Always on My Mind you baby...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome Home...

I saw that rose on the bed
as i ran to you like a kid
threw my bag on the floor
with one leg you pushed that door
and threw me like a flying kiss
on your lips

in a feverish welcome
we manage to skip some laughs
in an hysterical symptom
of barking amnesia
all i could recall
is where it all starts
right here..

I had to leave for a few days
you needed to readjust our delays
distance turned us into
silence perfectionists
soul whisperers
heart wanderers
perhaps away
but never apart

I put you there with my casual dresses
and yet among my formal black suits
like the conventional recruits
always ready for a mission
my obsession

where would i ever miss you?
when in my mind i fold you
like an uncensored stare
when i even sprinkled you on my hair
they asked me in that interview
whom would i wear?
and i smiled
with you around the corner of my lip
sliding down to rest on my hip
curving that daring line
when i simply mentioned your line
"Tonight i am wearing me
and my attitude"
Tonight i will be wearing you
veiled and nude

you will welcome me home
not as the crazy poet
who just published her first book
with nothing on but you in the words
and in between the exhausted boards
they asked me
who was my muse?
I said i wrote him down
in every letter that i couldn't mention
and in those who i did
he was the all the "mees" and the "yous"

Don't look for me
when i go away
because i never do when i do
for me you always stay
closer then ever when you go
and when i am home
I love it when you spread your anger
roaring your longing rough and tender
and when you throw me on your lips
I touch my soul with your fingertips
I rise in your darkness
like a shooting star
and in my brightness
your solar majesty reigns my phenomenal eclipse
another Tsunami is your welcome home
and one more Brazilian soccer match point is my victorious arrival.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tight Hug..

It was a bad day at the park
I looked for you
your mom said you had a flew
everyone was there to play
but still i missed you much today
the swing was empty
the leaves were thirsty
we used to hang around together
now i have to wear that sweater
because i feel so cold
when you are not there to hold
I don't know why
but i couldn't laugh
without your jokes
birds were singing me your lullaby
when my stomach pain pokes
I played a bit on the slide
even my Katie, i put aside
mom told me not to come
she said you are sick,i might catch some
but i told her its ok
at least i will feel the same way
as you do
some love i had to give you
Mr.Winnie sends his best
Jinny and Tina and all the rest
i just had to give you this big bear hug
and tell you i miss you
even more when you are around.

I might not get to see you as often as I'd like, I may not get to hold you in my arms at night, but deep in my heart I know that it's true. No matter what happens... I will always love you.

Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you... and I wish on a star that somewhere you're thinking of me, too.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Passport checks...

A passport
as I'm sure you know
is a document
words consented
a traveler
and a soul whisperer
pages of places
pictures of faces
official prints
racial hints
your religion?
i am a God's creature
American or African
colored or white
I am the dark and the bright
I am you and them
I am all roots and stem
why am i here? you asked
a messenger of happiness
recruited with madness
I whistle your dreams
in a tune of my schemes
I make faces to make you laugh
and i create places to reach your soul
I touch your heart with an autograph
and i listen to your lonesome midnight call
I am all around the world in a suitcase
carved with memories i can't erase
looking for my own real face
that is masked beneath my roles
I see myself on camera rolls
and in your eyes i seek my purchase
you want my passport
to let me in?
I don't need yours to welcome you within
my heart is a world of its own
where everyone is there hidden and shown
you need some papers for legalization?
I only need your smile of admiration
you think i can hurt you?
when all you know is my name?
I never doubted you
and i never even knew your name
but i felt your love in me
so i let you in with no legitimacy
we are all within goodness
if we could only believe
papers we only create
to give our hearts more reason to stay apart.

A passport is a document that one shows to government officials whenever one reaches a border between countries, so the officials can learn who you are, where you were born, and how you look when photographed unflatteringly. ~Lemony Snicket

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Italian Espresso...

I started the day with steaming espresso
fresh cornetto at cafe Gambrinus
elegant mingle
royals yet single
talking mirrors
in chandliered rooms
ancient fresco
and modern soul
its an exotic ball
of minds purchase
not even my case
so i walk
observing folk
the noisy pedisternized
via Toledo shop-lined
took some pictures
bought some souvenirs
three mosquaters
and an unfinished tale
on piazza Montestanto
te amo piu y tanto
they told me to take the cable car
I did,why are you always that far?
on my way to Certosa di San Martino
is how i felt
too much in my quilt
I walked then for another sight
your feet were here
you must took the way to the right
have you seen the chapel of the Alchemist?
they said its a must visit
sloping in my thoughts i did it
on my way back
I stopped at el museo del madre
molto sonni molto sangre
terracotta traditionale
second hand bookstores
on the via de tribunali
got myself a few
one rose that was blue
so is it true?
I asked the rose
as i caressed the basalt street
i had to get closer to the sea
somewhere to be closer to me
took off my sandals
and dipped my feet in the sand
towards the sea i stretched my hand
felt you near
may be your feet brought you here
the breeze splashed my grace
warm tears i erased off my face
as i was waving to a large Mediterranean cruiser
in case you are waving back on your farewell to Naples
its only so that Naples should be waving back.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Your Aphrodite..

Reaching the pantheon
feel me around flesh and bone
inviting you to our tale
the one where only us prevail
inscribed on the shrines of the Acropolis
recited in the hymns of the kermaikos
from the aphros i emerged
aroused in your presence
identified in your essence
as Hathor and venus
I grew from your immortal flesh
floating in on my scallop shell
so much for you i have to tell
my dolphins ride me to where you are
and on my doves you will come from afar

my spartan hero
marching within my soul
you just deserve to have my all
in our cave on top of the mountain
will wait for you and lit my candle
put on my beauty divine and insane
just for you i would erupt my hurricane
switch your buttons of infinite lust
open your gates for my desirable blast
come now my tyrant spartan

save my moans
longing for your touch
shake my bones
rise with me higher and much
be my Aphrodisiac spell
speak my name and break my shell
all my secrets you can tell
you are my heaven dipped in hell
you are mine
mortal and divine

I will be the grapes of your vine
squeeze me into your glass of wine
I am your goddess and your queen
for others i will always be unseen
will just appear
for your passionate spear
join me in our cave
let our lust swirl and crave
be my Horus
of all times
be my Ares
commit all crimes
and in my law
you are forgiven
for in my show
nothing for you is forbidden
create your myth
in my womb
reincarnate me with every breath
seed my roses for your bloom
I am your wish that is coming true
I blow your name out of my blue
cry me louder
let the mountain quiver
fly your laughter
for my throne to shiver
rewrite our odyssey with your fingertips on my skin papyri of joy.

Spanish guitar...

Wondering in the streets of Athens
the buildings take me
to where they tell their stories
times of sadness,times of glories
faces laugh
others just graph
on my mind a line or two
the smell of the sea
i inhale to take with me
bracelet shopping
fun made jogging
louder voices
what are my choices?

I hold your hand
on the side we stand
here is that shop
there we had to stop
you love getting my stuff
only your love is enough

we walk along
rhyming our song
on the corner
i held you tighter
and we melted in a kiss
loved feeling your nose
pressing mine
which road to chose?
i know you are mine

down the alley
we smell the valley
I turned to tell you
how much i love you
then i saw you
standing by that tree
playing "marry me"
on that old Spanish Guitar
on your knees
my racing beats i couldn't cease
clapping cheers
as i stood in tears
you kissed my palms
i jumped in your arms
i love it when you sing to me
our everlasting melody
whispering to that Spanish guitar
all that i secretly tell my twinkling star

you know you are mine
as much as i am yours
and in the land of Aphrodite
we will create our own eternal Odyssey.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Belly dancing...

It is all suddenly quiet
as she silently slide
roaring drums
there she comes!
on the marble floor
to your madness
on her sadness
in a beaded suit
more soldiers in recruit
as she swirls
releasing her pearls
on your divine altar
tonight you are the emperor
and the sultan
or may be Jasmin
Her subtle perfume,
like a desert monsoon
An Egyptian mirage
with jeweled decolletage
The desert moon swerves
to her undulating curves
The Saharan night ignites
into sudden midnight light
as she spins
to your steams
and she turns
riding your wildest dream
she undulates like a flame
leans on your back
and brings your soul back
in a quiver
if you dare to shiver
she is your haunter
and the prey
your sleepless nights
and the day
she is the goddess of hunger
and satisfaction
she strips your mind
covering your heart
oh dear you may rewind
only for you,she would restart
her arms are waving
embracing the air
within your breathing
she held your stare
ticking bare feet
on the marble stage
screaming in silence
all your rage
she is daring Salome and mystical Cleopatra
stirring in your fantasized kamasutra
doom doom tac
taca doom doom re
forever and a day
rhythmic strikes
hardened spikes
softening moans
she slips in tunes
whispering in your ears
her inviting cheers
"the night is mine
and so is forever"
she trembles like wind ripples
in the chill of twilight
she is dancing for you
expressing her insanity
all she wanted is you
as her reward of serendipity
the show will go on
till the curtains of dawn
fall on two sweating souls in a morning blushing symphony.

this piece is one of my top favorites,the song is never to be forgotten..ZEINA :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy fathers day PAPA

How come it is just a day!
a whole lifetime won't be enough
to tell you how much you mean to us.
you bring the world at our feet.
you are always there in the front seat
driving our life boat to the safest shore
you always have for us some more
we yell and hustle
you smile and whistle
coach of our soccer team!
papa,where is my ice-cream!

it is time to celebrate
but you have to finish your plate!
papa,you lost too much weight
and we picked you that T shirt
for the best Papa there is

now let us give you a hug and a kiss
with more love we shall promise
excellence and honor degrees
more golden medallions
we will be your winning stallions
we love you Papa
more then you know

Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer.
Stickin' little white flowers all up in her hair.
"Walk beside the pony daddy,
it's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny,
daddy, but I sure tried."
Oh, with all that I've done wrong,
I must have done something right
To deserve a hug every morning,
And butterfly kisses at night.

God made a father who is,
as sweet as a nectar,
as brave as a lion,
as cheerful as a bear,
and he gave such dear father to me.
"Tanusrii Gopal Krishnan"

LOVE YOU G.One you make the world a safer place my superhero :)
the way heartfelt fathers do. God bless you with more happiness forever and more PAPA ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

To my Superhero

You don't speak much
but your eyes say it all
that way we always reach
in your silence
i hear your speech
you advise with no preach
when i was sick
you brought me candies
along with the meds i didn't want to take
and you took me out for a rambling break
in the evening silent street
mom was yelling
but you said we are chilling!
we laugh a lot
I got you at first shot!
you clapped at my first word
only a big hug then you could afford
you brought me my first book
through your eyes i used to look
to the world of art and melodies
friends and values and winning strategies
books reviews when i was twelve
poetry awards on your desk shelves
card games
political flames
you taught me life never gives
and i should learn to make it on my own
i saw your tears on my success
reached for your hand when i almost failed
and you were there when everyone bailed
even when you sometimes screw up
for you i always stood up
i don't want to see you sad
for we are only humans dad!
always by my side you are
no matter how far is our star
we both link
with a blink
they say you and i are so much alike
you taught me how a word of honor can strike
soccer fanatics
raw and dramatic
loud and fun
we both shine
my hero of all times
one day is never enough
to tell you how much lucky i am
to be a daughter that carries your name
i still feel you late at night
on your toes when i turn off the light
checking if i have covers on
kissing my forehead i feel your turn
as normally you stumble in that wooden photo frame
of a little girl holding her superhero's hands and walking along.

Evening out...

All dressed up
totally elegant
mighty poignant
you in an Armani suit
man,you look so cute!
with a dazzling smile
setting me on a trial
where i never win my case
like a sport i take my grace
by your side
in a long black gown
and i drown
hair lose
which earnings to chose?
would go with the diamond ones
you loved their glare
joining the fare
in my mind
i rewind
few lines
no,just my illusion
and your confusion
bare back
red lipstick
feminine attack
in a seductive flick
high heels
yet nothing heals
this blankness
let me clear this mess
before we go
open drawers
wrinkled sheet
victorious retreat
to you
where is your shoe
under your seat
so that i can touch your feet
let me fix your hair
kiss your eyes and everywhere
search for my beauty in your mirror
hold me and tell me i feel better
all ready for the show
I nibbled your ears before we go
a final toast to celebrate
to Us
and to
our compensated evening out.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best friends...

On the 25th of February night
we met through his light
like two scented candles
of hope
we shined with love
like a sparkling stars we rose above
we shared the laughter
and the tears
leaned on each other
throughout the fears
sometimes strong
sometimes weak
sticking together
always felt better
around in our absence
present even in silence
our hearts knew where to hide
within each other we enjoyed the ride
laughing at our silly jokes
pulling each others legs
when our demons stroke
sailing in one eternal boat
sharing our lives warm raincoat
not enough words are there to tell
how brave you were to break my shell
for you i recite my little prayer
every single night
that you always shine as bright
to make our lives journey
one everlasting story of fate
that the whole world would commemorate
as the sweetest legend of unconditional faith.

This one is a special dedication to my soul mate,the one who helped me out to believe that we can always make our world a better place with love.

My soulmate responds :)) In Response!)

Love you darling,and i loved your sweet response may God keep us always soul mates :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Morning coffee...

what did you do to me?
that i wonder
my peace of mind you plunder
legalized and patented
lovingly intended
thoughts on fire
after my morning shower
jumping into my blue jeans
my life mask i drop
fitting into your white cotton top
bare feet
what is with the heat!
felt the cold wooden kitchen floor
caressing my pedicured toes
tuned in some blues
fixed my strong coffee
eyelids look so puffy
checked my face in the kitchen window
after the rain we must see a rainbow
running my hands in my wet hair
in a faraway stare
I feel you everywhere
how was your flight?
hope they treat you right
first class,top VIP
authenticated royalty
those pumping nerves
yes,you like my curves
I thought while checking that extra pound
still i feel you around
when will you be back?
like a broken track
I sounded redundant
one more hazelnut chocolate
melted on my lips
as i reviewed your diet tips
a wicked smile tingled
all my moods you handled
with impressive patience
and even in your silence,
i heard your whispers
did i say that that i miss you?
wrapping my fingers around that mug
sending you the tightest hug
as i open the kitchen door
to embrace your figure in the morning mirage.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Holiday Trip...

So are you going today?
yes,you need a holiday
but for comforting set
let me be your private jet
fly on my wings
all the love you bring
and when you are there
i will greet you everywhere
feel me
around in Ayasophia
like an ornamented byzantine pillar
with longing pride
like a virgin bride
Taste me
spiced on a shish kebab thriller
whistle me
as your lonesome song
wonder about with me along
in the kapali bazar
reach out for your longing star
wear me on
with an aromatic aura
when you feel the breeze
camping in the Fires of Chimaera
let me be your Helen
and be My Troy everlasting legend
wave me around
in some folkloric swings
Galata Nights
gazing lights
exotic Anatolia
Ottoman euphoria
Belly dance our tale
let the Kervansaray hail
cheer the emperor of time
rambling in the Mojo blues
wear me once as your own muse
and finally Italian
another Higgins and a Pygmalion
Victorian hopes
in Latin chrome
and when you reach Rome
blow me a daring Valentino kiss
and throw me in the Trevi fountain of wishes
as your bad nickeled penny
that hopefully will always keep crawling back at you.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Too much
in your silence
Too much
in my darkness
Too much
in your dust
Too much
in my lust
Too much
in your solitude
Too much
is my attitude
Too much
of us
in two letters
Too much to ask
of some shivers
Too much sugar
in your greet
Too much bitter
is your sweet
Too much in
for one way out
Too much within
for us to be without
Too much
of my everything
into much
of your nothing
Too much
of you
is too much
in me
in my own fantasy
too much
of me
fill in
all your ecstasy
too much more of you
drips in all of me
like the seasonal grooving monsoon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet kitty..

come on sweet kitty
I want you to grow up fast
be strong and join the cast
when you kiss me on the cheek
don't be fragile or weak
these days are mad
everyone is so sad
why aren't they smiling anymore?
even when i make some faces
they used to giggle
now they don't even tickle
why is it suddenly so dark?
when are we going to the park?
time is slow
I miss the snow
but you and i can play
I ll throw the ball for you to sway
we will not make a mess
I just wanted a new dress
but it is okay
will not ask them today
mom is tiered
dad is wired
will tomorrow be like everyday?
I know you love me dear Kitty
I love you more sweet & witty
but we can do it you and me
find a world for us to see
mom said we can
just like Peter pan
will tell you the story
when you finish your plate
and we will sing a song
for all of them to get along
don't be scared my sweet kitty
Our Winnie will always be there
around and everywhere
we shall hide in his hug
won't tell you broke his mug!
don't ever leave me dear kitty
even when sometimes i get silly
and piss you off with a grin
love me more then
why do you miaw?
don't you like my food kitty?
or is it my life that you find tasteless?

This poem is dedicated especially to my sweet angel Zahra, that i am so honored she enjoyed reading from now on, it is yours little one...may Allah bless you with happiness all the way :)

To Africa

Waka Waka
Rule the game
burn your flame
sweat more flesh
deliver them fresh
set the world at your heart
hold them tight and mark the start
give them freedom
teach them faith
all in one
within your sun
fire the kicks
smash their bricks
hail to one more bliss
version one random access
Oh Africa
you bring it all out
warm and over but never out
boys and girls
weaving curls
of exotic joy
black and white
colored insight
give them the fever
never take it back
one love
one track
let the soccer rains
turn the madness world on.

Let's MOVE IT ;)

WAVING the flags of FREEDOM..

love you my LAND..:)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Greek arena...

Heard the crowd
craving as loud
like a daring phantom
in thirst for madness

in your lines
insanity combines
seeking my freedom
within your louder silence

for million sun-shines
with your burning mines
of philosophical wisdom
inhaling your purifying incense
for a divine salvation

in your mysterious signs
bottled as your bloody red wines
fighting my ragging tantrum
and surviving your storm of aggregation

on your wheel of renaissance
like a pray of endurance
in a spectacular revelation

hail for my persecution
raise your hand
take one stand
save my soul
with one more call
be my redeemed vengeance
as you deify my entrance
spare the cheering arena
of one more euphoric show
keep my life in one more kiss you blow
release your hand coughed gladiator
let the tyrant in you rule the spectator
step in the scene
revealed and unseen
keep me close
unchain the rose
greet the fools
break the rules
let me revolt as your long lost kingdom
and your reconciliation throne
melt in me to the bone
destroy the temple and the pantheon
and let me be your one time guiltless released on probation.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Do i hear his steps?
or is it his absence eclipse?
I feel him coming
my heart birds are humming
his royal wind is blooming
right through my ears
the desert roses are moaning
bursting with arousing tears
in their aromatic glows
stars are performing their exotic shows
around his exquisite entrance
beating out of their resistance
the hearts race at his divine rising
even the moon was dancing
enchanting the sun
the whole universe turns into one
In the kingdom of his fantasy
his Queens rejoice their ecstasy
the royal palace hails in preparation
with sparkling beauties in total admiration
putting on their fancy gowns
curling in his adoration around
wearing his most favorite musky scents
chasing their shadows in his own blends
His harem shuffles with addictive lust
each one of them yearns for his intimate trust
they hide and show
million yes and no
bold and shy
burning in a sigh
they want to give their all
and greet his four seasons ball
Ivory and ebony
a magical lateny
colorful souls
in a rainbow treat
just at his feet
they break his silence
with their tender whispers
they tickle his loneliness
and giggle at his desired happiness
It all fades at his majesty
for eternity,
they would recite their story
reviving in his prevailing glory
the legendary taboo of the " thousand and one nights".

Friday, June 4, 2010

First Edition..

Read me
when i have nothing to say
Write me
as your sheltered harbor quay
Spell me
on the corner of your lip as "mine"
Draft me
in your heart as an unfinished line
Type me
in your caps and lows as your dangerous trigger
Save me
within your arms as "all yours forever"
Insert me
Into your wisdom verses in full insanity
Display me
along with your random thoughts for more clarity
shift me
To you when i miss you that much and you are never that far
control me
then, and pull my strings closer to where you are
find me
on your list of untamed desires
Scroll me
riding my dreams on your magical wires
Tab me
as your private guilty pleasure
pause me
on your page as your science-fictional measure
escape within me
from your noisy silence
Bookmark me
as your own homepage of resistance
turn all your speakers on
and tune me in as your theatrical microphone
when you sing me
as your lyrics of old times
restart your system when our moment comes
for i would hibernate mine just to start with yours,
Edited and all ready to be your lifetime publication.

Toxic ...

and crawling in desire
sweetly poignant
like a haunting fire
your poison
dipped in my honey
in haste
your stallion
rages in my lake
stirring the ripples
into tides in shake
like an earthquake
mountains fall
at a whispering call
in you i rise
mad and wise
use your power
water your flower
hard and gentle
all those walls in dismantle
explore your possession
you dare my obsession
and i am addicted
provoked and unpredicted
yet restricted
just addicted to your danger
like a stranger
who has inhabited your skin
I beat everywhere
feel me around when you stare
breathe me as your air
hold on to me like life
and i will blow my secrets
in your sigh
your thunder out
let me wonder about
injected with your vaccine
and willingly intoxicated.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Funny bunny...

Why are you sad?
said the loving bunny
"The day was just as bad"
replied his beloved hunny
"It will be alright
just hold on tight
today is ours
and so is tomorrow
would love you for hours
and beat away that sorrow
turn your engines on
let our summer days beckon
we will drive your fastest wind
ride our madness and never bend
your laughter heals it all
would you like to play some ball?
smile for me my dearest bunny
and let me tell you something funny
one day i was so hungry
then i saw two lovely carrots
they were not in my reach
So i ran along the sandy beach
guarded by the reason parrots
the closer i set
the hungrier i get
they were shining in the burning daylight
like the shooting stars of my loneliness midnight
and when i almost touched my pray
the mighty parrot took one away
looked at me and said
"it is only yours for lives ahead"
then i turned to the other one
almost saw her tears in a run
I thought she was looking at me
so i held her tight
caressed her wet skin
"I miss my soul twin"
to me she whispered
my heart just trembled
watching her grief
somehow was a relief
in a minute we reached out
everything we talked about
the funny thing is that i enjoyed my hunger
just seeing her laughter
together we settled for rain drops
as my heartbeats never stops
now keep your faith my lovely carrot
your funny bunny and your twin
wait for you to rejoin in
perhaps it was not that funny
but that was the lifetime story of the loving hungry bunny.

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