Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Apodyopsis ...

like an unattained urge
your eyes surge
onto my every intimate detail
unbuckle my pony tail
then slide on the sand dunes of my hair
inhaling your scent off my skin
your eyes taste your presence along my spine 
with every glimpse
quiet and intense
your eyes drench in my ecstasy

They ponder everywhere
between the expected and the unfair
your eyes share
every bit of you in me
around my ears
they breathe
blow away my fears
and strength
stretched at length
your hungry eyes stare
when i have nothing to wear
but your glance
like a silhouette dance
i hide and rise
a part of me lives and dies
when they look at me 

In between your dreams
as real as it seems
i am of your own infatuated telepathy
flesh and blood and fantasy
i am whatever they dare me to be
And they still wander
inviting my storming thunder
in a screaming whisper
between my lips
your eyes eclipse
in the darkness of my light
burning beneath their landing
as careless as demanding
They ask and won't
i become bare before your want

your eyes undress my mind
make love to my every thought
and i moan in a roaring verse
a blessing and a curse
your eyes pledge and plead
riding my thirst and bleed
your love, my creed
and your prophecy
tears roam around
everywhere our souls bound
in a lifetime knot
sealed in a kiss and released in an apocalyptic revelation.  

Monday, May 26, 2014


You don't call 
but i listen
you don't fall
but i hold you
you don't talk
but i hear you
and when you don't cry
i kiss all your tears away

You don't rage
but i fear
you don't wage
but i pay you
you don't hurt
but i heal you
and when you don't sing
i am nothing but your lonesome note 

You don't eat
but i feed you
you don't doubt
but i assure you
you don't expect
but i give you
and when you don't believe
i turn into your own magnificent creation 

You don't understand
but i explain
you don't suffer
but i embrace you
you don't hate
but i love you
you don't crave
but i deliver
and when you don't quiver
i shiver
every word you don't decipher
is but a truth within a lie.

All what you don't, you do
All that i do, you do
All what is written is not
and all what is unsaid is true.



Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I want to love you
more than i know how
I want to show you
who i am
just like that
I am not that little girl
not that wild woman
not that bold yet shy

wet yet dry
a million how and why
is me
She who reads your words
tuck you in with heart lullabies
when you are sleep deprived
she who plays with the butterflies of your mind
she who keeps your voice on her memory rewind
who built the tallest walls avoiding love
then your eyes destroyed them all
with a glance
I am who shall live as long as you will
who has million stories about you to tell
and smiles only with your dimples shining in her eyes

I am sorrow&joy
I am the real thing&the toy
I am the mask and the face

I am the stillness and the race
the worthless priceless
the reason of  madness
I am the none
and the wholeness
I am in you, the frightened and the fearless
the hidden for the exposed.
tell me what to do?
I don't care if i expire 
weakened body shall one day retire
but that yearning soul will never settle
you are my fate
my every mind state
you are when i long for you
around my every heart beat
within the words we meet
embraced in a verse and a sheet
let the world be my darling
you are all i want and need
for the coming lifetimes to be.   

Sunday, May 18, 2014


You didn't set me free
i am forever your refugee
your prison and the key
the amateur
and the expertee
i run to you from you
knowing it all
and having no clue
cheerful and blue
your one eyed darkness
and the whole heart view
i am unchained in your sky
the serenaded Nightingale
and the muted melody

Trapped and not
held yet dropped
rolling around your wondering dot
like a drunken dice
pushing its luck at your roulette
dancing around the winner slot
taken to where you are then left
knowing it all
i laughed and beautifully wept
i don't know if i am rising in your heart
or falling into the arms of your melancholy 

Is it your eye?or mine?
that shiver running along my spine
those bragging signs
hanging a tear off the missing line
but you are mine
in my dreams we are fine
strong Coffee and red wine
inviting the moon at cloud number nine
you the mortal and the divine
and i burn in between your lips
like an unspoken word
like a story that shall remain untold
warm and cold
a shy dare to be bold
for you i pause to unfold
naked in a haunting verse
that sets me free
breathing you in like an infatuating scent
peeling you off my glittered skin
just to tuck you in 
where the gates of hell break lose   
pleading in you guilty as my most virtuous sin
with lifetimes Exile sentence  
Sprinkled upon my pleasures kingdoms
loosened in love and tied in your own Ecstatic liberty.



Saturday, May 17, 2014

Harsh Reality...

I will travel to your door
hand coughed
holding in between my ribs
a sun
that i want it to shine your day
and burn
for my ashes to scarcely run
in the river of your joy.

Turning into the moonlight whispers
you hopelessly stare at
for answers
and i shall fall flat
upon your every pearl of sweat
like a  Tango dancing silhouette
to tuck in your bravest fear
the one you dared courageously to tear
into my loving bed of rocks

Then i would shape into all the roses
your eyes admire
as your mighty fingers tenderly caress
then let go for the rain of yearning
to drown them in anticipation monsoon
and magically be the rhyme in all the proses
your heart mercilessly set on fire
quoting their words
in shy exposure and reasoning locks

but i would love to be this breeze
your skin shivers to
or may be this purest morning dew
crawling around your fingers
for shelter
that Nightingale whisper
delivering the night messages
to your restlessly longing heart

What if i was one day in your life
a moment, you should pass
a time you would splendidly greet
this is how my life would be complete
bringing the world at your feet
holding the time still when we meet
from beyond the sun and the moon
my dreams shape in your eyes
and i pick them
one kiss at a time
condemned on the perfect crime
riding the desperate wild Stallion of hope
across your faithful horizons of Harsh Realities.





Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our First Date...

You pick the place
any cafe piercing in the sea
like a poisonous arrow 
in the heart of the unknown
pick any place
i give in for the arrogant pelicans in your eyes
you win the race
between my pride and me
so just be there
within my sigh and your exhausted stare
and when it rains in my sky
i need you to hide in my wet coat
get in my burning soul for warmth
slide under my skin
arrive in my within
rise in my trembling voice  
the beggar of his echo
and sultan of his choice
pick your luckiest chance out of my fortune
immigrate like the red fish
from my eye to my eye
from my why not to your why
from my one hand to my other hand
from my upper lip to your lower lip
claim your political rights my love
of every curvy thought down to the hip
grip as you dip
all my spilled secrets 
as i raise my whip
of pleasure

Draw my face on the sheets of pain and night
before the lonely vitrines
talk to me your favorite scenes
make love to my thunder and lightening
be my safest haven and the most frightening
give me a home in your beaming craters
crucify me between your eyes 
confide in me all your lies 
baptize me with your water of roses 
drug me in your veins in regular doses
hug me tightest in all the miserable places
hold me when the whole world is watching
howl in my void like a midnight wolverine
dance with me on a random Bruce Springsteen
bleed within my wounds like an open heart 
when it rains in my sky my love
my sadness grow hands and legs
my hunger for you yells&begs
take me where you want
leave me when you wish
be the water bowl and i'll be the golden fish
start all over and never ever finish 
get me some you and just drive
by your side, i enjoy every strive
my treasure 

Love me a little
and break some road signs 
leave your hand in mine
a little
i have no maps
just a kiss and some wines
so you just go where the world ends
to where the lovers don't hide their faces
to where every street is a banquet of passion
take me to where the nights are singers and tunes
to where the poets are sea shores and sand dunes
take me to where you are yourself
pick me off your favorite book shelf
cruise in my wildest fantasy
as i roam around your every wandering ecstasy 
hold me darling, to the edge of love
Then let me fall in your arms all over again.  


Sunday, May 11, 2014


Tell your women all you want
love of them as much as you want
the blonde, the brunette
the redhead fire and the exotic chocolate
you and your eyes are mine
not belonging to whomever you want
enjoy with them for some time
commit with your charm 
every possible crime
as for me,
i have all your lifetime
of you what i wish and what i want
what i have they can't afford
an ecstatic verse with a wicked sword
is what i show
a burning fire in frozen snow
you still don't know
what you are in

Show your women all your heart stunts
lock them up and go for more haunts
i am coming with my lace Shackles
for your fears, tears and tongue buckles
with my hungry whip
to unleash your silence grip
with my fire balls to burn your walls
an erupting volcano of lust
you can hide all you want
but it's you that want
bold and cold
Kept and Told
Shining like a holly sinful revelation

I want you
like no man was ever wanted before
I want you
like a mad wind and an angry shore
I want you
until you would wish for nothing more
I hope you by know you now
how to dive deep
fly, madly laugh and weep
For honey, i am everything but ease
all about crazy storms
and i rise only in bleeding moonlight. 



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happiness is You...

How can i write happiness?
this overwhelming feeling i have
no words are fair enough 
even silence seems as tough
its out of all the languages league
so much in me you intrigue
i never knew i was allowed to such joy!
never in my wildest dreams i could imagine
your generous eyes passing by my name
igniting my reviving flame
out of the ashes of despair
you saved my heart 
in the most Chevalier stunt
holding my presence in yours
feeling my loving in pours
tenderly holding my hand
to where you colossally stand 
like i touched my shooting star
hugged the moon waving from afar
and it was nearly twilight
it never felt more right
no wrongs where you are

How can i explore this madness?
me the one who claims the game of words
i dropped speechless at your generous verse
wordless like a blank space
radiating of your beaming face
i identify in a dimples flash 
like all the birds are singing to my ears
and all the buds are dancing just for me
suddenly my desert is turned into heaven
and the thirsty hope got  a lifesaving splash
of your loving rain
finally i have no more room for pain
my wind fell softly like a summer breeze
so at ease
within your heart
like a fresh new start
a baby's first step
into bliss
like the very first kiss 
which taste never leaves your lips
i feel safe just in your arms
even if it was just for a second,
i keep it in me as a lifetime   
ah my dear Neruda if you were here
i knew you wouldn't mind for
Tonight, i can only write the happiest lines. 



Sunday, May 4, 2014


I envy them
those eyes who get to see you
without license
without innocence
and they can dare
those hands who get to touch you
while i can just stare
cuddling my yearning
curled in my longing
shuttered of despair
and hope
with every smile you generously gift
every gaze, blink and every hug
i turn into a prayer, a cigarette and a silver mug
anything that you carelessly left
yet you never actually left
my heart melt
the perfect theft
you always perfectly get away with.

 I envy the breeze
that tenderly engulfs you
those faces your eyes explore
behind the darkened shutters
this cup of coffee you hold so tight
this loving attire you wear so bright
the books you read
that take you places where i am not 
the love you breed
in all their hearts and i don't get
i envy these words
coming out of your lips
even the luckiest ones
who get trapped in your coffee sips
they remain with you
held in your heart
and forgotten

 I envy those who are close enough
to get attended to by your fragrance
they keep you deep
into their mind treasury
for that aroma to remain intact 
and serve you on in special occasions
in their most precious memories celebration

 I envy your bed sheets
and every soul you get to meet
be it your dogs, your roses
and whomever your heart lingers to greet
i envy this creamy leather seat
that holds on to your crazy travels
this Apple screen your eyes gravels
to kill the time
and revive the moments of anticipation

I envy everything you touch
that is not my skin
everything you watch
that is not my silken within
everything you expect
that is not my inviting smile
everything you inspect
that is not my mischievous hair style
everything you wish for
that is not my love
everything you wait for
that can reach you before my arms do.



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