Always on My Mind you baby...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Because i love you...

I feel most beautiful because i love you
i feel most important because i love you
i walk in the streets
like a universe sunshine
like a superstar
smiling at my own steps
staring into every face i don't know
dancing into the rains and curling in snow
almost screaming, world! how come you still don't know?
His heart is the moon
and i am his moonlight
i am the one who loves him
i am the one who is so crazy in love with him
but they pass me by
like all the moments i tend to pass with you
they also leave
but it's fine
you are still mine
in my limitless mind
i am also yours'

the puppet and the dreamer

I listen to them talking
so loud that i don't hear anything
i just whisper your name
this is how words should sound like!
every letter is a heart piercing strike 
i wonder of their screaming expressions
it is so calmly ragging inside of me
i don't want to know if you even know me
i can't see what they want me to see
in your love my darling i am blind ,deaf and mute
in a world of drums i am a lonely humming flute 
i am the most marvelous one
because i wear your words
As Soothing Emeralds and burning like Rubies
the bravest one
for i hold your presence
as my safety shield
open and sealed
I flow
what do they know?
those crazy fashionistas

Creating lines of neon lights and beads of pain
if they love you the way i do
they would walk bare
but of your every tiny detail to wear
the way you blink, gaze and shyly smile
then scratch your hair 
And blow your life in a round of smoke
but they don't understand
i even love me because i love you
i only matter for loving you

like an old cliche
even if you want me gone
I would still feel as beautiful
just because i love you. 


Friday, April 25, 2014

Escapes of Fantasy...

What do you do?
when time betrays the faithful patience in you?
when the harsh waves of nostalgia
sweep you off your mesmerized feet
when hope lingers at life's back seat
when the days run
and the kingdoms of your happiest dreams burn
what do you do?
when you do only what you gotta do?
turning in the wheel of control
hitting like a wrecking ball
and hiding behind an exhausted ecstasy 

How do you sleep?
when all the windows of your soul shake
when your mad demons are all awake
how do you stay calm
before the mightiest storms of my heart
inhaling my every gush of wind and dust
without a word
with a sharpened sword
of resistance 
how can you stay still
as i am sinking in your deepest well
as i am being dragged to my noisy shell
how can you still stand
when i had wholeheartedly fell
at your feet
smashed into million pieces
my heart loves you more
with every tiny one
with all the bruises of my soul
i can still run
from you
to you 
the fugitive
and the refugee

How can i still believe
your silence echoes in my screams
How can i still wait
for those words you will never say
every time i pray
with every passing day
my hope revives like narcissistic destiny
that one day you'll know
one day you'll show
how much you long 
or may be even in a song
you'll hold my shivering soul
that is hopelessly leaving me to your window
just like that sparkling star
rising from afar
in your darkest nights
for company

But somehow i know you feel
i know its real
what we are
the moon and the dangling star
the moaning verse and the bleeding scar
that raging peace and the serenaded war
bittersweet is what we are 
a raw potion of life's soar reality
that is sugar quoted with mind escapes of fantasy.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An interview...

When he drinks
he becomes sad
like a monk
clear like a tear
light as a feather
how i wish he was just an ordinary man
one who passes by things
so they can remain the same
but when he does,
he sets them all into flame
they burn
of his Ecstasy

When he speaks
the whole universe listens
the enamored stars sigh
the mountains shiver
and the heaviest skies cry
it rains when his eyes moisture
and the earth deliver its beauties
at the vibrating tone of his laughter
then his breathing thickens
with every smoking cloud
when he inhales life
and exhales this eternal strive
the air dances in circles around
when his bare chest quivers
up and down
my heart melts down
at his playful finger tips
riding my craziest waves of yearning
as he stares in the drifted smoke rising
half closed eyes
his full lips dries
Then he mercilessly licks them with his tongue
this is where my whole arrogance falls along
how come He still doesn't have an expert tip
for this sort of urgent life or death matters?
A task i would never be more glad to attend to
Saving the universe's Most precious Splendor
of every wicked life itching.  


Monday, April 21, 2014

Poetic maze...

I feel closest to you
when i write
and furthest from you
when i write
this intimate you get to me
this wrong when right
my black and white
your confusion is my insight
closest to you then a hug that's tight 
when i feel you around for a wild write.

I get intimidated with my savage ramblings
infatuated with your patient gamblings
inviting all your senses for a soul mating delight
wearing your words on for the rhyming night
taking off the time and the place
riding my wackiest verse in a race
bare hearted
I reach out for your beautiful mind
every letter is a faithful knight
in the army of our love
every sigh you fire fight
burns more miles we have to cross
in your silence i win every toss
and my heart gets to spill first
his longing rivers
drowning in my quivering shivers
and your oceans of resistance. 

You blink
i sink
as i hide
always by your side
where you don't reach

Then i write again
calling you out of my furious vain
i take my lines for a darling flight
may be upon one cloud of smoke
or a fading cinnamon candle light
lingering in a calling cup of wine
dangling of the kinky tip of a sign
we get to meet
kiss and tenderly greet
laying beneath the papers of hope
enjoying the warmth of a virtual elope
holding your thoughts one by one
twirls around your mushiest stone
i find you between my lids
covered with dark eyelashes
carelessly resting within my steaming bids
wander around my love
this is where i strip to my soul
Enjoy every gaze
lose yourself in my maze
there is no way out of this perpetual bliss
you are trapped my darling,
between the roaring whisper of a poem
and the trembling thunder of a lifetime biography.




Monday, April 14, 2014


Unbutton this shirt
enjoy as my eyes flirt 
with your bare skin
treat my hungry stares
attend to my wicked fantasies
haunt my exotic crust from within 
pose to my mind
as naked as a prose
a phenomenal over dose
Unleash this wild glance
you tend to keep 
let your moans weep
upon my lips
skin dance
take your chance
invade your territories
one field at a time
grip your soil
harvest every turmoil
you seed 
chase those dreams you bleed 
every time you heroically kneel

Claim your rights
earn your fights
unzip these thoughts
dare to get exposed
take it all in
sting where you love the most
bleed where you heal
Hurt where you most feel
My Fire burns
As you Melt in my arms
like Liquid steel

when you should freeze
be the storm beyond my breeze
Most when you have to hide
split of what keeps you blind
Take it all off
this time, this life
break free
be who you ought to be
shred your mind
vigorously do mind
drip in my desert
your sweat
my rain..
pick me stars off your night
as i wrap you the moon 
in my heart
Touch where your hands can't reach
Sin where your words most preach
when you are dead
it is easier to forget
what has never been said.



Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Present as ever
in every yearning shiver
you the strongest mountain
and the flowing river
you the greediest giver
you my enemy and my ultimate lover
you my most lucid dream and the harshest reality...

You don't know much
you are the sense to every touch
you are when everything goes wrong
and when you are, everything comes along
you are the reason of all my whys
the fire in all my sighs
i shuffle in your absence like a broken song
and burn in your blazing presence intensity

Explain no more
Your being is the surface and the core
Your being is my eternal resurruction
enchanted of sweetness and sore
in every moment of peace you the cruelest war.
Mars and Pluto, Osiris and Hor
what it feels like when the waves hug the shore
your being is what my quivering heart beats for
you all tenderness of life's and its extreme cruelty

Breathe the loving in
Hide no more behind a smile
cry when the tears blur your sight
roar when your demons call for a fight
dare your heaven and hell
smash your bubble's shell
rise out of desires' realm
scream when it gets way too calm
shake this burden off
hold my hand 
i can take your rough
tough, silly and your diplomatic disability

You kill and revive
with a bare glance
strip your strive
in a step less dance
roam and wander
For my ragging storm you are the thunder
peak at your heart's miraculous wonder 
how much pain and yet it still grows fonder!
condemned with epic magnificense
unconditional love shall be your forever penalty

Be the refugee of your soul
Unchain the pain
lick your every stain
you are the now again and again
whatever you lose you gain
unlock your memory's aching lane
out of your darkest clouds, bursts the rain
embraced with your existence
every gush of air you exhale is a life saviour
that i sacredly pray to inhale with my every intention and accidentally.

You are every word and none
Too precious to afford or burn
you are the moon and the sun
all the want to do and the already done
you the one whole and the whole one
you when i stand still and where to run
for you the verse exposes to every intended pun
splash in my painting all your solitude colors
drench my every stare in your nostalgic laughter
allow the time to stand still
dip in my bleeding ink your quill
spell your madness in my eyes 
burn in me the poet and the lover
hold on to this bursting fire
as i infinitely take you in my arms
and burn till the ashes of your reason and my sagging insanity.  


Monday, April 7, 2014


Chasing your exhausted shadow
i love it when your bursting anger mellow 
After a long tiring day
you come home to where i exotically lay
for my comforting arms
where i keep your beautiful head
nursed within all the words we never said  
hiding between my breasts
only then my whole being rests
when you listen to my racing heart beats
every one tells a story of longing

As my fingers play in your bear hair
stripping your dangerous mind bare
one stroke at a time
selling all your thoughts for a rhyme
whipping your reason away
hand coughing my guilty thoughts
and setting the wildest ones free
my lips keep your every inch in measure
licking your every chilling sweat of pleasure
tasting your pain
blending with every bursting vein
i trace your crawling pulse 
healing your chronic melancholy 
in my own peculiar way
after a long tiring day
i would in your arms sway
breathe within our eternal kiss
tenderly ripping off all those moments we miss
while you were away
on that long working day

Spreading my long hair upon your chest
savagely leaning towards your waist
shivering as our skins touch
sacredly reaching to where you ache much
arranging my words upon your olive treat
a verse for every calling spot
is this where you missed me the most?
or there.. where in my mind you got lost
then i shall carve my poetry deeper
let the years count, i am your keeper
tattoo my yearning where you bleed
spread my hungry fields for your seed
be as fertile as my greed
for you
on every limb i would share
my roaring stanza as you stare
at your own kingdom in full celebration
an euphoric poem of love is in a rhyming conversation.



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