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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sweet tooth

if only you let me,
baby the love out of you
Darling your wild mind
lovely your shy soul
as you sweet my bold heart
and honey my at you staring, one eye
No when nor why
let me Ice your cream of time
Candy your space
Vanilla scent
This busking lament
is eating us alive
Sugar my hope on
Strawberry my wishes con
one minted view at a crave
Amber my air,
with your coming after shave
Orange sprinkle my longing
And as you out of my words, step
Suzette my poems'crepe
and mousse on every verse dip
Caramel this distance jello
Marsh - my hard waiting- mellow
Spill the night syrup on me, dry
and chew off my day without you,
the endless moments gum.

Father my childish anger
Mother this crying despair
Parent this teen-Linger
Family my every orphaned whisper 
and boyfriend my crushing girly dare
Be there..
when nobody would care
let me cuddle your patience's weep
lullaby this hunger to sleep
Bedtime story your cradled expectations
And chocolate your whipped dreams hallucinations
Handcuff my fears
In the torturing rooms of your heart
50 shade my tears
one fantasy at a beat.
tell me of your bittersweet 
And bite my doubts off your cake of anticipations
Berry within me your blues
Cherry the blossoms off my lips hues
Spring my naked trees
Monsoon to my arid breeze
wind to my still river
and when in you i shiver
and let us together
enjoy the storming weather
Ah...How much calories up are my wishes
and how thin is the sporty truth
blown in your birdy post booth
though i know my love,
you've never been cursed of your trainer 
for having much of a sweet tooth.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Saint

The man in black 
Steals your heart away
In a shot
And burns
In the smoke of his soul
The wind in his hair
Fire off his eyelashes.
Death upon his lips, 
Is another lifetime 
of his time life, 

In white
darkened bright
waving evil 
and cheers forgiveness
In his eyes the sun

the whole and the none
the truth burns
and the longing moon,

He sells booze
golden bottles of blues
whenever he blinks.
His every shot,
is a serial killer
for love, a gypsy beggar
and a vagabond fortune teller
The more of him,
the lesser 
riding the wild horses of angst
and breeding in his heart
of the pain pigeons,
a flight
Hiding in his outburst
Like a Saraswati's flood   
lifting his hand to slap
and lay them on his fate lap 
you think you see him
but you don't
he hides in your eyes 
and rises when you blink 
takes your breath away
and leaves you
out of his life breath

His boats of lust
Flow in your blood
All hail the saint 
Of the dreams river
the heart assassin
keeps you hanging
upside down your sins 
asking for mercy
or repent
to your ever after you're sent
eternal ease for you he meant!

All hail the saint
The lord of his own destiny
spilled in his eyes
but the tears of a lover,
the truth dangling upon his heart
in a personal locket   
shooting alphabetical bullets  
off his mind trigger
and through the snipping specs
some love ammunition
rhyming his darkness couplets
setting the life of you ablaze,
the blinded death poet,
is but a gaze bootlegger.


 The Trailer of the film "Raees" From which i inspired this poem.


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