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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Be well..

Then i felt the pain
in me
crawling in craving ecstasy
spinning around my every cell
so much of what your smiles don't tell
beyond the dark shades
your eyes were like fire grenades
smiling still
damn this will!
what you don't show
is all i needed to know
screaming in my silence
May it be me in pain
and never you
May it be me in vain
just for you
Rest within my healing sheets
just lay around its warming pleats
curl in among the loving words
let them beat these roaring swords
of disguised Resistance
so heavy is my heart

Float upon the surface of your mind
Be your own fast forward and rewind
you are life for me
as strong as it can be
yet as beautiful
you set me free
So, only Yours
Forever and more
a sea with no shore
our infinity

Be well
Break every weakening shell
My Little prayers weave your name
All my words just do the same
invite your power
to a healing test
let pain know you are simply the best
surrounded with so much love
My superhero will definitely
and..Be well.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loud Silence...

your silence roars
upon her shores
crashing your waves of madness
your screaming stares
those undressed glares
on a loan,
around some plastic smiles
yet blue
yes, this you gotta do
but how would you?

roaming around your demons
they laugh at your pretended resistance
reciting your vows
her wind blows
in your chaotic void
still there
she is..still there
a weakened beat
taking the back seat
of your empty stage theater
clapping to your silent performance
blinking exotic grips
of that late night dream
or was it real?
you still feel
her freckled fever
smashing your olive turmoil
burning your soul
turning this strategic wall
beads of sweat
your ragging set
An exhausted soil
is your mind
while her marbled hurricane
is free as a monster
inviting as a shelter
daring as a whisper
like an evident solution
like a satanic hymn
to your tortured self
tenderly reviving all the wounds
as sweet as bitter
you are still
eventually she will
set them all free
and be
your only heaven in hell.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


As tall as dreams
Trees dance
at His breeze tunes
Roses bloom
shy as a groom
He steps in
Sparkling skin
Humble smiles
kissing flies
From these cheering lips
To His heart

Giving back to his land
It has always gave him a hand
Beating as fast
Her heart in blast
ran to his eyes
All these whys
rest in there
in Her everywhere
He resides
Hidden and seen
Her own shining

Holding that yellow lantern
Her book in the other hand
It is now past seven
yet she has light
Life now feels alright
"One day
i will become something
and provide my own rays of hope"

Talking to his photo in a frame
By the side of the wooden bed
A grateful "Thank you".. is what she said.

Villagers talking to Him

SRK speaks to the villagers by SRKdream

Green tryst with London

SRK's green tryst with London by SRKdream

Friday, June 3, 2011


Wearing his heart
The G.One
Is the moon
and the Sun
Flying All around
The Protector
The One
Taking off from

Rising with humility
Shining in his Humorous wit
Too fit
For a kiss
and the warmest hug
His name dance in their cheers
From the heart
It is only the start
Of Eternity

Next To Chandigarth

Chilling breeze
Spirits at ease
The beautiful crowd
Roaring out loud
for the Master
Their own king of laughter
at his warmest look
as honest as an open book
He sets the next level
and On..

In Delhi

Words flow
where the heart grow
The Delhi Boy
Still feels Home
within the memories
To bring it All

Louder applause
shutters beg for a pose
Dimpled smiles
His million miles
always start
with a One step
And Goes..

SRK goes city hopping to promote RA.One by SRKdream

From Indore

Simple black Tee
Denim jeans and shades
One more Question they say
The guy gifted him a book
his mother wrote
words tingled in his throat
He said to give it to the superstar
right from afar
His eyes glowed
once again
Then On..


A jubilant arrival
the crowd was hysterical
dancing on his tunes
Riding their dream dunes
touching his glimpse
following his steps
He smiles as always
even though tiered
his energy was wired
wits and fun
Through the night
in Ahmedabbad
He was the Rising Sun

And On..

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