely chillies to eat
 drain this time in a colander
cover it up with your arrival  rinse
to keep it hot
until you french leave in a shot
then i spread your moments in a my bowl of hope
ladling a scant half cup of wistful wishes
in the middle of my acceptance
sipping your kissing words on the tip of my tongue
it has been too-cooking-long
since you dipped into my languishing recipes
fresh me always on your mind menu
and leave never your ingredients to roast
be it a saucy plate of lascivious pasta
or a lash of 140 honey droplets
on the back of a birdy chirp toast.
so, in case you are cooking
let your eyes do their thing 
because when it comes to you, my love..
There is communion of more than our bodies 
when bread is broken and wine drunk.



Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mind Dish

They say you can cook!
(You should've seen of me that look!)
what can you ever make darling
other than love?
You foreplay the raw words
into boiling fantasies
Tickle the fresh distance alphabet
into golden Alchemies
Pasta the yearning
into softened strands of rhapsodies 
and chicken the expectation
in your short arrival pot
saucing on your coming absence in a bet
all thick and juicy
Yet as flamboyant,
your coming is as giant
as your hiding presence.
Heavy breaths mixed with pan screen sighs
smokey rings curling with cumin chirp cries
hurling fat fingers of crave
incensing your masculine after shave
with my scented delivering sweat
cooking my love for you in a metaphoric banquet
where i feast on who you get to be
once you are just yourself with me
stripping off the cloak of time
bare to my exotic seasonal mind cooking

 So you can frown
when i kiss you only on the lips
shout at my hands blown
for only touching your bragging hips
you can laugh out loud also then
at my giggling your bursting abs picks
and you can cry louder
in the heart of my breast
you can eat of my home made comfort food
as much as you would ever want
slowly sip on my hot caffeinated verse
smashing all the ticking clocks of the world
no, i won't ever let you french leave  
stilling time in my bosom shaft
you can believe everything you feel then
as your roaming hands upon my doubts skin 
you can take off your shoes at my love temple
and lay bare feet at my lips alter
you can scream in my throat louder
and shut with every stare of you my craving whisper
And when you are not tiered,
you can also rest
just for the sake of it
break all your toys and sit!
This is what happens and it's okay my love!
with all your love you might as well hit
those cuddling lines with your sharpest wit
you can video all your games in my head
win your well deserved trophies in our poetic bouncy bed

For once
i want you to be of you
whomever you that you are not accepting
i want to touch that face you hate the most,
and color with everyday life's make up.
kiss every scar you blush
slow down every speech you rush
for the fear of being understood
i want to rip you off your every Raj and Rahul
and hold you off your own fears' Don
pick up those sparkling pieces you rust
and serve you this soul you seductively torment
back in a simple loving time achievement award   
you are one whole beloved
with all your appetizer small dots
and muted caps  
with all your snack snaps
and main course chills
your eyes may revive and kill
but your unmade up heart face is my pillar of resurrection
and your intoned mind is where i mix with all your ingredients in a making love recipe.




Thursday, February 12, 2015

Butterfly effect...

Look at me!
gaze at what you can't of me
fix your closed eyes in my blurry vision
pick my tear before it drops
lip my eyelids and let time stops
feed this selfish monster
breed in me your special gender
seed in my veins some grains of you
water my desert with your poisonous rainfall
let me die a fertile land
expecting your insanely wise crops 
in a thought of the day long pregnancy 
call my name,
tickle those dimples as you pronounce
my dangling four letters off the heart of your epiglottis
Call my name,
and i shall live forever   
Sometimes we get scared of the things we love
the most
or may be for them if they get too close
we watch with eyes wide close
what we would wish of them to see,
and gaze upon what they truly are
Personalize your stare
take me off every word i wear
grab my verse waist to your prose chest
kiss off my lips all these rhymes i mist
shut me up when i don't talk
breathe yourself in me when i choke
cut me off you.
and let me bleed you in.
love me the most when i least deserve it
or better don't.
i don't deserve it.

Taste me...
as i honey drip in your first morning Coffee 
and inhale my addictive nicotine mind roll
you are capable of everything!
bring me roses of your body garden
sing me a song composed by your eyes
string my poem skin with your acoustic soul fingers
rock on my belief with your heart drums
Springsteen my ears when you are on fire
swing like a Sultan when i strait dire
Joel me love just the way i am
and foreigner the Hero of my jukebox
Prince like face my one shoe Cinderella  
be the beauty to my beast
Disney on all my fantasies
And save me every time i sprint my life's ankle
just like a zaara's veer would do
And if you need to put on some weight
eat this distance in a the characteristic birdy bite
Don these demons in a vfxed fight
Om me in all my lifetimes to come
as i Shanti yours out off my poetic fire
Samar Anand my Meera insecurities  
Raj your Simran out of me
Be the Franky to my Johnny
and the making love Camera Lens
to my moaning celluloid.
Because without you, i become all that i should avoid
an almost made up poem kinda thing
And i know Bukowski would've been in upper case proud.

Look at me, 
when you are not looking
turn my life upside down in a blink
let me touch your chalice spilling off your favorite drink 
talk about me to your burning "Classics"
discuss me to your worn out blue tooth brush
detail my mind curves to your in public greeting blush
convict me with your homicide longings    
count me in your own personal belongings
seduce my resistance with your leaving comings
and bring me on in an anonymous quote
hug me tight in a random thought
ask me out in your book for a date
Oops me in a childish giggle, when you're late!
And when you can't finish your plate
kiss me with your first then interrupting cigarette.
smoking -my real life around you- marionette 
And when you can't sleep,
pillow me in your mushy troubled mindset
nurse of my madness breasts
as i lullaby your forgotten dreams ahead
to the tunes of your miraculous being in me
Telling each hair of you a bedtime story
about an invisible butterfly whose wings are made of light.  

Happy Valentines day my love...




Tuesday, February 3, 2015


to be felt
like pain
your absence kicks 
in the velvet heart
stabs in the crimson soul
in a reloaded Colt commander shot 
i bleed you of you
when you come but you never arrive
when you are around yet around not
i still wait for you
like an orphan star waiting for its moon
in the night of its eclipse
like a birthday wish
that you whisper to the blown candles
of that cake you never tasted 
like loving you. 
it goes on for-the-ever of your comings' Majesty

Waiting for you
me the one who never even waited
for a last breath to come save a life
me the one who never ever knew
Time stops with longing Hearts
like an old shipwreck sinking
in the sea of nonsense
until you come
to storm the Time Harbors away 
waiting for you...  
i wash the clean dishes twice
talk to my neighbor about her new hair cut
that i actually, don't like!
i bake cookies with your name initials
and make mad love to you in a satin blog verse
i get dared with all my doubts 
in your faithful Russian roulette
Waiting for you, i can't wait for you
i can't read freakin Dostoevsky

fly with Whitman or land with Whinehouse and Chopin
i envision Murakami out of his shore
and ask him about you 
may be you have been with Chopsky or Adams
Surfing the Hitchhiker guide of this damn galaxy!
i hold on to our date off Krauss' History of love 
So i check on you at Iqbal and Agha Shahid Ali
i check on you in the darkest of my heart Alley

Waiting to meet you behind the virtual door of Rumi
between the right going and the wrong
i wear your words in a black laced thong
I can't listen to Om Kolthoum hearts my heart out

or Maria Callas' climax in a song
My afternoon Tea with mint gets cold

waiting for you, my caffeinated secrets get bare told
The hands in my watch go only to the left
to a time that is timeless and has no place

and to a universe with no atmosphere nor space
you don't come when you come
and when you don't, you do 
you sometimes rise when you fall
right into my bosom
union of the lonely one and the lonesome
taking off all the moments of wait
naked to the bones of love  
waiting with my linguistic fluffy cuffs
and the poetic whip of my verse kiss
lashing your silence with my lips
and torturing with my native tongue
your worn out waiting, vocabulary  
because just like waiting for you
i haven't waited for you,
i waited for my much desired in you, eternity.

 In me you burge
like an urgent urge
Hard for a word
softer than a word touch  
waiting for my "you" to steam
off the ashes of this anxious cigarette
until i burn to the filter
i see you with my stained finger
listen to you with my wet of a poem's eyes
waiting for you i don't pass the still time
but the time stills, passing me.
waiting for you is how i tip toe on the fire line of hope
hopelessly struggling with my life's convulsing final pangs. 
 Waiting for you,
so that you would come..
only you do as fast don't.


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