Always on My Mind you baby...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another night shift ..

Another night shift
she drew her tiered eyes
with lines of pride
enchanted her poor beauty
like an excited bride
when lights flash
her pain crash
crazy beats
empty seats
people were greeting
the night was heating
she was there lost and found
a worn out waitress
her heart was fearless
yet his essence was always around
she served him his regular
hoping to see his laughter
he gave her this usual nod
giving her all the pain to hold
she swept the table
and one tear rolled
aligning the cups
she heard his coughs
as he lit one more cigarette
and when she handed him the ashtray
one smile finally made her day
when their eyes met
if he only knew how sweet it felt
when he touched her soul
with a silent call
that made her world drift
two lines he said
writing her own tale ahead
when do you finish your shift?
If you don't mind,i would like to walk you home.

Monday, March 29, 2010


No pain no gain
they say..
It has to be this way
My rage
Is like a lunatic sage
released to his void
Impossible to avoid
these crippled moans
shaking to the bones
a stranger to my own skin
only you can touch me within
is my heart
in your cage
when we are apart
every time we melt
My freedom is behind your bars
dismantled into million scars
I breathe
your forbidden scent
in my forgiven hell
and i rebel
like a dedicated muse
tempted to refuse
your golden shell
but i can't
I am not that saint
only you can chose
to set me free as your granted slave
or have me carved within your cave
as your wildest contradiction.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Live stream...

She woke up early
stepped blinded to the shower
recalling all the moments of that dream
living its location in the heated steam
why is it just in my mind?
and she simply had to rewind
playing the whole wild night stream
pausing her thoughts on his thunderous hug
carrying his warmth to her favorite coffee mug
enchanted by her own recorded memories
she opened that window inhaling his breeze
dipped into his shinning sun rays
forwarding the time to get out of her maze
what is he doing in my shower?
even in the mirror
and in that intimate drawer
flying with the morning butterflies
she held her books and all her whys
jumping down the stairs
like a little kid enjoying the fares
she was driven to her mind fantasy
synchronizing her life for his melody
when she stumbled in the last broken step
the books were flying like flashing bits
the dream was fading when her pain hits
and when she managed to finally stand up
she heard the noise of the near by shop
melting in the morning crowd
her moaning silence seemed so loud
why did the stream had to stop?
why did i ever wake up?
holding her books along with these whys
she closed her eyes again,taking her seat in the bus.


Even in her mind
she could not hurt him
the cruel words begged
not to be thrown at him
even the words love him
how come he doesn't feel the words..?
the brave knight dies holding his sword
but he just doesn't read the words
knowing so much is the curse
feeling too much is even worse
the freezing crystalised smile
is all whats left
and all that is worth
may be little concerned
but nothing to worry about
only a dying soul in a shroud
the fairy broke her wings
yet she could still sings
no never..!
may be just a little
Even you wont solve this endless riddle
she is here and there
and you are everywhere
together and far
the fate of the bravest knight
and his shooting star.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Horse Riding...

I put your soul on
riding my horse of time
through the gates of the unknown
I was the hidden and the shown
my feet trembled in the saddle
the wind enchanted my hair to settle
feeling the beats of my stallion
I was driven to be your Pygmalion
and yet addressed as my own
no borders can stop me
not a chance to reach me
I am destined to my fate
being your worldwide region
while you are my universal state
you roam in my illusion
as a witness of reality
I wonder in your confusion
as a mistress in your morality
I drive my strength
to the gates of your myth
shattering my weakness
a virgin land for you to excavate
I climb your mountain
with the guts of a cavalier
relieving your burden
like a Samurai warrior
offering my existence for you to recreate
I cross your frontiers
at the time of your parade
surrounded by these courtiers
I raise my sword
closer to my heart
say one bleeding word
that we shall never be apart
for i can always return to your charade
as a one more puzzling word and a Renegade.

The Decision...

She spread her arm on an empty pillow
almost blinked on a walking shadow
the sheets were still warm
survivors of a late night storm
she closed her eyes
chasing that memory away
she had to get up for another whole day
she gathered herself to breathe his absence
still the covers retain his fragrance
he left his towel wet as usual
leaving in a hurry was not that unsusual
she sank into the tub
letting the steam fill her up
her mind kept whipping with standard hits
"why did you accept to be his second myth?"
why does it hurt
every time he slaps the door on his way out
why are you in his shirt
when he calls to say he has a meeting
that he never told you about?
she got out of that tub
with all these bruises she has to rub
packed all her clothes in an old suitcase
her eyes were rolling the room in a race
she took off that silver ring
wrote a note,leaving one more thing
beside the key
she left the shirt
why does it still hurt?
even the tears were trapped
slapping the door on her way out.

A Quizz..

why needing much
of what is never going to be yours
and expect it to even need you?
why feeling such
as running fast yet simply out of course
and claim your fair time to award you?
why asking
when all the answers are not-worth?
and the questions are hard to send?
why healing
when the pain is too friendly
and the wound is too old to worth?
why revealing
what already has been shown
within the tiny veils of the truth
why screaming
when all you get is silence
why dreaming
when all you see is nonsense
why falling
when u can watch your own steps
why calling
when your cries fall down in depth
why hiding
when you are a sunshine bright
why fighting
when your peace is your insight
why you ,why me
why this is all we have to be
left in the dark
with voices to bark
still passing some endless hours
needing what has never been ours
and sinking in this Pandora's box.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Guilty pleasures...

we share this dream
melting in the rising steam
of our extacy
I heard your whisper
you became my master
and my refugee
our eyes would sink
In an ocean of pleasure
you don't have to think
when it comes to this matter
In me,you simply be
as my all times legacy
I put you on as my nectar
breathe you in no matter how far
In your arms i sweat your scent
In my womb you are my own descent
I bend to be your cup of wine
you lay to be my dangerous sign
I tie my thoughts with your breaded rope
together we revive that desperate hope
inflaming our existence
and taming our resistance
into a wild demon of fire
born in our sacred sanctuary of desire
we draw the lines
of our features
we cross the signs
of all creatures
we carve the rocks
of our sadness
rewrite the books
of light and darkness
we break the rules
and create our own
remake the tools
exploring the unknown
for you and i
belong to the mystical throne
you are deified as the Sun god of my temple
and i am petrified as your guilty pleasure.

On the Wire..

She's getting into the fire
Walking bare feet on the wire
Not looking down
Took off her gown
like the soul of dawn
like the melted stone

Walking to her freedom
Imprisoning her fears
Whipping away the tears
She is breathing again
Even within the pain

Another day is born
A rose with one thorn
Wild and raw
Yes and no
Confused to the bone
Enjoying the unknown

Feeling the wire on top of the fire
Releasing her last tempting desire
Closer and far
She saw her falling star

Enchanted by the warming night
The wind held her tight
She opened her arms wide
Reaching to the other side

Balanced with grace
She finally won the race
Demons were crawling back
Angels just called her back
But she was driven

Filled with hope and madness
Chased by joy and sadness
She kept walking on the wire
Falling to the tongues of fire
Burning to the bone
Lonely but not alone

She’s cursed with her fate
Still it’s never too late
smiled and turns around
Her new path she just found
Let go of the wire
Embracing the healing firetrap.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A walk...

I felt i needed a walk
myself and i had to talk
It has been quite sometime
so i parked the car
I needed to go that far
to hold you in that close
and melt in the petals of your rose
Inhaling your fragrance in the morning breeze
explaining your absence to the waving trees
and when the birds ask me
I say that you are within me
even when you fly away
and when you always have to go
In my heart is where you show
you rise on me with a sunshine ray
lifting my soul to where you are
even if i have to go that far
I told the bees and the butterflies
that i don't even doubt your allebies
for may be you just can't always be around
still in my ears you are all that sound
My feet took me to where you work
My heart was jumping
How much exciting
I saw you coming down the stairs
holding her hand ,touching her hair
I had to hide behind that tree
I felt the rose was holding me
so it wasn't really an emergency flight
and i wasn't your everlasting moonlight
I ran away chasing my tears
avoiding a slap from my fears
dropping the rose
you are still that close
got in my car
the world finally seemed just as far
as i started the engine for a long drive home.

Behind the Camera...

The camera rolled on
his world fades to none
she adjusted the frame
million beasts to tame
tracing his sparkling eyes
trying to act as wise
she crawled in her skin
when he spoke his lines
he drew her daring signs
her veins burst with lust
when he stepped closer within the shot
he ran away of his spot
following the sequence of the scene
she held the camera moving along
reading his face replaying the song
she captured one tear burning his cheek
and a frightened smile in a desperate seek
detached of his existence
he was reborn in her frame
identified with her resistance
she had to freeze that burning flame
stepping back as he came closer
her heart was racing,his beat was a loner
when he finally turned around
even silence had a sound
two clapping hands revived the dead
nothing more to be said
followed by the cheering crowd
they were all amazed and proud
standing afar
watching her star
she started to rewind the film roll
holding him into her frame
editing the titles and his name
waiting for one more order
her breathing was somehow louder
crowned in her throne of solitude
wearing her own mask of attitude
she finally screamed "cut!".

The Meeting..

I don't sleep well
I don't feel like eating
there isn't much to tell
except that we had a meeting
your eyes and i got together
only for a minute,that felt forever
they were sending rays of tender
holding me,i could barely whisper
I kept wondering about the fate
trying to hardly concentrate
but they have just invaded me
not giving me a chance to flee
trapped in your eyes
I had nowhere to go
they are not that big in size
but they are all the world i know..!
I took the long way home
thinking about the stranger i see
shining in the mirror of the car
and i don't really know the one in me
I see two eyes that are bright
that have a problem every night
starring at the ceiling
nursing the baby feeling
watching it grow
to something i know
that could easily hurt
and could always break a heart
but when they smiled at me
I had no better place to be
even if i don't sleep that well
and i don't feel like eating
there will always be so much to tell
about this lifetime meeting.

The Old wooden swing...

He held her hand so tight
She used to bowl so right
back in the old days..
Once he held her up so high
to touch the magical sky
she was the queen of the king
on the old wooden swing
he raised her far to Mars
she nearly touched the shooting stars
but barely saw a thing
on the old wooden swing
he promised to heal the pain
when her ball just missed the lane
and he scored a strike
aren't they all alike..?
colored balls
with different numbers
scattered souls
in bowling halls
two fairytale heros in the back yard
screaming loud,laughing hard
who is still seeking wonders ?
the more they say,the less they do
but we pretend we already knew
what could it be?
the whole truth is there to see
on the old wooden swing
memory is just a stranger
that lived here no longer
the old wooden swing is still there
flying high with an empty chair
she looked back to the sky
no more tears are rushing by
standing still in the old back yard
holding the echoes of the years award
The stars are still shining as bright
may be she didn't bowl so right
but she just tamed the pain
creating a whole new bowling lane
crashing into her life with a full strike.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missing the train...

Water falls
endlessly in the marble fountain
In my anxious calls
expectations bend like a raising burden
the running dais rolls
in a desperate attempt for luck
towards me

The freezing heat
cubed my mind
As a dying beat
on the gates of time
one reserved seat
is left just for me

Missing you again
invites my weakness
begging the pain
being the powerful and the helpless
the running train
ran in a blink and missed me

Standing alone
in a crowded station
carving a stone
with two dates and one abbreviation
the awakening moan of your eyes,
embraced me

It is an endless chase
for me to win
a heartless race
a forgiven sin
I vanished,when the crowded space
within you swallowed me

Your thunder cries
for my savior rains
your restless whys
are reasoning my lies
that rise and engrave me

Now the falls have dried
my burdened calls were somehow denied
when your shadow by my side
held me..
as i watched the train leaving
an empty subway station.

My wind...

My wind is mad
breaking the bones
strengthening the stones
It is the evil and the angel
the possible
uprooting the impossible
It is you in me
the unknown and the predictable
My wind is eternal
It starts in my womb
as a breath of creation
My roses barely bloom
for my winter
is a bit wilder
ragging with snow
natural and raw
reviving my imagination
My wind is fearless
and brings out pain
your loss and my gain
we all miss the train
and i strike
My wind is angry
cold and warm
turning into a ravaging storm
blessed and cursed
with my own blast
flying to my ultimate space
silence plays a louder base
and i hide
how much i tried
to run
and burn in my own created sun
breathe by your ragging sea
when you never see me
as i blow my wind away
inviting all my forces
to settle as your gentle breeze.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On the Corner...

She used to stand there on the corner
like a poem with no writer
like a scream,like a whisper
Wild and shy
Soft and dry
every Sunday at midnight
among the crowd it felt so quiet
she used to be alone
but he was there
a street magician from everywhere
black eyes and dark hair
holding tenderly his guitar
and flying his mind in a wheelchair
In her eyes he saw his dream
In his silence she heard him scream
invaded by this deep sadness
he wished to conquer her savage madness
tuned it all to his guitar
closer she became than the winking star
she heard his heart moaning his song
smiled at him and turned around
Their eyes met in one glance
two hearts set in no chance
he watched her leave the street corner
she never heard his longing whisper
He knew she ll never be back again
He knew there are other faces of pain
people said he became insane
waiting every Sunday night
holding his guitar so tight
imprisoned in his paralyzed mind
his heart was free
tying her memory to the moving wheelchair.

The Curse..

Reveal all my secrets
Invade my existence
live in my dreams
where i can be myself

greet all my outfits
crush my resistance
melt in my steams
where you can only be yourself

I will dance in your fairytale
run away when its midnight
your air i would inhale
fading in me is what i fight

I will pray in your words
burning up my candles
I will lay for your swords
too noble to handle

I won't look for your face
in the crowd
I won't listen to your silence
when its loud
I can be your angel
and your demon
I can be your whole
and your nothing at all

hold on to my soul
break through my wall
I m cursed with my spells
jingling more bells
for my wind to blow
for my god to show

fly me away
like the kite of a kid
carve me a way
in the path of your head
read me with your heart
for i am beating there
blessed in my hell
with the curse of your spell
as my eternal stairway to heaven.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Within me..

fly in my arms
so that i can always hold you
die in my arms
so that i can always mourn you

hide in my hair
breathe in my skin
hold me if you dare
commit the unforgiven sin

be my wicked angel
and my guardian devil
sink in my freezing pains
run in my injured veins

hold on to the falling star
make a birthday wish
break a new year jar
celebrate the feast of solitude
venerate the beast of gratitude

strike my heart
with one more beat
end where i start,
If it makes you feel complete

dance on my shaking floor
u just cant open that magical door
turn around in my circles
alone you stand
so loud are your whispers

spell my name
win your game
playing by the rules
is always for the fools

shake me to the bone
hold me when you feel alone
when i know you are crying
inhale your life
when i know we are dying

stand on my grave
o you brought flowers..!
one tear you try to save
for a life that was once ours.

A Dream..

I saw you in my dream
perfect,or so you seem
shining like the new born light
smiling like the sunshine bright
and i held the sight
your eyes reached out to me
my arms turned right to be
your home
as you emerged out of my womb
gentle, as your bathing foam
subtle, as your brushing comb
I want to touch your deepest bits
and be the laughter on your lips
I fight myself to keep you in
to be your blessing held within
your steps are fast
running at last
my time is dew
If u only knew
moments are fire
burning my wire
of longing for you
may be its true
we melt
we felt
that thing is in too deep
It is our treasure to keep
endorsed in heaven
where we are driven
you and i can tell
where flying angels dwell
drowned in your eyes
rescued by your kiss
embraced by the bliss
eternal was the wish
one u once made true
when u only knew
I laid my head
on the cold bed
the empty pillow
kept your shadow
I closed my eyes
believed my lies
how can we really tell?
that there is no forever
and i burst in a shiver
only in my dream
your present seemed my everlasting.

The Cloud Rider...

I need to hide in my arms
it has been a while
die in one tight grip
reborn in your intimate space
all set up for a race
as a mad cloud rider
run within your veins
revived to ease your pains
i would escape to you
from me
to me
in me is you
the fake and true
out of the blue
I am your calling thunder
the moon is barking
my soul is sparking
naked words of virtue
are nothing but words
there is no right or wrong
no fight is as strong
not a whisper,not a song
no night is as quiet
yet the silence is louder
when i get to ride my cloud
in your unlimited takes
releasing my breaks
for a maximum speed
may be this is what i need
surfing around your solar system
in a metaphysical order
carrying my dreams around
to hide in your arms
for a lifetime resurrection.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


She heated the pan
adding some sugar
and few drops of milk
a piece of butter
stirring it slow
excited to star the show
the evening was rising
she lit some candles
her moonlight was shinning
staring at the mixture
revealing an adventure
music and caramel
glowing like a seashell
the ramblings or her soul
were melting within that bowl
when she poured the chocolate sauce
the colors embraced in an intimate cross
creating one more shade
celebrating his entry parade
he threw his coat on the chair
"will he notice what i wear?"
she smiled at his sight
"what a long night.." he said
as he went straight to bed
she turned on the light
blowing off the candles
poured some tears in her shell
along with the chocolate caramel
placing the bowl in the steaming fridge.

The chains of freedom...

To my prison
To your freedom
Of inspiration

To my destiny
To your melody
Of high expectations

Kept in your closet
Like an ancient tale of freedom
Inscribed with your magic
As the forbidden litany
as the sacred rituals
Of adoration

Worshiped as your goddess
Doomed in your temple
Whispered as your prayer
Sacrificed on the alter
Of sinful incarnation

Burning incense
On scented candles
Sculptures of tantrum
Are screaming with wisdom
Dedicated to your cult
Like an organized random
you recharge my passion
every time you do your speech
reciting my anthom
in your words of preach
your blocks are higher
I m just a simple commoner
that is out of your reach
Melting in the heat
Of my redundant hallucination

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A night flight...

I finished packing
checked the last minute things
a hair brush and a notebook
some thoughts and a wilder look
the make up kit was wide open
eye shades were loud spoken
I covered my lips with shining gloss
caressed my cheeks engraving my loss
chasing this disobedient tear
I removed the eye-lines
exposing my daring signs
to scare away that fear
you are still that dear
even in my darkened mind
your whisper to me is just divined
i rush to your space
shaking with a blushing face
wearing your attitude
crashing my solitude
you are everywhere
how can i even dare
to invite my strength to a burning paradise
when i can only melt in your freezing hell
what more to tell..
I collect my stumbled steps
rushing myself to the floating hope
its almost time
to catch my flight
greeting this night
I put on my coat
and your scented scarf.

Typing noise...

It was in the morning
when she restarted her system
The background reloaded the scene
how long has it been?
the key letters rushed to the screen
while the curtains were waving
to the celebrated farewell
The plain sheets were craving
for more mistakes to spell
tempted to recite her speech
she spread her wings for the words to reach
flew in the crowded space of her mind
knew her theme was just as blind
as the ragging memories
and the fading theories
The words dance on the digital floor
she took a deep breath
what more to confess.. ?
It was suppose to be an editorial
turned out to be a nagging memorial
ticking like a clock
breaking the prevailing silence
she signed the letter with her initials
sealed it with a longing kiss
losing to the king of chess
It was never over
now that she's sober
the rising dawn was her witness
his strength as her weakness
interrupting the saving button
attempted to press the delete
she decided to retreat
making the loudest possible,
typing noise.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Answer...

I am the nothing
Of everything
The nonsense
That makes all the sense
The limit
Of the extreme
The biggest loss
You cannot redeem
The white
When all you can see is blue
The fair fight
Between the fake and the true
A melody without rhymes
In a broken winning record
A memory of sweet old times
That is only kept for the record
Unpolished fragment
Of a runaway masterpiece
Unfinished segment
Between the master and the piece..
A colorful future
Of an uncolored past
The sea is my lord
My heart is my sword
Born in my legend
Reaching out for a hero
With two open arms
And a beating heart
May be rushing to end
The endless charade
Without a start..
I might be an answer
To a question,
That has never been asked.


How do i look like..?
I am the blond and the redhead
the black beauty
and the brunette
the fair skin
tanned in your tropical heat
the rounded chin
always up after your retreat
you spot my arms
with your finger tips
I spell my charms
in between your lips
I close my eyes
to sail in your darkness
you stare in disguise
exposing my virtuous madness
dressed in black and in red
or may be undressed
I m the nude
and the veiled
the prude
and the convicted
may be i am addicted
to being all your women
identified as a feminine evolution.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You left early
leaving my thoughts in a mess
The untidy anger,
is a naughty boy
that keeps destroying
all my castles of hope
i build on your shore

The powerful confusion
is a complicated toy,
that keeps entertaining
all my secured fairy-tales
i hang in your store

The ravishing longing
is a sweetheart princess,
that enjoys scrapping
all my painted sheets
i slip at your floor

The dazzling desire
is the harsh burning fire
like a daring beauty queen
that is submitting all my resistance
when i hear your steps at my door

Time pass on me
in your absence
locked in my nursery
inspiring your presence
mumbling our vows as prayers
cuddling the new born memory
babysitting my loneliness
until you finally come home.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She is from Mars,He is from venus..

loud and silent
she is the impossible
and the fact

mild and malignant
he is the predictable
and the intact

The secrets reveal in her eyes
like the sunshine of dawn
she draw the lines of the day
and fill the night with shooting stars
mighty as the truth and the unknown

The infinite powers redefine in his soul
like the heart of a martyr
he is fearless and driven
following the madness of her illusion
fighting her reality and his confusion
he steps in her space
aiming to rule the place
fighting the history and the future
she steals away his tool of torture
sparkling in his velvet sky
hiding behind the clouds and sigh
doomed to the chase
sacrificing his lifetime mace
he claims his heart to the shooting stars
addressing the court of the galaxy
justice can be a sarcastic bonus
as he is from Mars and she is from Venus.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Comfort Zone...

I run to you
when everything goes wrong
I come to you
when life does not come along
I pack my load
and fly home
to your arms
where i just feel safe and sound
I pick my road
wherever you may roam
I root my ground
at your feet
bring all my stories around
for you to greet
I take off all my masks
at your stage
manage the impossible tasks
like an enlightened sage
I cry my heart out
when you hold my fears
you dry my tears out
with your tender cheers
I pour my river in your ocean
and i always shiver at your motion
where would i go
if you can't have me ?
what can i draw
if its not your painting ?
Allow me in your darkness tonight
Recruit me to be your bravest knight
Let me be your open arms
Let me hold your load for once
Rest your head on my longing shoulder
Let me be your space and border
Throw me all your frustrated bits
bless me with your desperate hits
run to my heart as a helpless refugee
and announce me once as your comfort zone.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reading you..

I fell asleep reading
with a book in my hand
and a thought to understand
many verbs in the lines
more linking prepositions
why is it always about the description?
It could've simply been enough
drawing your features even as rough
and add few more epithets
a survivor and a killer
is your absolute grammar
as the vocal and the drummer
of the crazy band of words
that would accurately play along
your adopted vocabulary song
as the official editorial
of all the unpublished hits
even the paper smelled your scent
between the obvious you were the hint
hidden between the lines
covered with all the signs
beautified with the glamorous imagination
dignified in my own printed version
as only text that is worth to be read.

My secret..

They think i am arrogant
when they first see me
may be because i m silent
embedded in my cave
what do i have to save?
i wonder

they say i am passionate
sometimes if they feel me
may be because i m violent
when it comes to being brave
i just ride my pride wave
and release my thunder

what do they know
only what i show
is what they can predict
yet they still attempt
to crawl beneath my skin
read my future and what has been
and i laugh
reading their graph
scraps on my soul
they think they know it all
i am just a sculpture
touched by the years
colored with cheers
restless and still
madness is my quill
i tried to dance on their time
rehearse the steps to follow the rhyme
but i ended up doing my own
inventing my lines on your tone
only you can define me
as your burning fire
restricted desire
your justified halluscination
for this logical discrimination
of being my only secret
that is worth universal revelation.

The Dancing break..

"It is time for a break.."
I told myself with a head shake
Stretched my back
turned on this track
with your voice tingling my ears
a wave of tenderness giggled my tears
the lyrics were sweet
the melody is a treat
which made me step off my chair
swinging in the fulfilled air
touched with the ringing beat
bewitched with your increasing heat
I leaned on my shoulder
my eyes rolled bolder
turned around in circles
taken to your land of wonder
spread my arms in sudden move
creating in your space a groove
kept waving my hands
reaching to the loudest bangs
drops of sweat covered my face
bare feet dancing in a tighter pace
bouncing with lust in your voice
moaning like a victim with no choice
revealed desire
increasing the fire
flying my dreams to be dropped
when the music simply stopped
i landed on my silence
sliced like a shred
staring at you smiling
in a wooden frame by my bed.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Gardens of Eden..

The trees grow tall
all hard and green
the leaves don't fall
the yard is filled with hopes
young dreams
live streams
freezing the moments of victory
eyes attached to the screen
hearts melting with every scene
numbers strike
losers hike
reloading their power
recharging the extreme desire
to have it all
to grow as tall
beating the score
that is worth to fight for
their limits beyond the stars
retaining the past life scars
while the crowd was cheering
his face was shinning
with infinite glow
still more miles to go
the roses blossom in their time
the words dance in a perfect rhyme
the night was his
and so was the glory
it was not just another story
of a leader or a team
it is more then just a dream
that is to be even
in the Gardens of Eden.

Family ties..

More music
louder beats
a song after the other
like a sister and a brother
they keep you company
in your silent agony
you can feel their attempts
but you don't seem to bother
since all you are craving for
is the abandoned feeling of motherhood

More writing
longer sheets
a thought after the other
like a son and a daughter
they consume your heart and soul
making way to their resisting call
but it doesn't seem to matter
since all you are looking for
is the invested feeling of fatherhood

More waiting
tighter seats
a minute after the other
like the old time mates brainpower
they keep nagging your memories
reviving their distance with intimate melodies
but you lost track of the hour
since all you are hoping for
is the comforted absence of longitude

More and more
shaking to the core
inhabited anxiety
exhibited intensity
I researched my space
for a settling spot
re appealed your case
for one more shot
as a lawyer and a judge
you were excused
I was confused
celebrating your innocence
I burnt in your name my scented incense
blaming my parental ignorance
adjusting my birth certificate
inserting your title in all the slots
as my documented family.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Prayer..

Hold me tight
as if there is no tomorrow
Be my knight
Defeat my sorrow
shine your light
on my fading rainbow
Recharge my fight
against my own time
Read my signs
Decipher my lines
Grab my fate
Redeem your state
call my demons and your angels
adjust my wrong to be your right
don't visit my dreams to leave my sight
I made you a universe of day and night
hours pass me by
counted all my tears to fly
to where we used to reunite
laying in my sparkling sky
covered with your memories
recycling the moments of you and I
celebrated with a celestial reception
greeted by Venus and the shooting star
holding her magical stick
for one more wish to click
I closed my eyes
held you to my heart
for when we vanish
our tomorrow will start
like an endless universal movement
of immortal reincarnation.


How you caress my heart
with your silent squeeze
of lust
embrace me

How you attend my festivals
with your tender breeze
of blast
revive me

How you bring out my best
with your infinite ease
of trust
repair me

how you are my only guest
and my dream is your gracious host
you must
Identify with me
as your warming scarf
in the chilling lonliness
gently rubbing your neck
as an amulet of tenderness
when that just,
the world fades with its moans
my oceans dismentle your stones
we re-collide
like the endless Ebb and Tide
drifted with the wind of thirst
and redirected to the universe
in a Geographical Myth.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Match point.

The stadium was full
all tickets were sold
it was cold
Flying flags
recalling tags
mad cheers
attending peers
desperate and eager
her longing was deeper
hearts beating with every ball
smiles greeting for a winning call
she took her scarf off
waving her hope away
chasing the excited dream
she saw her face on the big screen
met her fears in a sudden blink
the whole world saw her sink
the crowd rose
welcoming anxiety
few memories for eternity
she saw him there
holding his bat
turning his head
to where she was mesmerized
the moments were paralyzed
their eyes met
the game was set
one more ball to win
she threw him the scarf
wrapping her heart in a rose
as the crowd arose
for the final point of the match.


Rolled in my bed
like an abandoned thread
dragged to my sanctuary
of pain and pleasure
no more tears to shed
thoughts invaded my head
greeted me to your fantasy
at ease and pressure
May be i am adopted
to your constant torture
like a submitted addicted
to my silent screams
heated in your steams
seated in the memories theater
first row
repeated show
same scenes
or so it seems
recited dialogues
familiar analogues
sarcastic laughs
runaway agony tears
self pampered fears
as i go on with the shots
of you leaving my hopeful spots
rewinding the filmstrip
pausing the promises tip
attended by your daring hug
when i refilled my coffee mug
engraved with your name
and a question mark.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our painting..

The colors were shy
to come out of my palette
how can i paint
the warrior and the saint?
how can i create
the lines of my ultimate fate?
how can i detail
what is in my heart engraved?
I started daring on the white sheet
brushing my red with your black
rubbing your green in a sudden attack
lines of shades
sharping blades
The impossible is happening
when we unite in a painting
dipping my soul in your surface
like a sacred lateny
rising in your climax
as my everlasting identity
surfing in my madness
on the sheet of illusion
you settle my confusion
as i color your white
with my intimate blue
inventing the sky
where we both can fly
tainted my lips
with your lusting dips
enchanting my brush
holding your face
as my sinful grace
signing my painting
with two letters
and one more wish

The Ballerina...

She tied the ribbons of her shoes
adjusted the rose with a pin
her body was all lose
shivering as she was to begin
the journey of resistance
and submission
On her toes
her mind blows
like a leaf in the wind
she turns in circles
crash her wrinkles
out of her veins
pumped the beats of life
through all her pains
she wins the strife
raising her head
her arms were spread
the piano was moaning
with a magical tune
when the violin kept roaming
like the lonely dune
she held her arms
in a longing swing
touched her own soul
and fell
embracing the gravitated ring
when can i sing?
my lyrics of lust
when can you dance
on my lifetime melody?
Bohemian Rashpody
was sailing in her brain
that insane
is your wisdom
and that fragile
is my kingdom
she then stood tall
on her toes
cheering the crowd
breathing out loud
opening her eyes at once
to greet his shinning face
resting her toes
as the red curtains close.

Typing noise..

It was in the morning
when she restarted her system
The background reloaded the scene
how long has it been?
the key letters rushed to the screen
while the curtains were waving
to the celebrated farewell
The plain sheets were craving
for more mistakes to spell
tempted to recite her speech
she spread her wings for the words to reach
flew in the crowded space of her mind
knew her theme was just as blind
as the ragging memories
and the fading theories
The words dance on the digital floor
she took a deep breath
what more to confess.. ?
It was suppose to be an editorial
turned out to be a nagging memorial
ticking like a clock
breaking the prevailing silence
she signed the letter with her initials
sealed it with a longing kiss
losing to the king of chess
It was never over
now that she's sober
the rising dawn was her witness
his strength as her weakness
interrupting the saving button
attempted to press the delete
she decided to retreat
making the loudest possible,
typing noise.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In your wardrobe..

I would hide in your closet
and be your most favorite shirt
I would ride in your wildest dreams
and be your uncensored part
I would reside in your fairytale castle
and be your skin cloak of hurt
shinning in your mirror
as a reflection identity
the clear shot and the blurt
I would turn into words
to touch your lips
I would stretch as your guitar cords
to hold your fingers tips
I would be the lonesome tunes
rhyming out of your heart
I would end up
where your line would start
I would be your blessing
and your unforgiven sin
mix my scents with your aroma
and drip as your exotic perfume
I would weave my longing cells
to adorn your stainless bed sheet
would grind myself into your sleeping pills
to run in your veins as a lifetime treat
I would lay myself as your Chinese brush
to sink in the warm darkness of your hair
I would fade in your morning blush
I would be your truth to dare
obvious and abstract
used and intact
only if you allow me
to reincarnate my being
as your personal wardrobe.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Candy bar..

She rushed into the crowd
screaming her silence loud
calling his name
it wasn't about fame
she felt allowed
to call him her own
may be unknown
but certainly a claim
of obsession
he appeared there smiling
waving and styling
took off his glasses
his eyes ran into hers
as he came down the stairs
heading towards her spot
could it be the plot
of fate?
too late
he stepped among the fool
shaking hands
as the music bangs
the world kept falling apart
like a drum were beats of her heart
slipped out of her space
to his eyes she won the race
raised her hand in a weak attempt
she felt revealed yet condemned
closer they became
fading the rays of fame
he picked her hand
addressed the band
to play the tango of the night
on her toes
her passion glows
like a princess
reviving in a fairytale
tears were on sale
refilled her loneliness
with a few steps
right in his arms
embracing his charms
melted with milk and honey
mixed with sugary cream
moments captured in some dream
like flavored caramel
dipped in a candy bar
she became a falling star
when the cameras were flashing
the pair that was crashing
that was not my dress?
did i missed his kiss?
she was still holding her purse
raising her shaking hand
as the fool spread
where he stepped ahead
to get into his ride
the world was once aside
life turned off the light
the road took away the knight
all what was left
was a bitter sweet flavor
of a caramel candy bar.

Every super star shakes the hearts of millions but sometimes his bitter sweet candy bar can make their life flavored with hope as they will wrap his with everlasting chocolate layers of passion.

In my city...

Traffic jam
human spam
too many cars
sparkling stars
full house theatres
emotions massacres
sweet tears of joy
a girl running with a boy
street newspapers sellers
high class fictional dwellers
narrow alleys
smoking valleys
flashes of the past
illuminating tomorrow
nothing ever last
not my happiness
nor your sorrow
days follow
in my city
the sunshine is mine
your smile is my sign
we redefine
with the breeze and the musk
we are the image and the mask
only in my city
the mosques are proud
so are the churches
we melt in the crowd
when our hope emmerges
growing in my city
buildings of sand
and stones
you hold my hand
and shiver my bones
waves of life are high
I learned not to cry
sandy beaches
rocky shores
like a candy bar
like a shooting star
bitter sweet
close and far
alive and dead
an unfinished thread
only in my city
fresh lemonade
unresolved charade
revealed yet mysterious
sarcastically hillarious
showing off like a beautiful lady
wearing the old times make up
is my beloved city
losing battles
winning bets
the world sets
only in my city
morning sailors
night trailers
time is out of control
your fate is my call
we are like my city
unchained and wild
feverish but mild
laughing till teary
fearless and weary
we break the rules
follow the fools
who are innocently in love
only in my city

Sunday, March 7, 2010

In the Shower..

I had my morning coffee
read the daily papers
jogged for an hour
then i had a shower
drops of water covered my face
cold and heated
a tale to be repeated
within my hair
my dream was told
your manly addiction
to touching my hair
made up my feminine fiction
of making you dare
a habit of madness
to fulfill my nonsense
the long lines of soap
merged on my skin
like a dreadful sin
the memories rushed by
in a festival parade
to celebrate your presence
as the pharaoh of my kingdom
the creator of insanity
yet the source of my wisdom
dripped in the heated shower falls
i heard your calls
your voice was everywhere
as i was drying my hair
while on the steamed mirror
i drew a heart
and a cupid arrow
with your initial and mine
a shiver ran to my spine
as i felt your arms around my waste
only my tears i could taste
sweet n sauer
inviting my power
so as to do one more step
and get out of the shower.

Wondering ..

What if the days pass
without you ?
what if they seem endless
when you are not there?

what if the world is still
only around you
what if it feels helpless
when you don't care?

what if i only hear your whispers
in my ears like a prayer
what if it gets worthless
when you know its just unfair

what if i breathe your fragrance
identified with my incense
what if i become breathless
when your absence absorbs my air

what if i need my freedom
to fly enchained in your acceptance
what if i refill my emptiness
with your everlasting stare

what if you broke my spell
and rested in my arms
what if i crashed your shell
and put on your skin
as my fashion wear

what if we are the mystical taboo
first initials of an eternal tattoo
pined in my skin
engraved in my soul
you have it all
written in my book of wisdom
as the spell of innocence
revealed in the rituals of resistance
as for my questions
tattooed are the answers
wondering in a moment of clarity
if only we would dare
to share our insanity
as a legitimate plead for revolution.

The Tiny little bird..

The tiny little bird was here
on the side of my window
clapping his wings
i was shelving my things
when he whistled me a song
"nothing can go wrong
now that you have me
with you i will always be
your shinning smile
should be your tile
embrace your heart
for you i will start
another new melody"
words crawled in my head
soon you will fly away
i said to the bird
"if only i could stay
i would.."
I touched his head
he caressed my hand
his eyes were making
the returning promise
my eyes were staring
to the runaway bliss
he spread his wings
and crossed my face
as i opened my window
to the morning rays
repeating the song he just said
i waved to the tiny little bird
who printed his colors on my face
released my fears
re-shelved my tears
along with the song
and the other things.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

On the pottery wheel ..

I invited your face
to my mind reception
where my thoughts were flashing
like the beams of light
where the memories were crashing
visions of the endless night
inhaling your aroma
exhaling my forbidden scent
the awareness was drunk
like the sinful monk
at the sight of your face

The cups were filled
trays were roaming
between the reason
and the madness
the dancing hope
performed with the despair
on the melodies of the doubt
and i shout
your eyes took me
places i thought were through
dipped in your tears
i painted my fears
with colors of your desire
in the lines of your features
the host
became the guest and the audience
stunned at the silence arrival
where are you
when my thoughts are calling?
why are you
the only guest they address?
when i confess
you fill the void your absence make
you settle the rivals your presence shake
i am your all
your rise is my fall
the spell that they can never break
cheers of lust
revived the dust
spinning in the ultimate dance
with your trembling skin
my shivering spine
I redefine
my hands embrace
your tiny details
i touch your face
engrave my nails
as i started to feel
the sculpture i made
turning around in circles
within my pottery wheel.

there is always one face to greet in our minds,to locate in the void of the crowd and to feel identified with even if executed from our own existence. we can sculpt it with some clay or we may engrave it in our hearts with the beats of life.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The butterflies of my mind..

The night landed on my sunset
like a late flight of bets
attended by doubts
fueled with dreams
your heart
where i belong
as the shuffled song
i am repeated
victorious and defeated
you pour my wine
as i edit your line
sharing the moonlight dance
and the hymns of my sunshine
like a magical spell
on the seals of our hearts
the sun went down
the moon came around
i ran to my papers
where are the thoughts?
the butterflies of my mind
I rewind
so colorful and innocent
yet they are distant
reaching out to the light
that shines at your sight
when you rise in my heart
you decipher the seal
encode the real
you manage the possibility
of the impossible in me
you set me free
like a daring butterfly
you make me fly
so let me be your wing
your thing
your glass of wine
your poem's last line
let me be your absolute failure
and your desired success
lead me out of the mess
be my favorite dress
My skin
be my blessing
Be my sin
let me dare be your butterfly
and be my everlasting Sunshine.

In the tub..

she got into the tub
with million thoughts to rub
filled with milk and wine
lotus musk and scented pine
sank in the steamed silence
longing the depth of madness
purified by the sacred libation
she is the answer to the equation

dressed or undressed
for she is cursed and blessed
veiled with wisdom
revealed insanity
embraced by a phantom
seeking identity

she closed her eyes
drowned in disguise
dancing colors she saw
all intense
making sense
she crashed her cell
in her mind is hell
like the screaming silence
the scented candles
rejoiced with the aroma
the dream is folded
with the shivering glow
and the water flow..
stirring her freezing fire
in the heat of the tub.

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