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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Air Pocket...

It was crowded in my mind
I Almost missed my flight!
lines jam 
signs spam! 
see, i booked at your Sunshine Loveways,
my light
Confirming my little heart ticket
and a suitcase of dreams 
boarding on your plane beautiful
The magical trips my allured mind at your beautiful, 
for my- not so beautiful- sakes
destination forever
duration, as long as it takes
your- back home at the end of the day welcoming hug- like chin pose
my blood verse and your captioned flesh prose
my murmuring hush
at your arousing blush
That tiny corner by your lips,
Kingdoms of butterflies live in those tiny spots of light
and universes of pleasures spark at your smile
desert dunes at your blink, pile
and the rivers of paradise honey at your tongue turn,
Oh i burn,
as you mercilessly, finger play...
electrifying the void at your still sway
whatever evil i shall commit to you if i may
So, do you know what's beautiful?
More beautiful than the poet, my love,
the poem
More beautiful than the kid's toy, my love,
his play
and of all the words we utter, my love
the most beautiful are those
we never dare to say.

I fasten my seat-belt in your eyes jet
ready to my wonderland take off
carried away in your story telling lashes
tossing my hope in your every blink
so, what you think?
which of your poisons should i drink?
the sweetness of your to me, coming
or better that of your-in my soul's ear- humming
i would greet both in fact
anything from you, my love
to me is your beautiful

I close my eyes at your first class dimples flash
lay at the side of your mind ocean splash
How wonderful it is to fly in your Being-craft
held tightly among the time clouds
and the distance weather   
riding your mood swings like a feather
tenderly resting upon the starry window of your soul.
 i wander more
between the hairs and the core
draining me sore
in every way that is beautiful..

More beautiful than your smile in my eyes,
In my ears, your sweet nothings
and your flying kiss in the alphabetical air.
More beautiful than your worldwide open arms,
breaking life's laws of attraction into one,
is my-feeling your every heartbeat in mine
breeze to breeze
and mind-hug to another
More beautiful than your early morning shooting stars in a frame
is your midnight arrival sun we claim 
More beautiful than your rising coming,
your moonlight stay
More beautiful than your rambling silence,
my love,
is that one line you wouldn't on my ears rose-bed, lay.
More beautiful than my chronic sweet heartache in your presence
is your acute healing absence
more beautiful than your affirmative denial,
is my submissive resistance
more beautiful than the screams in your name
is your name
more beautiful than the flash bulbs at your face
is your face
more beautiful than the roses thrown at your feet
is your feet
more beautiful than the hearts beating in your arms
are your arms
and more beautiful than the tears you skip rolling on your cheeks
are the ones you hide, behind a landing smile

But what do i know,
my love,
beautiful is when i close my eyes and see
what's most beautiful is but you in me
and me believing myself in you, 
The deepest into the sky heart,
Air Pocket.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Sleeping Pill...

Everyone says that they love you
even i do!
but i don't know what love is
i dig in deep
i don't sleep
all day i wait for you
and my nights
wear sunlight
only when you shine through
in a word or two
or even better, a shooting see-through
see, i spent hours trying to decipher
the hazy brand on your carelessly
standing there, perfume bottle
in a picture that was taken
while you were not aware
as i long to pick myself up of your stare
and hysterically wondering,
if i ever were...
then i decide to stop
so i helplessly ask in every tobacco shop
for your deadly shot of Classics mercy
since it's the only mouth you kiss 
all the time for an instant comfort
and it takes your breath away
i illiterately read into every urdu ghazal
and Persian Prose
for a sher that can find you
just like you effortlessly found me
then i fall flat
may be you're not so much into that
or into me
i laugh louder then
how important you make me feel!
making me out your reel,
all your words i steal
to weave you a cloak of metaphors
something for us to hide beneath
when the eyes are but whips 
lashing our salty- wounds hearts
i read Pessoa and dream of being 
your Ophilia
and hold my empty notebook
feeling like Milena
as you Kafka me on with your eyes letters,
in a Ghalib cup of wine
or a khusro river drown
sometimes when i pen you down
i get to be Nin or Wolf
that great and forgotten
like a sappho stanza 
or a lethen River
until i poetically shiver
praying one day you will wear the Neruda cap
and release your rose or topaz in a sonnet
Inviting Rilke, Cioran, Porchia and beckett
all of them come to laugh at me
at my last dinner table of streams
and i share them the toast of dreams
along with a smile

 I see you meeting people everyday
they all take of your soul
and i wonder, who gives you back
to stay the way you are as whole?
living in a sea of darkness wearing only starlight
how do you manage your gracious super moonlight?
when all they really want is your eclipse
then i rest my case
there is a reason why you're off the chase 
you're a Heart man
made in love

As i get back to my vanilla scented candles of hope
i let the wax melt to burn my skin
but i feel nothing
strong hands i must have
and a mellow heart
that get burned with the tears
that you don't shed
unless they ask you to
and clap in admiration once you do
you also smile then, wiping them off like guilty sins
and run to get purified in a laughing dirty joke
breathing some nonsense air in a resuscitating smoke
I envision you always in the places you hide
pretending to be asleep
drawing a happy smile as you weep
or holding a book you don't entirely read
talking to people you don't know
perhaps they would give you back
something you had lost
riding your loud silence most of the time
like who would care to listen
but some million miles away,
a crazy lover do!
i can feel you chasing one word all night
and surfing your mind's filmstrip for a dear scene
your eyes replay, every time you blink
how you let them believe what they think
and mischievously get away with your comic strip banded head
i find you in what can't be said
in the life of the dead
too long is my list
but basically i have you in my mind's bed
cover you with my childish thoughts
and  mumbling some rock&roll lullabies
crossing my heart you would come that night
for a beaming flash or a longer visit
and i get to have my of you, refill
everything beautiful i buy off your eyes and sell
to the greedy time sheet
so that i can remain sleepless
and have your all swallowed to mine,
in a sleeping pill.




Thursday, September 17, 2015


You said that I can't hold you
but i do!
i feel your fire 
as i breathe you 
out of your black
and my blue
we touch in a flesh Whitman ballad
and in between brackets, we cumming-ly,
And in every breath we madly kiss
in a quarantine melodious hiss 
four times 
on the cheeks of distance
and the lips of times.

See, i can hold you
in my words opened arms
arousing letters
and squeezing dots
i hug your softest spots
those you vulnerably, shade
i hold of you what you renegade
so that you explode in me
with every wings splash, 
as free.
You said that I can't have you
but i do!
in my heart possession
in my verse's obsession
and every furnished stanza
is your love Home
every literal brush
every mumbling hush
the homeless lines at your coming sheets,

You wonder my love,
How our souls met?
well, it has all been set
lifetimes before we even know
they hold each others heart hands
and your soul keeps mine tucked in
they eat in our mind's life kitchen
warm meals of hope
and get drunk on our sweet tears wine
they dress of our aromatic wardrobe
one haunting scent at a sign 
in the day
our souls wander to play
rising your face in my Coffee steam
and my voice to your forgotten dream
Then at night
they turn on the sky's light
constellations of sighs
your soul sings to mine
the poems you only to the moon,
and they dance,
your soul and mine,
to the endless edge of love
No beginning for us, darling,
nor a termination
and when it's time to rest
your soul has in mine a nest
i cuddle your soul's head in all the happy moments
and chase the scary nightmares away
never lost, our souls know the way 
in a world of our own
we have for each other a Home
where we grow only love
and our souls moving in infatuation
How can i lose you, my love?
even if my time came
it will all be the same
and my soul will remain with yours
in our eternal cohabitation. 





Sunday, September 13, 2015

Aromatic wardrobe

You just pulled my mind's trigger!
strange looking man made of fire
Your face is of the timeless time 
Your clothes wear your smoking skin
imperfectly perfect and when you rhyme,
My heart goes for you in a whin 
my lifetime quest as i wonder
how in your beautiful smell shall i linger
we can retain the faces we see
if we love them enough
but how to hold on to a scent we are yet to remember?
so i lean on my fantasies
making you out of my wronging right
seeing you off my blinded sight
smashing all those Parisian Diptyque bottles 
they are useless without your flesh sweat
and i throw my poetic bet  

May be you smell like oceans of metaphors 
and my sky high lines of hope
Or may be your scent is but the gardens of pleasure i plant at your coming 
May be you scent of the memories we never made
Yet we dearly sake-keep
May be you smell like the letters you never to me handwrote
or may be like the red roses on my birthday you never brought
may be you smell like all those days we never spent 
or the nights we would kill to get back but we can't
may be you smell like my solitude among people
who see of me only what i show
may be you scent of what you and i know,
is true 
May be you smell like your hiding eyes behind the blue 
like your loudest silence hue
like my wildest dreams of you
like out of nothing at all, that love you do 
in a glimpse or a sway
May be you scent of what you don't say 
of what you would if you may 
of whenever i playfully ask you to go,
you stay
may be you smell like your smile because you knew 
like that kiss you to my screaming being's crowd, flew
May be you smell like your sadness that i can't fairly capture
may be you smell like your bursting laughter
at the exotic moisture,
my lips screen sprinkle at your every new caption
may be you just scent of my heart redemption
at your virtuous confession curtain's sin 
may be you scent of your seductive stares
the beautiful, your soul shares 
your children's hugs
at your coming home every night 
may be you smell like your shadow's light 
Oh my endless plight
so if i might
i think it's alright 
to toss my words at your fragrant breeze 
and guess 

I will have to keep using my poetic sense 
burning dots of linguistic incense
in your scented delight
So yes, it's alright
may be i can shed you off my imagination's nose,
wear your aromatic presence in a prose  
And Until we flesh meet,
i will keep trying to invite your scent to my words wardrobe
saving your smell off my verse clothing
and sweating it along in an after making love smoking rings. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Life Eclipse

It's not your fault
that i am trying to touch the moon
and purify my soul in its light 
that when it stops calling
my wolf heart starts howling
that when i don't see you
my moon,
i feel like an orphan
with a foster family of words 
that when i don't listen to your voice
i get lost
in the scary woods of despair
wearing my red riding hood cloak of hope
and fighting in your absence my solitude windmills
i eat the poisoned apple of peace
and die awake in every living nightmare without your
prince face kiss
a little more
i ask the pink dragons of time
to kill it mercilessly for me
breathing fire into the moments that don't bring you to me,
i lose of my life, track
i kafka the nights away
and for the day, 
i lay ashore with Hemingway
like the old one i become
when you don't in my ears hum
your elixir of youth

It's not your fault
that when you hide in your absence
everything just fades away
that the air turns into opened arms
and the breeze is but an unkissed kiss
that the silence shapes into a red petaled bathtub
that i sink in head to toe
i know you don't know
but its no secret anymore
my sunglassed eyes 
turn blind
my whole time is on rewind
to that moment when you are
for my sight,
the light
i ramble in broken words
stumble upon loneliness'sharpest swords
bleeding a chronic wound
of guilt.

Days run into nights
moments stretch into hours
time becomes a killer
taking of my heart, its revenge
it's not that you are not present
because you are
it's not even that you are absent
because you aren't
it's somewhere in between heaven and hell
this place where the poets go when they take a leave
shrouded with defeated hopes
and an unpublished verse

What angry winds are holding you 
my moon?
which sad cloud is hiding your face?
tell me if another star had flirted with you
tell me, so that i can tear the sky down!
tell me if it's too dark out there
that it frightened your heart?
or if it became too much shining
that your eyes had blurred
tell me if it's too right
or too wrong
or if another bird, had heard your song 
but hide no more
come and kiss my shore
wave on to my sinking feet
in the ocean deep of your darkness
and my rising hurricane of uncertainty.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015


There was once a boy
who walked upside down
the soil kissed his hands
and in the wind,
his legs grew wings
And there was also a girl
who is made off his light
every time he waves his hands
her face sunshines at his feet, 
every night

Bare chest
dripping in his mist
like a mad alp,
growing roses at his lava fall grip
He smiles,
And the land ice,

He wears no skin
brewing fires from within
reciting His night's poetry 
on the flesh
Held by the Northern lights of wonder
as her midnight Sun
in his eyes,

He said,
Bergs & cold,
rainbows & ash
Existing for longer than you can stay.
The night brings a poetry of its own
Using the tired words of a long day.

She replied,
Birds wings unfold
waterfalls in splash
flying higher
than you can sway
the light sings the poet's moan
Humming the tune
of a wandering Sun ray

in verse they light talk
and the universe their breathing, stalk 
feasting upon carnival of coincidences
within their parade of illusions
the lovers make to their love, all the love
hiding beneath the silence of a tongue
and rising upon the tower of every song
the soulmates chirp in sound clouds
and smile back in glimpses behind a glare

the upside down boy roams around her mind on a bike
and spreads his arms to hold every random thought
at her made of his light, feet 
from there, no words fuel needed
only the power of their love light
the black desert is still as vast
and the time path still running, timelessly fast
but the upside down boy and the girl made of his light
had all they needed every single night
lots of upside down love 
that keeps him rooted and keeps her bright
whenever he's blue
she comes for a hue
riding her words rainbow 
and a poem she never published
that he somehow,
smilingly recites. 

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