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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Out of the closet...

Half asleep
I struggled out of your keep
to reach my papers
tenderly cuddling my verses
that flew humming at your sight
In my twilight
I bless thy monsoon
converted by your face of the moon
into one vampire queen
too dangerous to be seen
rising at your midnight
like a fearless delight
doomed with thy power
and i moved a bit slower
taring all my years apart
only within you my time would start
you own my empire
crossing over to your fire
bare feet on a wire
celebrating my desire
and your enchanted life bite
i am getting there
underneath somewhere
or not..
I shall untie that knot
my fatal breaths
are desperate to confess
one truth that is bare
shining in a dazzling glare
is the day and the night
black and white
hidden and in between
burning sighs
around your neck
flavoring your ear with a slick
you blink
so i sink
within my paper
rhyming your presence
embracing my longing verses
anchored to your sailing ship
I slip
out of my life gown
just to be your rejuvenated vampire Queen.

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