Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, October 25, 2010


He is that nasty
That beautiful Gangster
holding guns in his deep pockets
taking lives with dancing bullets
Hiding behind a dark Ray-Ban
keeping the child
exposing the man
playing with life rated toys
living these fantasies of growing up boys
enjoying the game
of the rational nonsense
claiming the fame
of his defeated resistance
at her sight
roaming his mind
for one more rewind
to get her close
to the one he once was
but then his laughter cracks
there are no come-backs
It is a non-stop tune
that is on a shuffle
his infinite struggle
with that daring Him
and that frightened Him
the child-man is having fun
Holding the moon and melting the sun
In her eyes
his time flies
for seconds
he is her vampire knight
sucking his life out of her night
then he gets bored
his agony roared
but she is still his weakening strength
arranging all his vulnerability
upon her lips
he strikes
all his wits
inviting her bits
to recollect in his fits
her presence hits
all his toughness
in the heart
that part
is still in flesh
pumping this nagging flood
that pours life in blood
and her name
his mind is in a shame
but it is never the same
when she is that around!
his silence is nothing but her sound
he is where she is found
brushing all his skills
the time comes for his demons pills
counting the dreams in that little boy's eyes
he mastered the art of smiling lethal allebyes

His danger calls him
for one more trip
Her thunder drags him
arousing on her tip
Car-sequence haunting
flying off that 300ft building
He makes them all in cold blood
charming death,
to sit and watch
giving birth to his seventh life
In her arms
the child in him still enjoys cartoons
craving for that candy and some balloons
yet His anxious urge
is soon to emerge
and he is back
again in black
riding his extremes
flashing his own beams
within her eyes
He knows it by now
whenever it is the time,
it is only by her side
that gentle whisper
rubbing his scars
that soft and tender
carving her initials
on the walls of his darkness
humming, at that shivering gush
the beast in him, would actually blush..
at her touch..
bringing all his pains home
taming his bewildered syndrome
of fear
so near
just like the breeze
with his own aroma
driving his mind on a high speed wheel
His frontiers of Steele
keep her safe
inside that fresh part
that nobody knows about
In his heart
Sarcastically smiling,
pressing the engine to the maximum burn.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Geisha...

Unlocking black strands
tangled around in buckles
floating in your ripples
I hide in your shell
all i have to tell
moistened within your lips
arousing my censored grips
I heavenly come in tiny steps
My craving drips
pour in your eyes
million secret i tend to keep
beyond that mask of smiling weep
those you would know
so much into me you grow
I tenderly shake your silence
defeating triumphantly, my resistance

Finally, in your arms
I feel that savage warmth
on your knees
My scented breeze
invading your senses
this oriental aroma
silken red cushions
inflaming confessions
black and white
colors of my soul revealing light
burning in your ecstasy
reaching your mind
I am all that you mind
all that you find
in my Samurai tales
is the way i spell the words
dancing upon my breathe
sneaking to your nape
in a dangerous escape
where my lips dare
to blush
red cherry taste
Exposing my flickering mist
around your dips
playing all my tricks
one by one
you enjoy this rated fun
inviting your wits
like the moon and the sun
we become the whole one
skin to skin
your virtuous sin
I dance in feverish bliss
on the drum rolls of your kiss
your silence is My myth
brushing my fears
upon your thunderous flesh
wearing your tears
pearls of my mischievous wish
bundled in Sushi rolls
within your lips, my flavor crawls
Beating your cold nights
Our adventurous fantasy
that much you are into me
My daring desire
sets you on fire
Turning the cold October chills
into some ragging thrills
living each line
of Your Geisha Memoirs.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

At the airport...

I opened my heart
to your sunshine
yes,you are that mine
I kissed your every inch
in my mind
sitting on that wooden bench
replaying the whole scene on rewind
embracing your fragrance
around the breeze
the minutes don't pass
as my feet hold the grass
I ran
followed by the sun
wearing your arrival
exposing my arousal
the time consumed my patience
Then, i reached the crowd
heartbeats racing loud
I got you a rose
rising on my toes
wish i was taller
to see you first
wish i was closer
to hold you tight

then the air suddenly lightened
butterflies twirling enlightened
in my eyes
I didn't know if i was still alive
that moment i saw you arrive
your steps invaded my silence
like i see my every night dream come true
i didn't realize what should i do
three words stuck in my throat
this craving "I love you..."
then i screamed them loud
with all my guts
they thought i was nuts
your silky hair invited
my fingers to sink within
lighting on a cigarette
in a circle of smoke
you spoke
in a minute
i became all ears
hardly i could stop two tears
of joy
I stood there
you were everywhere
in me
droped the pen
and the paper
your eyes felt safer
to hide within
I just didn't know
heaven was so beautiful
waves of shivers flow
paralyzing my existence
but in a moment i was smashed
as your eyes fell on me
your smile was dancing for me
I was shaking
the world was shaking
when you stepped out of the circle
riding your warming whisper
in your hands i found my shelter
they were warm and cuddly
in your arms i rested happily
you caressed my trembling locks
your scent
musk and sandalwood
the whole world stood
"yes,i will"
I replied
as you asked
will you be alright?

they asked you to go
I felt that raw
and as the crowd split
the rose was still in my hand
so i kept running
and called your name
as if you knew
you turned in hue
"here, just for you"
closer to your nose
that aristocratic nose i adore
smiling once more
your opened arms
supplied my life with warmth
forever and more
I got to touch your hair
keeping you inside my everywhere
I heard your heartbeats chasing mine
I am living you, my sunshine
your lips on my face
blew me out of my space
"I will keep the rose"
you said
"and you,
keep the heart."

Friday, October 8, 2010

In her white coat...

Lots of books
hold you in
where to begin
wondering within the lines
deciphering life signs
holding on to love
and spreading laughter
in her heart
i hear a whisper
Her time is yet to come
pure like the morning sun
she shines with her innocence
a flashing light
in the midst of darkness
one day
you will draw more smiles
on the pained souls
healing their flesh wounds
and listening to their desperate calls
i already see you
wearing that white coat
and a beating heart

Happy Birthday Junior
yes, you are that beautiful and more :)
may all your days be filled with joy, happiness and lots of LOVE..:)

This one is special dedication to my dear friend Lola, who is in her last year of Med school and about to become a very fantastic Doctor :) study hard junior! you are going to achieve miracles with your heart and soul :)
SRK is here and sending you his best wishes, cutting the cake himself..ha ha ;)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I know the lines
on your forehead when you frown
i see your pulsing nerves
in your neck
those ones i yearn to lick
when they bump

the lines of your lips when you pout
when i am what you don't talk about
your lips linger
to whisper
my name
burning my flame
with a devouring sigh
and an expert thumb

i know the lines of your nape
as it meets my lips in a soft angle
moisturizing mingle
they shiver
in acquainting trigger
the minute they press
your spine confess
my love
like a savage hallucinating drum
i come
closer to your shoulder blades
surfing on the lines of your back
vertical beggars
mystical dwellers
are my scented blows
as they embrace the wondering quivers
enchanted to my well trained fingers
painting my longing
reciting your belonging
to me

Feel me
signing in my presence
on your craving sheets
all over yours
hold me
as my lips would haunt your skin
spelling all my secrets of existence
to your dripping tongue
Our sweetness pours

shape my being on your chest
with drops of joy
would touch your hardness
to hear your moan under my softness
humid strikes
louder spikes
your silence,
i scream as my own
i just feel it when you moan
at my savage slides
tender collides
show ups and hides
you in me
eternal joy
perpetual bliss

what do the lines know
they are just ruling the show
resting on my curves
liberating all your nerves
melting our beings
into the One
let us erase the lines as we meet
let us erase the curves as we become Us.

Friday, October 1, 2010

To Farooq, with all our love...

It is not just another day!
is His Birthday...
The sky is brighter
as he lazily open his eyes
the air is lighter
when he lovingly whisper his butterflies
to the scrolling page
the sun shines
all the way from where he is
spreading the warmth on his close friends
his hands
gently whips their rolling tears
his arms
tenderly wrap their growing fears
his presence
powerfully enhance their safety
he manages their happiness
virtually but wholeheartedly
he comes in bliss
blowing them a kiss
from afar
like a shooting star
for them to make a wish
when all the orbits turn on their own
he carves on the stone
his tale
a real fighter wearing his heart
yes, my friend we are never apart
it has been written down
on the sheets of time
smile once more
and spread your wings
your soul rises around our silence
and our love will always be holding your heart.

This is a very special dedication for my very dear friend Farooq on his birthday,it might not be so much but he does mean so much more to me for words to tell.
Farooq,you are my brother, one i have met his heart before meeting his face, have the best birthday ever and know,you are our MAN we love you that much bro.

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