Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Don't just love me,
sink in my ocean
spell me as your passion
don't be wise or sane
rejoice your madness within me
don't just reside in my heart
like a start
with no end
my crazy festivals of joy
like a victorious lover boy
don't taste my tears,
devour my darkest fears
don't be my excuse to a revolution
to be my legal right for a dedication
don't be my unfinished verse
be my blessing and my curse
carve your lines all over my skin
when i stand still
catch me if i fell
don't be my midnight dream
be my favorite cup of coffee and the steam
don't be my justice
when i am so unfair
be my air
when i need to hide somewhere
let me be your insomnia
and your early wake up call
let me be your one
and your all
don't be my rushing need
be in slow motion my speed
don't be my title
identify your existence with my name
let your absence grow in me
like an infinite presence of a Bohemian ecstasy
let me be all your women
when all you need is me
let me be your exotic bathing soap
your despair and your hope
let me be your toothbrush that is blue
your painkiller when you catch a flue
let me be your void
when you need to stare
let me form your celluloid
one that only you can share
let me be your white shirt
and wear me as your favorite scent
let me be your unfinished project
and be my most precious asset
let me be your Mac laptop screen
hide me where i can never be seen
touch me like a brad new keyboard
with the joy of typing a long lost word
write me as your story that has never been told
copy me where you are and paste
wrap me around your waist
like a Ralph Lauren towel
put me around your neck as a red fashion shawl
feel me around when your hair gets wet
and let me drip in your aromatic sweat
let me be a book you spend your nights reading
one you never finish
and let me be your extreme fetish
let me be all your personal
your turns on are my arousal
let me be that satin sheet
that curls around your bare feet
let me be your morning shower
and your private secret drawer
let me be your natural make up
and hold me tighter when we wake up
for i would spend my nights as your own pillow
and let you beat in me your pulse
like a savage infection of life in a full artery blood circulation.

Friday, May 28, 2010

From a lover...

In the school of your love

Your love taught me to grieve
and I have been in need, for centuries
a woman to make me grieve
for a woman, to cry upon her arms
like a sparrow
for a woman to gather my pieces
like shards of broken crystal

Your love has taught me, my lady, the worst habits
it has taught me to read my coffee cups
thousands of times a night
to experiment with alchemy,
to visit fortune tellers

It has taught me to leave my house
to comb the sidewalks
and search your face in raindrops
and in car lights
and to peruse your clothes
in the clothes of unknowns
and to search for your image
even in the posters of advertisements
your love has taught me
to wander around, for hours
searching for a gypsies hair
that all gypsies women will envy
searching for a face, for a voice
which is all the faces and all the voices...

Your love entered lady
into the cities of sadness
and I before you, never entered
the cities of sadness
I did not know...
that tears are the person
that a person without sadness
is only a shadow of a person...

Your love taught me
to behave like a boy
to draw your face with chalk
upon the wall
upon the sails of fishermen's boats
on the Church bells, on the crucifixes,
your love taught me, how love,
changes the map of time...
Your love taught me, that when I love
the earth stops revolving,
Your love taught me things
that were never accounted for
So I read children's fairy tales
I entered the castles of Jennies
and I dreamt that she would marry me
the Sultan's daughter
those eyes..
clearer than the water of a lagoon
those lips...
more desirable than the flower of pomegranates
and I dreamt that I would kidnap her like a knight and I dreamt that I would give
her necklaces of pearl and coral
Your love taught me, my lady,
what is insanity
it taught life may pass
without the Sultan's daughter arriving

Your love taught me
How to love you in all things
in a bare winter tree,
in dry yellow leaves
in the rain, in a tempest,
in the smallest cafe, we drank in,
in the evenings...our black coffee

Your love taught seek refuge
to seek refuge in hotels without names
in churches without names...
in cafes without names...

Your love taught the night
swells the sadness of strangers
It taught to see Beirut
as a woman...a tyrant of temptation
as a woman, wearing every evening
the most beautiful clothing she possesses
and sprinkling upon her breasts perfume
for the fisherman, and the princes
Your love taught me how to cry without crying
It taught me how sadness sleeps
Like a boy with his feet cut off
in the streets of the Rouche and the Hamra

Your love taught me to grieve
and I have been needing, for centuries
a woman to make me grieve
for a woman, to cry upon her arms
like a sparrow
for a woman to gather my pieces
like shards of broken crystal

Nizar Qabbani,

I thought it would be my honor to put that one great masterpiece of my favorite poet to adorn my blog as i have immense respect for this amazing poet. He sketched my dreams as a young woman who felt every word and saw her prince of dreams loving her in his lines like no man ever did.

Another sweet poem of his has been featured as a lovely song by the talented big Iraqi star Kazem El saher ,i love that one :)


Fever 39
but i am fine
sore throat
looks float
in hazing eyes
mild cries
for your mercy
our mind telepathy
still takes me over
drunk and sober
to where you are
closer yet afar
hysterically i bend
to grasp your descend
growing in my heart
we are never apart
bonds of the soul
connect our call
into the spacious universe
in me you reach
reciting your speech
of healing
and i am kneeling
at your feet
as your hands bless my head
you untie my hair
raising me to your stare
I would hide somewhere
within those ribs
covered by your lips
I was hallucinating
as you melted ice on my skin
where have you been??
all my life i was waiting
for you to haunt this pain
I kept running in the storm
looking for you in the rain drops
the world stops
asking my wind for your thunder
in your dreams i used to wonder
waiting for one day
you will send me a ray
of light..
when you hold me tight
everything suddenly feels alright
I shall rest my years on your shoulder
your heartbeats tune in a bit louder
as your fingers run through my scattered breed
yearning in that feverish rush
like a weightless mush
I shed one tear of bliss
as we are revealed in a kiss
fate we will dismiss
for eternity we made a pledge
just crossing our phenomenal gateway to heaven.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I ran my brush
on that blank sheet
holding you in my arms
safe from all harms
I held in you my stars
broke all the time bars
you set me free
enjoying you in me
we dance in the lines
swing within the colors
is where we are true
is burning our passion instead
Black and white
like an eternal twilight
shades of you and me
are inviting our ecstasy
I feel your lips on the back of my neck
your gentle breeze just slick
your colors take me over
as your heart touches me all over
how did these lines curve?
just to shine on your face
the sunlight and the moon ray
only when in your arms i turn
all my words in one kiss
infect my thoughts with a hiss
wrapped around your waist
I almost taste
the years bitter sweet
nothing can be more complete
we rolled on that unfinished sheet
colors fulfilled our yearning skin
with the shades of a rainbow
one that only rises
after a long session of unseasonal rain.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


When you hide
within my words i find you
by your side
I redefine my virtue
in a poetic random
touching my fate
I celebrate
our chaotic wisdom
with some beating lines
that rejoice at your signs
and i take off that costume
of the poet i assume
only wearing your perfume
running naked in my space
my tears faded on your face
few more colors
you add to the pale skin
lustful lovers
enchanted within
we managed the distance
defeated the absence
what is left for now?
sometimes even the presence
is hard enough
like the cold winter nights
and wrapped in noisy silence
I wonder at times
how do we make it alive
taking the long road drive
we strive
I love having you near
in my cave
so when you wave
I know to me you crave
for tonight,
I am at your right
as your untitled poem
recited in your heart as a little prayer of revelation.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Secret's ...

A black box
with red ribbons
crowning my bed
few steps ahead
as i kept staring
what could it be?
your present to me?
i touched my heart
trying to calm the beats down
your fragrance was all around
Creed royal
quite arousal
my fingers trembled
scattered and reassembled
caressing that corner
where you attached your whisper
blowing a giggling kiss
one that i would never miss
I stretched myself beside the box
wondering like a haunting fox
untying the ribbons
releasing these wild looks
melting on your rocks
like an infatuated mermaid
It was that soft
like your shivering lips
that black satin tiny set
a daring Victoria secret
My favorite!
for you i would wear
for your eyes to touch everywhere
In a while,
i will be your Nile
and your mortuary temple
and you will be my earth
and all i am worth
like a melody from heaven
we will tune in the night
getting on that mystical flight
to our soul mates paradise.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Labriynth...

Switch those lights off
come in the mystic maze
stumble upon my naked thoughts
let my quivering breaths guide you
your heart beats will lead you
to my treasure
where my butterflies dance
only at your glance
I almost hear your steps
in the silent depth
bare feet
gentle and sweet
riding that ticking clock
turning around the lock
all my senses spark
at your rise in the dark
did you feel them yet?
these million moans in set
ah..i guess you did
removing my lid
there you are
your feet finally touched mine
as i drip my wine
in your thirst cup
don't stop
keep figuring your way out
within my labyrinth
let me be your nonsense
and your insight
here to the right
a cheerful delight
and to the left
is where you are kept
move on upwards or down
the lips are madness
the hips are in bound
carved by your brush
as i blush
when we crush
there on that old leather couch
may i feed these hungry eyes?
whispering my thunderous lullabies
enchanting my butterflies
that only rejoice
at your voice
saying my name
like a call for a daring game
your wicked card
is tender and hard
striking my board
secrets unfold
with a masterful touch
legs interlock on a soft clutch
grinding out of the ordinary
to the savage ecstasy
I see my face in your eyes
reflection of my paradise
nerves in a race of cries
dams of lust
just been torn apart
and bridges of trust
are built of the dust
baptizing incense
our celebration of rebirth
screaming life out of the womb of contradiction.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Can i miss you more?
when i close my eyes i do
as it takes a second for your face
to light up my darkness
then i miss you for a whole second
and more

can i kiss you more?
when i touch my lips i do
blow my sweetness on your chase
to delight my nonsense
so i kiss you to swing my lips around
like louder drums of war

can i feel your touch more?
when i hold my arms i do
reaching out to your base
holding you to my bosoms
like a desert rose that blossoms
at your shore

is it asking too much?
signing your back with one more scratch
if i may dare
do more then a stare
would you care?
if i just roll on your floor
scented with your nectar
feeling your arouse from afar
so close
you strip the rose
to the core
our road is long
holding on to your tongue
I admit
it is where i most fit
lost in between your lips
not wanting to be found
I hear your choking sound
I feel your smashing desire
burning in me like fire
exhales of your resistance
that you set free
within me
not enough borders i build
nor strong liners you draw as a shield
in a glance we melt
in a touch we dwelt
in a shiver we met
kept and swept
like an old daring bet
we erupt
in a feverish set
protesting for the time
to stop counting in seconds
as they are long enough for our passion to rest
so tell me if i can?
believe the woman and revive the man?
who are both roaming in their wonder land of possibilities.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soul mates...

Their eyes were gazing
on his vivid face
printed like a rainbow
on their blinking eyelids
desperate bids
yearning for their master
to blow in their ears a whisper
like a bullet into their ribs
one daring moan slips
uncovering their smashing beats
as meeting treats
that burst
with lust
was that shining ebony
a rare dashing beauty
soaked in his forbidden dips
of spice
with the exotic ivory
sprinkled chili pepper
in his veins she was a dripper
flavored as fire
tickling yet sauer
bitter sweet
a triumphal retreat
untamed resistance
kept shaking his existence
once they bend
salt and pepper trend
they both lean on his bare skin
shivering within
only adjusting the taste
rolling in haste
unveiling that rippled wave
kneeling before his majesty and crave
for his touch of life
to resurrect their soul
offering their all
asking for none
dancing around their sun
like hailing stars of pleasure
enchanted with his spicy leisure
pulling on his wild trigger
shooting his beating spots
signing in with million dots
along with three initials
crossing to an absolute climax of unseasonal satisfaction.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Political views ..

Right from the top
downwards non stop
that black crown on your head
invites my fingers to spread
sinking deeper
feeling the warmth of your brain
wise and insane
vertical lines ahead
lovey bones in a sculptured forehead
two bright wells of Ecstasy
guarded with a revealing destiny
dark and mellow
stripping the follow
into a bare stone
striking the moan
into a savage whisper
like an exiled shelter
they stare and keep
in a blare they sweep
all my tears with a glance
inviting my soul to a dance
another barking chance
for redemption
a mere assumption
of a second identification
only you solve the equation
when i reach that nose
softly it blows
your life breeze into me
inspiring my reverie
with a quivering touch
breathtaking and much
royal and dramatic
exotically aristocratic
as i make my way
to your lustful quay
my eyes sway
enchanted by your reception
fatal is the attraction
and magnetic..
they tremble with my name
as my gates are honoring your flame
shaking your silence with my intervention
in a delightful swing
they pull my longing string
closer to collide
i turn off my celluloid
drowning in your calling flood
responding with a daring nod
to your powerful claiming party
touching all my spots of beauty
you reassure your rising delegation
with every blink of aspiration
of a lifetime period of pleasure to last
reaching the heart of your favorite cast
in a deeper speech
your shivering whispers reach
every single cell
even the hair can tell
and the racing heartbeats announce
the smashing success of your energetic campaign
once again
you drip in my vein
embracing my national flags
redefining all my tags
in an official celebration of a well deserved win
you raise my chin
to seal your formal public announcement with a kiss
ruling my whole existence after a finally democratic election.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am the fire
dancing on your wire
the truth if you dare
I blink,
for the clouds to cry
my tears are rain
I petrify your pain
when i stare
I sigh,
for the leaves to dry
blowing off my wind
with a blare
when i shine
I am your wine
and you are the skin i wear
as i speak
your sensors sneak
into my mist
within my fist
I hold your dice
my numbers
your choice
as i kiss your fate
on the face of the moon
I shine
it might never be too late
or is it yet too soon?
you are mine
I read my signs
within your lines
if you dare
to be my only messenger of justice
reciting my celestial hymns
in your fortified kingdom of silence.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Savior rains...

Morning rays tickled my eyes
as i was laying in his arms
another day is being born
another me has been reborn
right from his ribs
my passion drips
with pearls of sweat
in a daring bet
you sealed my lips
with a tender kiss
as i engulfed myself in you
roaming your face
with a cheering embrace
holding my world
stripped and unfold
and i am sold
only with one whisper
as i touch your nose with mine
refilled as your crystal glass of wine
till the lines fade
in an endless serenade
we melt
in our shivering rush
your eyes are screaming
as i explore your map
running my finger tips
along your bursting veins
pouring in your river
slightly as i quiver
electrified with your hailing wave
I crave
for your savior rain
claiming for my addictive dose
reviving that shaking desert rose
that almost dried in the heat of the obligation.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Come soon
bring me the moon
and the sun
rest here
always near
seen and done
touch my all
redeem my soul
with a kiss
let your lips confess
what you eagerly miss
while you where sleeping
that much i am keeping
even though
in your dreams i bow
before your highness
we bend in oneness
eternally lost
in an ocean of lust
rolling all over
drunk and sober
out but not over
dripping more wine
I am yours
and you are mine
together we shine
walking down the line
of our conversations
having one more dance
a tango for two
may be you don't have a clue
what your eyes can do
revealing me in you
bare and shaking
with a stare i am taken
on your flying carpet
to reach our ninth cloud
screaming my silence loud
as you gently press my buttons
drowning in your rain
clear and in vain
I erupt
like a mad volcano i dripped
unseasonal shower
bathing in lava upper to lower
short untamed whips
drowning in melting dips
we fly
to our sizzling horizons
driven by the moans,we burn
begging for our phenomenal satisfaction.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Your sounds of silence
tickle my soul
they say it all
when you seem to say nothing at all
your eyes do all the talking
while you take my hand to the dance floor
craving to the core
your shades fall on the ground
just as you turn me around
arranging the steps
digging in depth
of that restless wish
one that we would accomplish
eventually in a dramatic fall
as i raise that one last call
our journey begins
reviving all my sins
your silence is ragging
with all those sagging words
as i sharpened my swords
of reason
one more season
for all the memories to spare
it is one dance to dare
enchanting the future
that is inscribed on my skin
with lines of pleasure that shines within
the music grows
your body flows
in swings with mine
as one we combine
united in our moment out of time
breathing our own lust as a rhyme
until our lips meet
in an everlasting greet
one that starts with no end
and i bend
losing myself to your arms
my destiny only rises there
in your racing heartbeat as we both melt in a tango.

with all my love to the beautiful person who made that video. and to the most AMAZING superhero to whom it was made and felt.It means a lot to me more then words can tell.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Missing you...

still the words are trapped
within my exhausted mind
nothing comes out
as i was trying to work it out
i felt you all around me
holding my restless arms
beating on all my drums
your rhythm of passion
and i turned my head around
to meet your tender lips
in a sudden eclipse
I had to sway
your hands guided my way
to hold on to your eyes
where i sink with all my cries
and i blink
what do you think?
will you hold on to your queen?
how would you retake that scene?
and i felt your fingers through my hair
resting my feverish despair
I touch your face
going through your features i already know
redefining in your grace
only one more way to go
as i close my eyes on my tears
you rush over my skin
all these years where have you been !
I broke all my spells
for you to add your name as one
I hide in you from my own sun
as in your veins i know i run
would you just look for my eyes?
when i try to ride in my painful disguise
would you raise my chin?
when i can hardly bend within
would you rest in my arms forever
like a moan within a shiver
would you undress all these thoughts
and burn all your sailing boats
to feel my bare madness?
would you lead your fingers
through my land of wonders?
would you inhale my essence
as i blow my fire in your presence?
would you lay in my poem
like one unconditional ryhme
that is eternally reviving the words
when they roam running out of chords
would you just hold me tight
when i have nowhere to go
would you be my "yes" and be my "no"
would you crave for my scratch?
as i would die for one more touch
that i would
only if i could
I would turn all your nights around
break your shell and shake your ground
pick your hell as my own heaven
with my free will and be the unforgiven
may be you don't know
cos you already run my show
but this is how i would do
loving you as a martyr of lust
and living you as my own awarding renaissance.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One more dance...

I see you in my eyes
covered with layers of mist
I feel your trembling breaths
rambling in my deciphered myth
as i confess
my complete surrender
to your massive thunder
that brings down my wall
in one miraculous call
of life
words dance on the tinted sheet
creating a festival on my treat
for you finally set them free
only within you they flee
to roam in your trust
like an exotic crew of lust
they chase your random fears
embrace your crippled tears
with arousing tenderness
in your arms i create my myth
reborn as your priestess
for your fingers to bless
the barking moon is ruling the night
as the blessed priestess is calling the knight
for one more resurrected dance
living her one more chance
purified in your sanctuary as the goddess of pleasure.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fading resolutions..

Here i am
at your door
shivering to the core
touching your golden initials bar
so close yet you seemed as far
like a star
but i will not forget
only to you i will submit
my new resistance resolutions
will shake your hand
without feeling this crazy flow
of dancing pleasures
will greet your eyes
telling them all the formal lies
hiding my treasures
will even kiss your cheeks
hoping you won't feel my softened tweaks
dipped in your pressures
if i can only ring that bell
without rushing to my lustful shell
where we used to melt
only your scent is left
one more step
raising my finger up
when you suddenly opened the door
my eyes rested in yours
as my head found its way to your chest
feeling you within my quest
as you held me tight
it simply felt so right
to revive in your arms submitting my own fading resolution.

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