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Monday, February 24, 2014

His Side Effects...

When he speaks
its like i am the only one listening
the only one shivering
shimmering..around his spark
like the universe shuts down
except for his voice
tuning into my soul
how deeper can i still fall? 
like there are no words
but the ones he pick
like the seas get still
and the boldest thunders chick
He whispers hymns
in my shrine of love
and i offer my heart
everytime he humms
beating upon burning drums
his breaths explore my skin

When his eyes stare
its like i am in his everywhere
like he gazes only to my eyes
like i am the queen of his fantasies
like he is the elixir to my ecstacies
like there is no sunshine
except off his sight
Then i hold on as tight
to his wandering soul
that rests every night
in my deepest within

When he smiles
i feel like the whole world is happy
even my heart
like i am the only one catching his joy
like a kid he is and i his favorite toy
i like when he speaks, stares and when he smiles
i like when i feel these wildly dancing butterflies 
just at his exotic rise.

But i love when he comes
out of my lace dreams
open arms as i run
i love when he cuddles up in my mind
curling to my daring thoughts 
i love when i can close my eyes on him
and call him mine,
i love when i sip him in
like that fine old flavored wine
i love the way he tastes
dipped in my yearning sweetness
and drenched in his bittered longing.
i love when we cross the world in a random thought
laughing at all the odds
living and dying in a bubbly shell 
buying what tomorrow has to sell
one wish at a time. 

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