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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Phone call...

is taking me to you tonight
is carrying me there
softly and tight
I don't fight
is running within me
resettling me beside the phone
on the side of my bed
I sit
not that comfortably sitting
as if i am sitting on the edge of my fate
wondering if i was late?
scared and certain
watching the waving curtain
a woman who is not me
calling a man who might be him
the man whose name is "him"
who is ultimately wearing his words
and leaving me naked within my silence
a man who might turn out to be a voice
who might turn around to be a face in the crowd
a pulse that brings life in me
the man whose pain has set me free
a frightened woman i see
is dialing these eight numbers
like the crashing thunders
for a word
or a silent breathe
he might answer with a "hello"
a "yes"
or a "who"
she would surprise him with her ignorant silence
as if she doesn't remember who she is exactly
most likely,
he might recognize her hesitation
as if she doesn't know
who she was calling
tears of joy were falling
and his voice penetrates her
no "hello"
no "yes"
nor a "who"
just a "how are you?"
as if he knew
when the time is due
It would be her
the woman who is his blue
madly searching for a reason
to be so lost in his gravity
the woman who is just an identity
that only shines within his clue
"I expected your call"
He said
perfect timing
melodious rhyming
I heard with your tender sigh
as the night was our witness,we were swallowed by time.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

His hands...

He was talking
and i was listening,
to his hands
they were revealing
more than him
I learned from his running away answers
to interrogate his hands
to built my own castle in the sands
of our childhood game
I found in them the one entrance
where he introduced me into his soul
where he would submit his all
to the undefeated desire of nakedness
exposing his laziness,
he only uses the right one
i attentively rested my eyes on his fingers
they are fat and rounded
well made fingernails,speaking to me
as if he doesn't want to hurt anyone
even lovingly he doesn't
his attentive way in waving shyly his hands
reassure me
seduce me
to some intimate touches
that would only revive my craving moans
still i don't know him
I just feel him well
like an estimated quill
he brushes his colors over my blankness
he knows my spots of strength and weakness
his hands are prominent
brilliantly transforming
my rivers of stillness
into floods of possibilities
that would drown him in a second
at a savage touch
his hands say too much
of what he wouldn't dare
even to know he can share
his hands are surfing my hair
drawing his lines everywhere
over my body sheet
and i am being his seat
of inspiration
one more time
i feel his hands around
yet louder
their conversation with their Model muse.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A cigarette long...

Around the corner
we met
me and him
the man who is out of time
"Today you are delicious",he said
"in your black dress"
I confess
I wished if he stayed longer
If he exhaled me a little softer
If he had said more stuff
If he hadn't been that sweet and tough
For a second
I wanted to be his last picked up cigarette
to touch his lips
then he would quit
For a second
I wanted to be his lips
to sink in mine
and melt in my shivering dips
when i saw him drift
but i accepted that meeting
as it was
us in a few words
and a river of silence
a meeting that was as old as his cigarette
the one he lighted with my burning sigh
as i felt him coming close by
and for a while
I prayed it would last
as long as was the past
in my lips he inhaled its smoke
within his fingers my laughter broke
like a shade of light
at his fading sight
rushed into my veins running
as he crashed it with his feet,humming
"I do envy that black dress you wear"
leaving me bursting in a blushing stare
he left!
what a theft!
he took my breath away
as i childishly sway
holding my roses
and his heart
rewinding in mine the meeting,
that lasted only a cigarette long.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vocabulary tricks...

I look for a “where”
To add an “are you?” and enjoy
That secretive feeling of self-made satisfaction
Like a forbidden fruit
That I long to taste
Then I look for an ‘I”
To add my “miss you”
Pretending I heard it
As In my heart I felt it
Coming out of your ribs with a sigh,
adorned with a masqueraded “why?”
That I would reveal with an “are you so late?”
My whole life I waited
For this dangerous language vocabulary
Recruited in your army
as one volunteering mercenary
Hidden among those common letters
Of greeting updates
And when I see those sneaking ‘L’
“O”, “v” and “e”
I feel it coming in me
Blown in your musky breathe
And resting on my husky mess
As I keep trying to hold on to myself
Not to melt in the heat of the read
Even if the letters join other ones
To make different turns
Still my heart doesn’t get these burns
The words look plain and warm
Charged with your neutral storm
What was I expecting?
In my dream I see them unfolded
But in real I would fold them as neat
Racing my own heartbeat
And replying to my unmade requests
By adding my own fantasized question marks,
That shine within your shading full stops.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


She doesn't know
how her femininity lead her to him
the one who with a look
takes her mind off her
and puts his lips on instead
in one tear that is unshed
how much faith did she need,
to resist his look
to be a line in his book
and how much silence did he need
not to be exposed with his exploding fires
like those electrified wires
of hope
the one who knows how to touch a woman
exactly as he knows how to touch the words
with the same hidden burns
holding her from behind
pressing her forward and rewind
just like the way he touches a runaway sentence
with this false laziness
and this neat nastiness
of power
the one whose lips cross her
intentionally slow
with a well defined distance
measured with his existence
that is preserved for excitement
passing by her lips,
without sinking there in a kiss
slipping towards her neck
without touching there in a mess
then they tenderly ascend up
as if he was kissing her with his breathe
just his breathe
a bit slower
the man who sketches her destiny with his lips
write her as his own book
erase her just with one look
how can she forget ?
all that never happened between him and her?
all that is somehow so clear even in a blur
the man of time,comes late
in a retarded hour of the memory
striking her between a let go and the other
setting her nights on fire
then leave
still she would believe
as she rides her insanity to him
she knows,desire has an internal grim
that has no reason
and she screams,
as these savage horses of longing taking her to him
the man of the forgotten time
his love is an enlightening state
that comes in the darkness of senses
to light up its secretive alleys
waking up her unfolded desires
setting it all on burning flames
then leave
"how can i not believe?"
the one she sees,as she settles
in the seat,that is facing his absence
there, where he once sat
opposite to her astonished confession
as she was reloading her first impression
of him
if only he would come
the man of longing time
she is afraid that her joy would tell
after that silence in his absence
that only the black ink would spell
over the virgin sheets
of distance
how much lies does she need
to go on with life as if he didn't come
how much honesty does she need
to convince him,that she really waited only
for come.

if only,
as usual he will pass by her love
and she will not ask him which road he took with the memories
and who lead him to a woman,
who as much as she waited for him
is just not expecting anymore.

Jungle night...

In my jungle
I spread my arms to you my sun
Laying on the primitive mass of chocolate brown soil,
Rhyming your sound with the jungle’s band
digging cupful’s of earth with brackish hand,
Carving my existence as tough as raw
engraving incoherent designs with one big toe,
smearing my face with slippery mud,
the splendor of the fragrant rose,
Like a scattered prose
Was the timeless chirping of humming sparrow,
nocturnal movements of colored reptile,
Where would I hide in your exile?
Sedate swim of lethal alligator with king sized jaw,
Anticipating like my hungry flow
When you show
Your prolific sprint of striped leopard for prey,
as we play
we feverishly sway
noninvasive walk of multi-legged insects,
Crawling in your loud silence,
Organized like our random thoughts
Yet, chaotic like ourselves.
Green light radiating from twin eyeballs of owl,
entangled network of crisscrossed antelope horn,
Do you feel that thorn?
With your lips,
You cure my drips
Of bleeding pain
mammoth silky strands of African spider web,
So sweet is your bite
When your teeth fight
On my neck
Like a passport check
To my wildest fantasy world of us
pure white monstrous egg of wailing vulture,
A snapshot capture
Of you gazing at me
And me mazing in you
Our tongues are true
In the jungle
black haired apes feeding on jackfruit,
Staring at me swirling as your tight suit
Your eyes shut
On my wide open spot
As we touch
I hear your hush
Pouch bellied kangaroo racing at whirlwind speed,
Like an African breed
My hands twirl on your waist
And we collide
fleet footed squirrels eluding acerbic rays of light,
i suddenly feel sweats, dirty, coated with pungent clay mud,
Musky as your flourishing bud
the vigils of darkness taking a stranglehold on your murky

Do I hear a roar?
Ah ..My king is yawning
And me, I just lay content in his bosom.
After such a gaming safari night and a world cup record set
of the wildest party coated with Toffee Ice-cream.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

+500 and more

500 thousands
on your way to millions
numbers counted
hearts are bounded
you bring us closer
in one more beat
what is it about you
that makes the world stir
when you just appear
There is so much
a rose can tell
with just a scent
and much more smiles
it sent
with a ringing bell
feel my scent
and that kiss i sent
read in me
what i couldn't say
breathe in me
if i couldn't stay
your secret of life
and when you are there
pick my poems for you to wear
on you they would fit
hold me close for a little bit
I am that much yours
and you are only mine
and so much more.

we love you so much Shah,for all you are and all you do,we are blessed to have you,eternally yours..all the roses..~

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wet ...

She is your woman
all wet
at your reset
wrapped in nothing
but a white towel
just out of shower
the droplets of water running down her hair,
caressing her back as it goes further down
like a crystallized gown
towards the small of her back
where there ting two beautiful dimples
longing wrinkles
for you
and the room is deluged with her smell
fresh n intertwined so much so that you cant tell
where her natural smell
starts and where it ends
aromatic blends
in that exotic essence of the soap
her sweat would elope
after you
and her cheeks are all rosy n soft,
by the water that now drips from her forehead
into her brows
her lustful shows
in full bids
down to her eyelids
thrown into the air
your own fragrance to wear
and her natural wink
as it slowly climbs down her lips
to her collarbones n stops
there for a moment
submitting to your component
as it's afraid and shy to move any further
away from your border
but your pull of gravitation
is not letting it stop n so it drips
beyond the boundary of the towel towards her bosom
the valley of madness
engraved with your existence
is yet in supreme peace
rhyming with the undulation of her breasts
a moment it goes up
rushing nonstop
and the next it goes down
through the mysterious crown
caressing and molding itself
the way her heart lets it stay there
in its journeys further south
just when the towel slips
at your fingertips
invading your cheering lips
in a rebellious movement towards your skinned map.

I have to give credit to the one who was my inspiration for writing that post,my best friend THANK YOU..:)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Made in England...

Another afternoon
the day will wrap up soon
sunset drift
to a long night shift
All set for the meeting
old wooden stairs
large black chairs
of exhausted leather
gloomy weather
light music tunes
dreams are floating the room
chaotic silence
computer brilliance
organized files
visual effects graphics
are we done with stunts yet?
only one more hanging shot
is left
recite your lines
embed my signs
in your draft
red Tag Heuer glasses resting
on that aristocratic nose
faraway look
aspiring to an unreveiling book

an unfinished cigarette
and another one you almost lit
in a sudden hit
our eyes met
My God,you blushed!
like a daring Eve i crushed
one flirting blink
took me to wherever you think
the closer we get
the harder we split
you cracked up some jokes
bitter sweet strokes
in a dramatic swift
relevant comments
irrelevant pretends
wondering sighs
powerful tries
of hiding
within the words
you masterfully manage this flee
too real for me to even be
come on ,scream!
break a spell
smash that shell!
ah, now, back to the meeting
adjusting your thoughts
clouds of smoke are speeding
mind is sailing on an English boat
to our wireless island of pleasure
where everyone is waiting
to press one more trigger
of joy!

Here you are
as near as far
scratching your hair
and you caught my stare
Go ahead
be unfair
the more you hide
the more you are there
I heard that firing sigh
along with my freezing steps on the wooden floor
on my way out,i gently crossed your vision store
as i excused myself to go, work on the morning shoot preparations.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Come back...

up to witness another dawn
to shed more tears to swallow
of my own fading shadow
I turned around
thought i heard a sound
yet nothing was there
but the empty silence
nothing to share
but the distant nonsense
nothing to wear
but the stubborn persistence
where are we?
this is where we used to be
why do i long for what is now a memory
stabbed in deep
why do i even weep?
perhaps it is my destiny
to return to my lonesome tent
once more i believed
so what if i was deceived!
not new nor ultimate
let me tell you a secret
damn i still believe!
even when smashed like an autumn leaf
how much i want to scream
yet my voice is not coming out
it was more then just a dream
more then a loud shout
once in
now out
Dear pain
please be gentle
I already put my heart for rental
for free
It doesn't need me
Dear pain
you never leave
still i believe
we can still be friends
you and i are the beginnings and the ends
life never gives,it lends
Dear pain
thought i could depend on you
to be always around
but you suddenly left
i wondered where you went
When life smiled for sometime,
may be it was just a rhyme
now it is all back to routine
you and me in the all time scene
Dear pain
now that you are back
beware of the broken track
that keeps playing in my resented heart
all the shuffled tunes of nostalgia.

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