Always on My Mind you baby...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bed Rest...

You killed me
with the guillotine of your silence
your loudest cry of longing
revived me  
with the pouring tears flood at your heart
beneath your euphoric laughs
you wrote me
Deciphered and encrypted
miserably enchanted
celebrating our love feast
within the restless of your bed rest

you carved me
with your axe of doubt
with the blooming roses of wait
hoplessly fading in my burning valley of patience
Then, you decapitate my resistance
i reincarnate as your self vengeance
to love you more
with every bit to the core
My silent roar
shakes your every comfort zone
Darling, you are never really alone
beneath your skin
i crawl
with every gush of blood, i howl
Rising in your blurry vision
the dancing smokey demon
haunting your sleepless day-night 
flaunting every Caffeinated sight and insight 
I French Kiss your lips
Passionately nibble your ribs
Embrace where you crave 
spend in you all what you save
our black and white
i madly bite
as you lay helplessly in bed rest...

I am that feeling you can't describe
that forbidden fruit you eat raw and ripe
that wordless line that puzzles you the most
that empty space you refill when you breathe
Queen of your mind fairytale kingdoms
and the freedom fighter of your reasoning colonizations
what i am doesn't matter much
i am the one that will melt in your touch
when you eventually write me 
with your tongue brush
sentencing all my moans to rush
as loud when i write you
as my shivering offering of words
upon your silent alter sheet..
of your most energetic bed rest.



Monday, June 16, 2014

A Dreamer...

Once upon a Dream
i will whip your lips 
one kiss at at a time. 
Skin your soul
one verse for a dime
Shred your heart
At my cruelest hug
Then burn in the flesh
at your tenderest drench
Once upon a dream
i shall be all that i seem
i will cling to your silent scream
My darkness calls
so does your beam
stronger then a phoenix
i rise of my ashes
loving you every freaking time

Once upon a dream
i will break those chains
run to you all sinned and stained
eyes blur
tears roll
and in a shell
once upon a dream
i will spill
and spell
but will you still hug me?
will you still be there?
holding our time still
be my revolution as i rebel
that much you can't tell
no need to reply
soon i am going to fly
to you

live by your heartless heart
dare to rise on my own stream
once upon a condemned dream
you will chase the rain in the skies of my soul 
And i will be the Rainbow above your head.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Freedom Bird's Song...

with no excuses
Come driven,
and in aggregation
riding your on steroids desperation
come crawling
curling in your suffocated need
come bandaged and in bleed
Come bursting in your moaning silence
howling your loudest cries of resistance
just Come... 
drowning in the ocean of your desire
building of each stare an empire
of longing and madness
Come in your potion and stillness   
Come for the sake of the want
for the relief of anger, come rant!
but come for the love
always come for the love
my love...

no reasons required for the souls to strip bare
no shutters can be candid enough
let your eyes wander everywhere
they shoot your heart in a shameless dare
what you hide come exposed
what you ride burn enclosed
every time you run 
you chase the moon and the sun
in my eyes
Come with your broken wings
come with your kisses and stings
fly in your chains
claim your own stains
upon my tormented sheet
come where our souls meet
within the dream and the delirium

Come from of the corner of my eyes
come to my arms out of my arms
come when the solitude hummings are war drums
come for the cheeriest laughter
come with the tears and whisper
come out of your heart cocoon
drench in my childish poetic monsoon 
its never enough time nor too soon
come shining or with a gloom
out of the darkest night, rises your moon
come with a word or a dot
come with your eyes wide shut
come when i call
when i rise and when i fall
let your wings soar
cage your heart no more 
my love...
the freedom bird shall sing
even if kept within a golden cage.   



Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hide and Seek...

I look for you
in the alleys of my longing
in all the eyes that don't see me
in the street where you don't go
in my heart where you always show
within the glass vitrines of my soul
i hear your call 
out of my crystal ball
your rise, my fall
i smash all these ticking clocks
strangling time off my existence
As i look for you
in the hugs that i didn't get
in the love words that you didn't utter
in the beautiful pain that we suffer 
in the gut and the gutter 
behind your most elegant shutter
i look for you 
in the pretend and the real
out of the pain and the heal
i reach out
to where you lay behind the bars
of your delusional freedom
i hold your sweating mind
exhausted thoughts land in my arms
Tormented as they tenderly melt
i know how it felt
i have been there
in your everywhere
yet nowhere
because i look for you
in the cheerful and the blue
fish for your every news
in this crowded city of yearning
your violent silences abuse 

i look for you
in between the sheets of my sleepless nights
around my weary morning
in the steam of my lonely coffee
i look for you within the burning silhouettes
of my first cigarette
i look for you in the hopeful 
and the get
in the papers of fears
the blooming buds beneath my tears
i look for you in me
as i fold my arms tight
holding your eternal hologram presence in my scented air.  

Monday, June 2, 2014


On top of the world
like a petrified Monk
eyes moist
your heart races
dream chases
in an Adrenaline rush
veins burst
euphoric lust
arms in the air
Ecstatic pearls of sweat
How far we can get?
in the history making lane
out of your magnificent mind mane
Hope Rocks and rule
faith is the passionate fuel
belief is your engine
And we make it happen
rising like a magical phoenix
off the ashes of despair

made of truth and dare
The knights came and Conquer
like an erupting thunder
lava in hunger
bats and fields
spins and yields
tears and laughter
when we want we deliver
In a breathtaking Cartwheel
victory is his happiness to feel
Where he comes from is only sunshine songs
and moon dancing in Somersaults.


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