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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He is My Sea...

"It has been so long
since you have been gone"
i heard myself thinking...
Wearing all my hesitation
I counted the stairs
on my way up
before the door
pouring my thoughts on the floor
as he opened in a watery mood
all i could see
he was the sea
this mysteriously inviting
this tenderly enchanting
for a swim
our lips met
in full set
sweet and salty
scented and misty
his presence roared
devouring my silence
currents of desire
passed through my wire
bare soul i shivered
his daring dots were delivered
moving within him
on the edge of a kiss
flooded by music
his being strategic
pained,like the steps dancing on the pavements of passion
under the evening rain, was my confession
bare feet wearing the lightness of our lust
the sea took off his black glasses
and his black shirt
dangerously climbing all my thirst
he sat down and looked at me
half of him was made of ink
the other half was the sea
He stripped me of my questions
between the tides
I was the ebbs
drowning me as his fate
his own liberated state
half of him became shyness
the other half seducing me
I was gripped by a fever of kisses
He pinned and rode me
watching my confusion
scattered in his illusion

I enjoyed his geographical mess
beneath his waves,i yearned to confess
I tried to cover,
under a quilt of paralyzed words and sighs
"don't cover up,
I can see you in the darkness of ink
I feel your mad pulse louder as you sink
only the lantern of desire is shining on your body now
our love has always lived in the darkness of the senses"
he said.
His hurricane blew away all my questions
spread like foam on his bed of lust

In contrast
the sea was rising forward
conquering my resistance
staking banners of masculinity everywhere it passed
with every area he declared occupied or liberated
I discovered how enormously helpless i was before him
His words,like his fingers
these gentle torturers
became matches burning everything inside of me
his virility startled me
as i wiggled in his arms like a fish
starting the rituals of gradual surrender
he suddenly stopped me
"Do you really love me?"
despite the distance?
and the reasonable madness?
lines he didn't say
I crashed them with a sway
His voice was a mixture of ironic pain
his voice has the delayed taste of tears
in a thunderous grip
he took me on his trip
Then,the storm had ended
the sea had left me
a corpse of love washed up on the shores of astonishment.
the sea withdrew,
implanting my body between two poems and two tears
but the salt remained,
as long as i remained
like a refilled sea sponge,
i woke up, it is 8pm
crawling out of my luxurious fantasy
getting ready to meet Him,
The Sea, storming his dimples at the waving crowd.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just imagine...

you and me
the ones we dream to be
melting like flavored ice-creams
in our kingdom of dreams
deliberately delicious
randomly lubricious
just you and me
flying in the everywhere
landing on our ecstasy
laying in our own nest
nurturing the breeze
enjoying the rest
just imagine
it was only a blink away
that we are never that faraway
and we would sink in our joy
break the world like a rusty toy
adventurous kids
tearing away the bids
lets play
the game has just begun
ours is the only way
as i always imagine
you are my Peter Pan
you are the hero and the man
coloring my plain life sheets
with your wildest palette
arranging all my lines on reset
for my imaginable fun.
the road is ours, as we run
you are my sun
and the daring moon face
your craving demons i would chase
me, that late night riddle
you desperately try to solve
you, my long lasting giggle
that your lips tenderly dissolve
let me be that shoulder
you lean upon when you need to cry
let me be that whisper
that you silently slip in a roaring sigh
wrap me around your weakened spots
let me be the sound of your helpless shots
sketch on me, your wildest lines
as in your eyes, i read my signs
let's take off where our madness leads
weave my dreams with your colorful beads

feel my hand
around your fall
greet the stage
bow to our storming rage
wave to your spectacular audience
my eyes,your lips,our madness
listen to your soul
moaning as i pour within
I am your virtue and the sin
our hell becomes
enchanting heaven
just close your eyes for a second
and just imagine
there are no longer you and me
no more separating numbers,
just us, melting in the One.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Girly stuff...

Curling in bed
in cute puppets nity
exquisite insanity
hiding in my streams
uncensored dreams
you and me in steams
drying off my nail polish
flying away in mermaid fantasy
building images in my head
lines of you roll on this bed
dancing shades on your face
bring you close to my embrace
your steps at my door
scented breeze enchanting the floor
gentle knocks
arranging some books
pretending i haven't heard
knowing my racing heartbeats
you definitely heard
preparing my soul
to answer your call
I felt your breath
resting on my nape
like a falling grape
in your mouth,
i fell
in your arms
the warmth, flavored me
sweetening ecstasy
waves of bliss
erupted as we kiss
lips in celebration
souls in reincarnation
your fingers painting
yearning lines on my skin
colors enchanting
our midnight spin
wicked smiles
eyes wide shut
time flies
like a professional stunt
you lead your way
on to my hills
tenderly brushing
the exotic thrills
rising in my valleys of danger

wearing your breath
as my new cherry lipstick
blended with my 5th avenue drops
the world stops
at your arrival
put on your shivering pulse
a round of pearls around my neck
addressing your lips
my fashionable bliss
drowning in feverish blush
enjoying every single touch
picking of your eyes
my favorite look
reading in your mind
my lifetime book
making for your doll a home
in your arms
treats of you,
never enough
let me be
the woman in you
share with me
some more of you
you reign my mind
enjoying our intimate games
classified, Girly stuff.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rainbow princess...

She wanted a story
before going to bed
a glass of milk in hand
i had a long way ahead
in her mind
a journey of my own
she rules my moments
with her overwhelming embrace
her little thoughts,
we enjoy to chase
It is my princess speech time
go on darling,rhyme
on her toes
sweet kisses she blows
"when i grow up
i want to be a star
the one that shines around the moon"
why a star sweetheart?
"they live so far
why do you want to be apart?"
i said
she smiled at me
ran to the window
"I want to touch the sunshine rainbow
you always say
everyone who goes away
turns into a twinkling star
we will all go there one day
I just hope they have some candy
all my teddies and my cat Randy
I would take them all along
you can come and sing your song
I love your voice"
I had no choice
but to hold her tight
kiss her curls
how she was right
inviting her smile to my face
she cuddled tenderly in my arms
the world stops at her charms
hiding both our heads in a book
covered in bed pupils turning in a look
we wished the moon a sweet night
blowing her kisses to the dancing stars
in her prayer,she asked for the rainbow
to come and color her day with joy
by her side i arranged my dreams
switching the light off
i heard the droplets of rain
softly knocking on the little glass window,
tomorrow we will both see the rainbow.

This piece is inspired by the beautiful princess in my life my niece. she brings sunshine to my nights. to you Bella all aunty's love :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

To the photo frame...

She wrote few notes
replied to an awaited E-mail
now the boat is ready to sail
"ah..i love this dress
but will they let me make a mess?
I would love to marvel you one day
you know,i am too good this way"
she addressed his photo frame
kissed it tenderly
caressing the glass
this too shall pass
she closed her eyes now
letting one tear flow
"here..i almost forgot
your soft breeze
reaching my spot
of safety
no matter how far
you live in me
i have you there"
pointing to her heart
"we are never apart
it is just a small procedure
will be back soon
that is what i said to the moon
when she promised curling around
your trembeling skin
every night she will hide you within
carrying my sparkling light
to you
your break through
celebrating our love
every night
my vampire knight
wait for me still
in our sanctuary,divined"
his face almost shined
with a tender smile
in the wooden frame
nothing is anymore the same
then she opened the door
smiling to the moon
dragging her suitcase
on her way to the hospital.

YOU are our strength love YOU.

This one is dedicated to my lovely soul mate..may she comes back safe to us,we all love you are in our prayers..she is the wild rose we all miss.

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