Always on My Mind you baby...

Sunday, April 3, 2016

kiss of life...

I slipped into my dreams pjs
whispered my night prayer to the lucid breeze
may i see you in my another lifetime
paradise film-stripped in flashes
and may you never remember  
where your loving soul flies to wander
as my poetic refugee
and oh, it came true my fantasy
You, Coming out of yourself
into me
Clean shaven
like a smooth criminal sea
held by the moonlight
and i was but a long lost mermaid
returning home.
like the silent waves kiss the rambling foam
our lips met
in a salty sweet word of mouth
lower lip grip
upper touch mush
soft like your soul
tender was your wordless call
eyes spread like your arms wide open
and like a kid in his mother's bosom,
i stare.
Our shy buds of youth blossom
when we dare
hands hug
life thug
riding our freedom unicorns
we make it all happen
as the sky lights up and thunder 
we ran, racing our laughter
in the fields of mellow
every tear we lick
every fear we swallow
curious clouds watching
as we painted the longing air,
in a pink kiss 
that tasted as sweet as your saying my name
for the first time to yourself
and as warm as my then, nod 
i wear your smile's dress 
i became this butterfly dance
around your fire
and you are that first rain splash
without filter or wire
feet drench in the distance mud
hearts quench within the lips lock
unbuttoned shirt
like your love
unbuckled hair
like my soul
horizontally speaking
vertically sneaking
going on and on
oh my shining sun
i should've kissed you longer
and told you what your spring
had done to my cherry trees
blooming in our another lifetime's
kiss of life.

Friday, April 1, 2016

April's not fool.

They talk about you everywhere
those who pieces of me you touched
without your hands
beautiful stories i listen to
with my soul
i wrote poems about your face
that i get to see 
with my heart
ballads in your scent
that i smell only in the air of my mind space
and in your voice
whispering those sweet nothings
i long to hear,
i rhymed my sonnets 
you're not aware of your wicked self
destroying all resistance castles i have built 
with the sand of my wait,

beneath your playful horizontal push ups
because it gets more difficult to control
with every hurling breath
palms spread empty
lips tainted chocolate
without a spoon
my heart swoon
and much on the stake
how i wished at that moment to turn into that piece of cake  
a feather by your life majestic tunnel
my skin shivers with the mysterious sneeze
bless you, if you please  

Hug me
when i least deserve it
that's when i need it the most
like in my mother's arms
i curl into your softness
and my father's at my stupidity anger
i from you, hide  
when all i want is to make him happy and proud
i roll myself in his dreams shroud
still it's never enough.
Then you came to me
like i came to you
long before we met
we do
you can count on me, my love
and i know i have in you, a home

no matter how far i fly
or how many times i not too much to, try
i realize i love you more
believe me not,
but have faith in my heart
for it's the 2nd of April
and the fools already rushed in.  


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