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Monday, June 19, 2017

Stay met...

Come to my city!
wander in my old Cairo streets of longing
Sit, in the Cafes of my Pharaonic waiting
watch the sunset at the pyramids of our patience
And wonder the hymn walls of this loud silence
ride with me
the camels of my fantasy 
where every desert sand is a wish
coming at your footsteps, true
if only you knew...
flow with my Nile of hope
your sailing desperate boat
it had been but a drought
since your eyes last had flood
of the unsaid words a drizzle
and of the poetic stares,
a monsoon
in my Heliopolitan night, a moon
And off the Sufi minarets of my heart
for your eyes prayer, a call
come to me, my one and all
At my triumphant citadel of acceptance
the march of my lyrical troupes
of the knight lines, an army
awaiting for you
At the top of my cell tower, a sky
Come by!
let me Isis your Osirid fears
And Radha off your burning soul,
this distance hot milk
don't too much think
Come closer
To my cheeks' town of smiles
cross between us in a word, the million miles
And across my seas of doubts, wing
Hold me to your Heart as you Sing(h)
Harrying the out of me, your Sejal
For when what seeking you is what you seek
Even if you never yet met,
in the city of your love, you do
All the ring roads are to your heart, guides
and every somewhere found love meeting, 
Stay but met.

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