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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Love quill

Write me,
on the wings of the bird
of your alphabetical kisses,
a herd.
And with my tears ink of waiting
write me in the sheet of time,
a song
Write me poems with your eyelashes quill,
dipped in my one eyed longing stream
of what is and whatever may seem
be it a staring melody of nostalgia
or a dancing tune of hope  
as we of this linguistic existence,
for a moment
and then write me the sun's journey
from your one dimple to the other
and how that when you don't even bother
to shine, you just do
write me most of all your blue
that you roll on the side of insomnia,
gym pores sweat and in living room like, loo
write me prose off your fluffy hair
tell me what line should i wear,
had your words at my door,
and which of my vocabulary desire- scented  necklace
may i to my bosom clause,
Write me the roses bloom off your fertile lips 
at the spring of my verse
Write me in every birth, 
what the playful sun rays had left on your skin 
after the traces of my late night wondering ballads 
write me colors of your mind palette
for the paintings my thoughts at your every coming,
rainbows of possibilities cross my sky when you 
after the loudest drizzle,
beneath my literal weight,
so write me the dreams that you don't remember
to my cheeks
and to my ears spell your laughter
being after the storm, your shelter
as savage as tender
to my veins shivers, whisper
your touches verdict,
scented Oud and amber 
write me your tainted hands of anger
as you hold my crucified shadow
And with your heart forgiveness fingers
sign me into your acceptance
my lifetime cheque of indulgence.



Monday, May 9, 2016

The sand of life

It's there,
when you are not looking
it's yours
when it's not in your hand
it answers
when you don't call
it hides
when you appear
what you want is so near
that you can't see
as you wish it to be
it seeks you
wherever you step
when you don't listen
and it dances
only to your song
it's within you all along
what you for, long
it yearns far more
if you only knew

The older we get,
the younger
the closer in fact,
the further
it slips away from your finger
when you hold on to it the tighter,
the sand of life
and you thunder
as you whisper
when it's sunshine darkness
the crazier the wiser
seeking it in every arms shelter
when it's just all the way
in your heart.

We leave 
when we stay
in the moment of departure
never more present
as in our absence
only when in time, remembered
but we are afraid of the safety of knowing
that this life is just like us
another visitor
reaching only when lost.

We're partly whole
and part of the whole
we rise 
when we fall
and fall as we the highest
sometimes we chase time
not knowing we are it
the punishment and the crime
the richest without a dime
we sing and rhyme
though we are the very same song
and in every divine verse,
we are but the poetry.


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