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Friday, December 31, 2010

One man show...

My lips moisture
as they spell your name
when my heart calls for its beats
tears take back seats
when my eyes shelter your face
in a divine grace
comforting you in the front row
as my lashes bow
to cover your adoring gaze
lost in our maze

I raise my curtains
to carry away your burdens
and for a change be your host
within my arms you may rest
and be my only guest
and i would serve you my life and more
so that i shall live no more
without you

In your play i am an amateur
swirling around my powerful master
on my stage you lead the show
random flow
wild and raw
you are my key
when i lose my line
my refugee
that is only mine

My song would hush
in a favorite blush
once you lean upon my cheek
daring eyes turning so weak
I hear the cheers
of the joyful tears
that wet your palm
shaking away that ragging calm
in a moment out of time
we spell our passion in a kiss

All is one
equation done
curtains down
as we are turning around
to melt in that final act
almost intact
One more lifetime to come
One more resolution of love
Sprinkled dreams in a package
in your handbag luggage
Tenderly tight
we are to be
That Play of Renaissance

Crash these plates of pain
unset those dates in vain
be in me
My new year referee
and i would just promise you
one endless show
with unconditional running
and only your two clapping hands.
as our celebrating breaths setting the new professional formula.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Dreams have another sound
that i know by heart
ticking to my soul
every night
rising to my fall
Holding on tight
As I call them,
The One and the All
He is.
The one who is nameless
Identified with my confusion
like the touch of time
within me,
He is the Time .

Is the one who is only few letters
of a love word
haphazardly visited with those,
shutting the doors of fantasies,
Opening the roads of ecstasies,
Inviting the tears to roll
on lines of euphoric submission
and the "Hows"
that are Exotically unanswered
craving in His moaning silence

He is more then
a "No!", a "Never will be.",
A Happening He is in me
a "would it ever?" or a "when?"..
a stammer
between tears and laughter
He is not more then few numbers,
Those of the lottery ticket
I am playing with my fate.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I watched them all
holding me tight
turning this night
into a daydream of love
Lots of gifts
colors of joy
it was warm
around that tree
only i didn't see Me!
that Me, they all did
I only see you instead

I had to smile
walking this aisle
of hope.
I have been here before
where the sweet memories
savagely brush
this weakened hush
my mind keeps begging for
to fake some strength

That star on top
knows my secret
it shines for me,
with extra glow
perhaps it is time to go
my certain steps along the hall
for now,i don't hear them call
unwrapping their love boxes
of the season

On my way out
I heard your breath
beneath this wreath
One warm shiver flies
as you handled my eyes
resting my wanderings
to your unanswered belongings
in a moment,
I became that me
that you always see
when the others don't

I invited myself
to your Obsession
that me
I love the most to be
with you.
I know by now, it is that true
all i ever really wanted
for Christmas
is you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Holding my fluffy kitty
I sat by the memories fireplace
Listening to the old stories
Told by the granny
To the little kids
About that charming knight
Who made the princess fall
deep into his heavenly call
When he arrived once
In her insomniac night
giving her one more chance
to live

Like the moon
he was revealed
in the face of life,
as her protective shield
Her beauty was his bliss
his lips, melting in her kiss
That she disappeared
Ever since
that mischievous kiss

Riding his dreams
He took her there
In his everywhere
She used to cook for him
Her thoughts for dinner
Inhaling his glories
out of her life breath
Cleaning up his burdening worries
with a tender smile
the minute he comes home
to her arms
She polishes her lips
With his all night trips
Weaving from his absence
Her cold winter shawl of warmth
Recording his victories glows
upon her royal skin
The triumphant knight bows
Submitting to her within
He gently slips
All his tears
on her cheeks
Smashing her fears
She invites the stars
To their night parade
lean upon the moon
at his darkened shade
her whole being blossoms
at his arrival
pouring within her bosom
his longing arousal
he picks from her eyes
her all day stories
she fingertips of his humming cries
all his paralyzed answers
in their kingdom of dreams
they lived happily ever after

One enchanted laughter
sarcastically cynical
Slipped of my screaming silence
chills in my bones
dreams extended for loans
for now,it just seems to come back
as the oak branches crack
In the fireplace
I heard our favorite track
Playing in the background of my childish mind.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Too beautiful it was
like a dream
that never ends
in my eyes
you are

Too beautiful we were
burning in the steam
our love sheds
in silent sighs
Too close yet this far
you are

Too beautiful to last
this future that is the now
and the past
gray is our broadcast
too much fog
verses in a blog
frozen tears
swallowed fears
savage cries
unanswered whys
Lines of guilt
initials on the side of a woven quilt
trembling warmth
as winter comes
when i once thought
all the seasons are here
only when you are

like a star
you smile to me
haunting my ecstasy
with your absence
painting my existence
with these unspoken words
you never said
these open arms hugs
you never spread
wearing on that lifetime moment
we never actually spent
around my heart
whispering in my nape
breathing your escape
upon my skin

dressed in your words
stripping off all boards
my melancholy
That all i have for now
is just a sweet memory
that is too beautiful
to pass by
without being slayed
in its bittersweet

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