Always on My Mind you baby...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


His eyes had black gloom
like the beginnings of winter
this dark and unfair
like my ruined eye liner off his stare 
we met in a daring glare
true like the prophecies of all the prophets
delusional, like the highest hopes of despair
and i loved him in my own fantasy 
riding his mind wilderness everywhere
he wasn't an ordinary man
and also his time was different
He is when men are made of light and lust
when flesh is of his incense dust
and blood is but drips of mist
He doesn't look yet he sees
speaks not words but soul breeze
He parts his lips for me to breathe
and when he blinks, 
Heavens pose 
and the tongues of Hell freeze 
in between his arms 
a Home
upon his chest
the whole universe lays at ease
He is my million miles away childhood best friend
and my closer than a heart beat ache 
He is when i dare to dream about him
and when about me he would never share
He is what we are and what we were
when we don't give a damn
He is when we are so obvious
and when we don't show we care

So let me take you to once upon a time
you came...     
that cold day ruled by cognac, Coffee
and water droplets symphony
of rain
you were burning coal
lava fall 
you were something that is nameless
and scared
you weren't that abs flaunted doll
nor that bearded demon on the lose
like the other dramatic yous
you were a savage beast with beautiful skin
a virtual undercover sin
made of fire and tin
you were not a gentle summer breeze
but a tremendous devastating earthquake
ragging in the gentleness of my soul shake 
you were when nature got angry in love
you were that dangerously secure
an allure
you were not that sweet treat
but a black stallion nibbling on the wrinkled sheet 
It was a mad November without brain
it was as dry as your mirage 
and as wet as my seasonal rain
the grass was left as raw
and you in a first making love show
spelling on my body alphabet
letter by letter
it never felt better
having you that literately handy
you never missed a word
not even a typo you could afford
in your eyes, there was lightening
promises and thunder
in your eyes there was laughter
and on your lips a storm
raising your sails and my anchors
your boat took off in my ocean  

I didn't exactly realize what was going on
except that beneath our weights the land shivered
the walls, doors, cups and the paintings shattered
even our papers flew
to where we were only red and blue
i didn't know this village bell rings
nor heard those feet steps on the bleeding snow
how could i possibly know
and i was nothing but a scream
with a bladed edge
setting fire to the frozen heart
you, my eventual exile
and final port 
you pull me of my trembling hand
before i get swallowed by the big sea
of oblivion. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy places..

Come! Take my words'hand!
I want to take you to happy places
to where i don't happen or exist
with all my turbulent turmoils and scented mist
let me take you to those funny faces
the joyful clouds make at your sight
on a crossing continents long flight
posing for a smile at your glass windows
to those dancing in your night-hair sky, rainbows
and the sugary unicorns play at your mind backyard
O i would take you to the desert roses of your eyes
swirling at your stare
shedding your after making love aroma
bare petals and thorns free
I would take you to paradises of your glee
And gardens only blooming at the parting of your lips
When you in one hundred and forty characters,

I want to take you to Happier places still
out of your bubble and my shell..
To your little one's first hug ever
And his first unfinished word shiver!
To sleepless nights by his sleeping face
counting his breaths, blessings of your own
to at his favorite toy broken's first frown
to his eyes when he runs to your arms
to your arms joy when they hold him as the world
to the eldest one's first gold medal
to his shadow that's now-than you, bigger! 
And to your fatherhood pride
at the shining one's pulled off tempest
after honoring a girls power football cup
i would hold your hand to the happiness stop
where twelve million beat your love and counting
standing at your door for birthday greet
to loving ones who fly over boundaries
of time and place for a hug that they probably know
they may not meet
i would take you to your first morning coffee mug
that loves how hot you make it just in a sip
because, yes!when things love you, it's infinite
and unless you throw them away, they will never leave
And i would take you to hysterical crowds chanting your name
all over the globe at your slightest airport glimpse
to the satisfaction of a camera man after your first time take shot
And the teary eyed Coffee walla at your heart poured rehearsal draft

I would take you to your knights winning
to your cartwheel spinning
to victorious innings and Heart-lifting Edenites roar
to your children's arms when you're miles away
to the wet Delhi street in the am calms
to the poetry of your laughter
i would take you to the sunny dreams
of a freezing cold -crazy about you- girl in the Suburbs of Russia
And to the strength you give to the feet of another Persian
roaming the Austrian streets
for a home outside home
to the power of love you inject an anesthesiologist
numbing her pain away in your addictive drugged shot
to the faith you lent to a broken shouldered
whom you gave of your soul in a life made Fan hug
i would take you to your intitials crossing hearts in the margins
of school books in chemistry classes
And your classical pose on top of the highest mountains

To your spectacular comings
and your felt around late night present absence
i would take you to hearts that love you
without asking for anything in return
to the unconditional ones who may have nothing to give you
but all what they are about,
that is you
i would take you to those you touch
without touching
to those you talk in silence to
to those who ask you without asking
And you answer them back without a word
i want to take you to different places
that are as strong as fragile
riding as many smiles as tears on faces shifts
when you come and when you often drift

I want to take you to your eyes in our eyes
to your-in our ears, voice lullabies
to the accepted love that you deserve
i want to hold your hand to the pain of happiness
And fly in your namesake, balloons of joy
I would also take you to hopes in our hearts we walk with
so that we are never alone
to my mother praying for your health at dawn
and a whole universe that replied back: Amen.

And if you have to feel some pain
i want to take it all
there are times that can never fall
but you are not alone in these too
i would take you to my love
for as much as love can love
i love you
even if i don't in your happy times exist
rising in your every other time, i am blessed
just come, when you're blue
when it's cold, gloomy and due
come take my words hand
and let's walk in the quiet alleys of nostalgia
because out of all things, my love
some things still, can be claimed.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


It was Nine Years ago
when i first laid eyes on you
You know what i did?
I started in your love
my own Red and chilli
animating letters, 
compositing stares
graphing hand waves 
and digitizing flying kisses
those soul flakes you throw in
every lucky now and fortunate then     
Nine years ago as well  
I moved into my Vfxed mind cell
with you and your every visual effect
i take you everywhere, 
put you in my thoughts pocket
so you can turn them into charming pigeons
and jumping rabbits
I model you as a fountain of kisses
that sprinkles on my radiant verse
every time you speak
and i make a wish upon your each breath
one day i will bathe in your water arms
i calibrate your blinks 
into gateways of wonderlands
where your every gaze is a magical mirror
and i become in you a fascinated Alice
lost in the kingdoms of possible impossibilities 
Then i close my painting brushes lids
eye-lashing your heart winks into traffic lights
that are always green
your erupting veins are but empty wet steets
in the hour of sunset
i Nightingale your humming voice
into the nostalgic ballads
of the Al Qasem and Darwish 
convicted with a dream
sentenced to an eternity of hope
i turn your soul-caughs
into satin ribbons of freedom
unbuckled at my every wordless rub
to your darkest darkness
i moon you a bulb
just as you gloriously electrify 
my craving wires knob
I matt paint your night melancholy
glittering those starry smiles
you become once your sun shines
on my longing moon
I generate of your playful laughs
my 3D printouts of joy
Texturing your heart-beating skin glow
into a bed of roses
where i lay in,
bare of my fears 
dissolved into rivers of lust and tears
Animating your arrivals to my warmth places
a strip of happiness
that is magnified in euphoric spaces and dots
I give you blue wings
wear your red flashing coming blings
flying your sadness to my intimate skies nest
I image you point-cloud shots of your mist
in my vfxed mind
i am the ecstatic rains to your wildest 
I hold your fire in my ashes womb
deliver of your burning silence
oceans of unspoken ramblings,
said when unsaid,
starving only when fed,
left out as tightly held,
most alive when breathing dead
i become the mother of your orphaned desires
raising of my every optical projection
a snap shot of your state of being 
in me

i visualize off your eyes speech
paradises of repent
glorifying off your every hair splash
hell gates of precept
i superhero your Jeevan presence 
the way it saves me from my evil self ravaan
i detail of your smoking circles
a swarm of butterflies
always dancing around my love light
i color my blooming sonnets
with your prose spring
i linguistically clay you as everything  
that i can have and touch
in my vfxed mind
life has no proportions nor span
i get to be your woman
you get to be my man
i get to hug you in between the lines
on top of the metaphoric towers of reality
and lip your every Donish frown
in a Match moving Berlin hustled frames
like unlimited edition of fools,
we rush in
Reconstructed with every moment anew
In my every form i vfxed you
the Fan of you in you
and the real time superstar.    


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