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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Sling

Dear Sling,

You know where you're going?
Around which royal flesh and bone?
you're a naturally gifted one you know
making it on your own not of a branded slingy background or so
it's an arm that supports and shelter
A home in the form of a shoulder
a life giver
A love winner
A whole world for millions
will be hanging in your sacred mission
A universe of his love will with you, every time he waves, swing
Oh my dear sling
All my heartbeats for you sing

would you of him take good care?
Ease his pains and peace our ware?
stay strong
But don't stay that long!
May he of you never be anymore in need
And as you're there
sneak in to his practically everywhere
closer to that precious left part
where he keeps the love in the heart of heart
but shut your eyes when i in there rise
let me have my moments in paradise
let me undress that eloquent silence
word per word
Unbutton his torn shirt of absence
into my bare sheet word
As i pass my mind fingers around
all the way to his senses abound
no stop here my dear!
you're not allowed to watch from here!
that shoulder i'll now heart sling
Bosom hold and comfort bring
see how lucky you are!
around when he is finally by himself
wearing some moments for the night
and taking some others off
smoking the day with the hand on the right
and acting a smile or shaking a frown off
the peak of your life is now my dear sling!
in a few day you'll retire and lay on the forgetting shelf  
of else-everything
so live it well!
Give him all the strength of will
U can't imagine how special it is
to hold the hand of love
And rest your head on His in a minor surgery
followed up left healing shoulder.

Yours sincerely,
His heartbeat.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Solo Release...

How is the shoulder?
The left one, that fighter?
Have they reached yet,
my kisses?
..The lyrical ones of the writer
were they s warm?
were they as tender?
Had they carried all my being for you in a peck whisper?
And the soft hugs of the helpless million miles away as close, lover
Have you felt the sea turning at your window in a teary moisture?
the winds singing and the sun dancing venture
a breath of me blown in that calling thunder
a universe of me had just falter
when you in anyway hurt
as major to me as minor
So tell the curious wound you're now stronger
crash the pain with a larger than life laughter
read the itches away in my antibiotic lines
And spell the moments in a pain killer gaze of your eyes

Rest some more in the arms of my mind bed
story of my heart, for you, i'll Sunday thread
A solo release!
Flowing off that love Chalice
So just be my only audience
in our one seat hall of love
PopCorn along the time in smiles
And Pepsi on the dreamer thrills!
Nacho bag these silly worries
And Coffee on this life's bitter scenes
sit back at my one eye theatre
enjoy our madness celluloid dance
watch my gypsy hairs tip-toe my longing
at the "Not Me" spread aside shelter 
And feel my roaming guitar finger
playing my sleepless night by your followed up shoulder
oh see! here they come!
this bad gang of fears
wearing crowns of long distance
and heavy boots of expectations
chasing after my heart beliefs
firing their guns of doubts at my faith
as i run into the wilderness of possibilities
no you can't put me down!
you can't put him down!
 holing hope by the hand
i am the viking of my heart
shooting your every pain dead
i put on the wings of words
fly into the skies of our wonderland
A superhero of my own
in my red cloak of poetry
waving my healing prayers swords
An Alice on the other side of the mirror
where everything is possible...
even being by your side right now
holding the right hand and kissing the left
praying for you at the feet of fate
and burning at every alter of forgiveness
my get well soon wishes incense.

Get well soon my love..
May it be me never you
sending you all my positive energy, love and hugs
you are in my prayers always.


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