Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

All about You...

Why is it all about you?
The tune of the night wind
and the lonesome nightingale song
To you i belong...
I want to hug you when something goes wrong
And jump hysterically at your cartwheele
like a kid with you, i feel
I want to hold your hand and walk,
sharing coffee as we talk
simple complicated things i want
and i wish you even knew...
it is all about you

I want to hold you so tight
like a mother and a father
care for you like sister and a brother
I want to feel like family to you
and have these fights best friends over do
i want to rub your being to mine,
like wild lovers nest
hang on to your ribs with my chest
sculpt my loving with my finger tips to your spine
Heal your veins as they whine
to my skin in Perls of sweat
breathe in your ears my longing heat
grace my toes at your feet
i want our flesh to meet and greet
just like our souls do
it has always been about you

I want to write you my rhyming prose
Poem you down in a soulful clause
carousel spinning is your love
as here as there
you are everywhere
days pass and i don't call them
years fast fly with no memories to hold them
you give me what your heart skips
and i cherish what my heart grips
but the selfish lover is blue
Thirsty for more due
I want memories of flesh and blood
I want your scent to crash my bud
I want to save it in my mind
I want to touch you like a blind
Paint your every bone with my tongue brush
Shout  your name in a voiceless Hush

I want real tears to kiss away
Taste its saltiness on my lips
Real bones to crash in a hug
both our pictures scanned on a mug
loud laughs as we childishly sway
Then dramatically stumble and fall
yes, i want it all...
This sad but true...
 I know it is just about you...

I want to touch you like a Life born blind
and see you bare with all my heart
i want you to come in the late nights
forget your lighter and the cigarettes
i want to be this dancing silhouette
your smoking drew...
i want it all to be about you
i want to rush one day
to see you up close, just passing by
hide in your- behind dark shades- eye
smile as you leave your coffee
like us...
unfinished, undone and incomplete
and i savor where your lips sipped last
Then drench in that euphoric blast
i want no answers to my wondering
some queries are better left unknown
Red Tag Heuer specs ripple as you frown
Magnificent You..
Love that it is perfectly about you...
Now i want out of my own skin
even there, you reign within
wish i can hold my peace
shut my world wide cerebellum piece 
taming  my wild mind to behave
living in his own made up crave
but when you rise out of the blue
like God's own morning hue
i know it is as fair as true
That it becomes wholeheartedly about you...


Monday, October 22, 2012

Three Million knights...

Three million knock at your door
Every minute they love you more
Three million hearts you mightily reign
at times of loss and those of gain
Three million cheers by your side remain
There when you're blue
for hugs and warmth, virtually but true
Three million hearts beat for you
and When the going gets tough
They fear you might hide
Three million fighters collide
to heal your wound
keep you safely around
Silently they pray
you shall never go away

Three million knights you lead
Write their hearts out for you to read
140 characters at a time
Three million souls your words inspire
Dancing bare feet on your  momentum wire
Melting like ice around your fire
In your own khantastic Lovepire  
Three million stars feast around their moon
Three million buds awaits your verbal monsoon
Their Spring in your laughter
 Refugees to your love shelter
More then words can tell they long
Wait for your rise all night long
For you dear prince of darkness,
They sketch and paint
may be for real, they would faint
at your enchanting sight
and they write

Three million beats only wish you well
Little prayers recited as you are abroad or unwell
Three million From the heart kinda spell
Three million smiles you draw
Every time with a line you show
Three million Whisper your name to sleep
Three million rhyme your Being too deep
Three million roam in your sparkling sky
Three million evidence, can fly!
To each corner of the universe
you magically touch and dwell
Ever since your name was khan
Three million ones became that man
And when The good one wore his heart
Three million sparks enlightened his hart
300 feet high you jump
And Three million screams would feverishly burst
Along the road of madness they share
For Your labor of love they care 
Three million poems your mind would write
With every still of your own light
Turning their moments into pieces of prose
Till we breathe this life, it grows
Your love is their anthem and flag
Three million lovers Heartfelt yet faceless   
Riding your energy bird of happiness
Three million restless run, 
holding your hand as All for one.
Three million and more to come
King love you spread your wings in height
Only your arms can hold us as tight
Here for you no matter what my jaan
Three million with me will always love you more Shah Rukh Khan.   

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


like a shooting star
shinning from afar
You Rise
Dream like tune in disguise 
Your metaphoric voice
Tickling all my senses
inviting my madness
To your restless night ballad.
whispering all my wishes to the wind
I fly..
rambling in your sparkling sky
attended by the Daring moon
fearlessly embraced by your longing monsoon
wet like a drifted leaf,
i swing...
tenderly shivering beneath your wing
I breathe...

in the scented air
in my everywhere
Lay here in my bosom
melt in me as i blossom
feverishly as i invade your sight,
curl in your eyes
hide within the dangling sighs  
and just be...
as beautiful as you are in me
inspiring life out of your breathe
there i confess
Breathless you leave me
every time you blink
and breathless you keep me
the more in your love i sink
willingly drowning in your mystical mind ocean
wholeheartedly sprinkled in that mischiveous gush of life you breathe.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Verbal fantasy...

It's alright,
let the words dance tonight
upon the glittering starry sky
tangling the letters of your name
let the velvet moon blush
and the whisteling wind hush
at your sight
let the scented breeze tingle 
your sandal wood and amber
caress my skin
as if i hold you within
burning the night
in a sigh...
let my eyes tell
your love is heaven and hell  
let me commit you willingly
and be forgiven or not
let me be that forgotten dot
your Being is missing
a gypsy tune for you to play
a little prayer for your heart to say
let me hide in your oblivion  
a believer

reciting you in my solitude
if i might..

I wouldn't ask for more insight
riding your beautiful mind tonight
and wandering in these twisted alleys of pleasure
sneaking into where your longing thought linger
laying around your magnificent wonder
Here is where you strain the laughter
and there is where you hide your monster
But the loving is everywhere
fields of passionate denial you spare
i stare..
Bewitched me in your illusion...
doomed with my verbal fantasy.



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