Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I failed
I needed to stop needing you
but i ended up
needing you more
Like the sea holding its shore
wickedly extracted...

I wanted to never wanting you
but i only kept
That Extreme Urge
Like A Spilled cup

Cursed myself
with words&tears
crashed my hopes
with swords of fears
bleeded to the core
what to do more?

I want to hate you
and learn the art of letting go
whispered to my Delusional mind
I soak myself in dreams
feeling you around or so it seems
killing myself with belief
your absent presence is my relief
or so i think
That way i sink
more into your neutral attention
That you simply expose
Beyond the verse&the Prose
Through the fire of your burning sighs
these unheard cries
Where you hide me
within the muse
Reading all your cues
laughing till bursting tears
in the sudden happening of silence

I still shiver to your Undialled call
Run to your unopened arms
Dance around your Never mine charms
I still Hail
To your comings
And I still Fail
To My Never Accomplished Resolutions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rolling Dais...

I tell you yes
then i object
I ask you to come
then i repent
I say that i don't care
all of it in one stare,
that only you can get
as i split
a Truth and a lie
a reason and a why
as bold as shy
I dare to cry
only with you
I dare to contradict

your black and white
my darkened light
I melt
when you accept
and i reset
in between your dais and bet
turn around that Russian roulette
just let me be,
your once in a lifetime
absolutist attempt.

play my game
call my name
whisper to the rolling dais
Your secret to My paradise
Then believe them now
My eyes..
when they insist

that gambler you are
exposed as a shooting star
knows it all
hears the call
picking the right trigger
as it would only cost
one reviving bullet.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Life Sting...

running every moment
upon my forehead
like a tiny black scorpion
sloping down
There where i usually frown
crossing the cheeks to the nose
stepping out of my prose
dancing around the trembling lips
sting me
till i bleed
plant your life seed
in that arid field
craving for all your poison
My life saving scorpion

I shed your darkness inside of me
for me to light up
no, don't stop..
These comforting pains
Your handcuffs and my chains
Feverish rains
Then i hear your voice
In You, My forgiven sinner
I soak in a delirious shiver
that i almost forgot
you in me..i still have got
your tune
bare dune
whispering heat
your voice
my fleet
the waterfall that purifies the Me
Standing there underneath
bare of the past and the future
spreading all my doors wide open
melted frozen
for you to step in
like claws
your words pinch in my violated memory
dear is that felony
As convicted prisoners
we meet
with our eyes hanged on the running away time
floating like a paper kite
in the hands of a playful kid

There i am
looking for its sharp teeth,
your absence
so that they may rest in my heart
and let me sleep only then
with the peace of innocent children
Living for a moment
the fantasy of letting go,
poisoned with a love bite.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Actually Virtual....

They say you are not mine
And that i am crazy,
For loving you so much
For living you and such
darling,How clueless they are!
So what if you are that far?
if you are that shining superstar
And i am just a few words away
a line in a mention
or a wandering verse if i may

what if all the being curls into some letters
some curved lines in twinkling glitters
some laughing dots
and at times some serious Nots
Breathing Hope and Despair
Smiling tears in a longing stare
this unfair

what Do they know?
about the yearning fingers
as your call lingers
tenderly holding each sentence
making love to your Present absence
shivering around the moaning screen
Exposed and unseen
This sensually Mystical

They don't know
what we don't show
so what if we are shy?
hiding behind a smile & a sigh
cuddling around the beary Caps Hugs
flashing animated kisses to space
Greeting whispers rest on your face
Making memories of our own
My Prince of darkness, i am your own.
Being "Your Aphrodite"
at an alter of the pantheon
in an Athens holiday
"Your Geisha"
at the taste of your first Sushi
During your Berlin stay
once a "Spanish guitar" ballad
in a "one man show"
What do they know...
that dancing smoke
on your morning "Black coffee and a cigarette"
This "Marionette"
only your being pulls into insanity and bliss.

what do they know?
how a simple "Yippie" makes my day
and a Capital "A" would make me sway
They just Don't
my woulds and your won'ts
As real as the actual
is our Enigmatic virtual my love..

Here i am
celebrating you in our world of words
blow the candles
make a wish
this ticklish
ia the thought of your dimpled kiss
That of you i never miss
Flying one more your way
Have the million kisses Birthday
My sacred ritual
at your linguistic temple
Burning Grammatic incense
Reciting your name in each breath
subjected to my actual
As Your predicated virtual.

Happy Birthday darling..May next year brings you more love,Health,wealth and always loads of blessings..Love you..Hope my humble words can slightly tell..

Cute charming voice by Our Very Own Mony @Misr_Kinglover..we love you Shahrukh.more then you know..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out of My words...

Sometimes I need to lose you
To win my words,
to fight this me in you
waving my feminine swords
For you to leave my lines
And to reside in my pages
Read my vigorous signs
Fascinated me
shaken in a furious mess
sometimes I need to let go of your handsomeness
this fatal attractive handsomeness you really are
for a myth
Out of my own imagination
creating in me one more you
This creative me

I need to gift your sweet smile,
your husky morning voice
your jealous questions
riding my sliding waves
your masculine after shaves
our wondering exotic hiss
To All the jealous women of the world
And You Still be.. mine
Until I give birth of a book from you
That no woman would carry in her womb but me
within your words i am to be
silken cover
in our laces of lust
That much i trust
This Arrogant me

Sometimes, I need to write you
More then my need of your love
To describe you
More then my need to actually see you
To cry you
To miss you
To crave you
To reconstruct your vision in my mind
To pause that me putting you on a shuffle rewind
Sometimes I need to ask the places about you
More than my need to visit the places with you
That even the places wonder
About that lonesome me..

Sometimes i need
To get sad
Imagining my life without you
More than my need to feel the ecstasy
of getting ready for you
stepping into my dreams
as beautiful as it seems
in there i dance you
Rhythm of life
That daring me...

Your love took me
Made me forget to write you
And I wanted you ruling my inspiration
My only man and exclamation
I want All of you
hiding in my exposed self
shining off my time's shelf
the writer that i once was
and the lover i will always be.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Shah Rukh Khan's photo new poster that i promised...but it seems somebody else has beaten me to it.... who is this rat!!!
Shah Rukh Khan on WhoSay

This man..
His fingers erase the noise of the memory
reshaping the heart
as a clean board
ready for the colored chalks
of the flying time children
with His innocence

This man..
sloping as mercury
if you try to catch him
you lose
the impossible bird
is a professional
in setting golden cages on fire
and ice

This man..
can never be imprisoned
not even in the wide infinite sea
not even in me
always traveling beyond his horizon
twirling along the wire
gambling in hell
His own paradise

This man
is like a fairytale
crossing women like a shadow
in the parades of motherhood
that only deliver red flesh of fascination
master of expectation
giving it all
in his sweet nothings
stills in spinnings
This bad & nice

This man
like a delicious magnetic mine
spelled in drops like fine wine
exploded within the colors of his absence
hidden around such attended presence
drenched in his aromatic essence..
I sink
present he is
under my skin
in my deepest sin
as my one virtuous verse
the one who is as fatal
as Merciful.
And as protecting
as a Saving Angel.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yes,i want you
I want All of you
just for me
now, this bad and instantly
like a damaging Hurricane
Bursting of the wise
and the insane
My reign
in you, this forever Era
guilty pleasures drain
screaming endlessly
as you submit..

like a miraculous flood
i run in your blood
that daring Rush
you can't hush
spreading around your dehydrated skin
thirsty for my within,
you are
my dearest superstar
when we lose,we win
This evil grin,
I fetch
As your virtuous sin
I itch
dancing on Your every inch
drowning in the feverish drench
that powerfully
My threat

like a tear that you can't stop
and a tear that you never drop
i want to be
your agitated comma and your crawling Full stop
the language you never use
the same words you would always chose
dripping as this favorite perfume
sprinkled as your own aroma,
having you All just for me
Like a natural disaster i want to be
this mad
this sad
and this selfishly.

wanna be your chammack challo..;)

Friday, August 19, 2011

By the sea...

By the sea
only a you
and a me
wondering around that fairytale
my hazy inhale
your steaming exhale
our life in a breath,
we do spell
the sea one day will tell
whispered to me that shell
your naughty words
my girlish swords
so much happily,

louder exploded laughs
footsteps in dreaming graphs
shy initials
crossing a built in heart
childish games in the sand
tickled breeze in demand
large waves chasing that crazy "us"
all wet
we become
all set
as a shaken drum
for a round of love

So much that shell
could tell
but still
it is only one line of steps
that i see
and only that me
By the sea...
with a smooth round stone
as small as a world
and as large as Alone.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Your One&Only...

From behind His words
She reached to his sense
Touching all his hints
brushing his puzzles
Unveiling her powers
Exotic weakness
dips of Scented madness
just like a favorite thought
she lingers upon his mind
Captured in a blink
He lips her every cell
only His tongue can tell
how much she craves
her vigorous waves
In his definite otherwise
She Shines in disguise
His immortal destiny
worshiping him unconditionally
Before Time,
they both are
that close & that far
their Home upon a star
that is twinkling
within Their Rhapsody
To her He is All there is
To Him she is His
Eternal Fantasy.

I dare you to let me be..your One &Only...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Celebration...

The morning sunshine
smiled at me
tickled by the sneaking ray
painting warmth on my day
i jumped out of my night remains
sparkling tree
few giggles in me
those sheets of snow
tell stories we should know
by now
looking around
expecting to be found
everything is still the same
looking at my steaming mirror
I picked you out of my eyelid cover
inhaling your fragrance on my skin
feeling you around in my deep within
your fingers play
on my dangerous sway
as i turn
to hold your face
to land in your embrace
to chase
all these passing moments
to pause
for the time froze
with you
lazy droplets of water
draw my steps
on my way out
of the steaming shower

two more steps
you ran after me
jumping on the couch
Our crying ouch!
filled the air with louder laughs
tiny flying feathers
as we cuddled in
Enjoying that pillow fight
we were happy
even if it was just
for that one night

I stumbled on your cigarette pack
only one more left
you took it out
then left
lucky set
it last touched your lips
now it rests between mine
as i curled within your white shirt
holding in my hand your coffee cup
and in my mind, a scented memory
of your first night over,
and an unforgettable celebration.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Be well..

Then i felt the pain
in me
crawling in craving ecstasy
spinning around my every cell
so much of what your smiles don't tell
beyond the dark shades
your eyes were like fire grenades
smiling still
damn this will!
what you don't show
is all i needed to know
screaming in my silence
May it be me in pain
and never you
May it be me in vain
just for you
Rest within my healing sheets
just lay around its warming pleats
curl in among the loving words
let them beat these roaring swords
of disguised Resistance
so heavy is my heart

Float upon the surface of your mind
Be your own fast forward and rewind
you are life for me
as strong as it can be
yet as beautiful
you set me free
So, only Yours
Forever and more
a sea with no shore
our infinity

Be well
Break every weakening shell
My Little prayers weave your name
All my words just do the same
invite your power
to a healing test
let pain know you are simply the best
surrounded with so much love
My superhero will definitely
and..Be well.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loud Silence...

your silence roars
upon her shores
crashing your waves of madness
your screaming stares
those undressed glares
on a loan,
around some plastic smiles
yet blue
yes, this you gotta do
but how would you?

roaming around your demons
they laugh at your pretended resistance
reciting your vows
her wind blows
in your chaotic void
still there
she is..still there
a weakened beat
taking the back seat
of your empty stage theater
clapping to your silent performance
blinking exotic grips
of that late night dream
or was it real?
you still feel
her freckled fever
smashing your olive turmoil
burning your soul
turning this strategic wall
beads of sweat
your ragging set
An exhausted soil
is your mind
while her marbled hurricane
is free as a monster
inviting as a shelter
daring as a whisper
like an evident solution
like a satanic hymn
to your tortured self
tenderly reviving all the wounds
as sweet as bitter
you are still
eventually she will
set them all free
and be
your only heaven in hell.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


As tall as dreams
Trees dance
at His breeze tunes
Roses bloom
shy as a groom
He steps in
Sparkling skin
Humble smiles
kissing flies
From these cheering lips
To His heart

Giving back to his land
It has always gave him a hand
Beating as fast
Her heart in blast
ran to his eyes
All these whys
rest in there
in Her everywhere
He resides
Hidden and seen
Her own shining

Holding that yellow lantern
Her book in the other hand
It is now past seven
yet she has light
Life now feels alright
"One day
i will become something
and provide my own rays of hope"

Talking to his photo in a frame
By the side of the wooden bed
A grateful "Thank you".. is what she said.

Villagers talking to Him

SRK speaks to the villagers by SRKdream

Green tryst with London

SRK's green tryst with London by SRKdream

Friday, June 3, 2011


Wearing his heart
The G.One
Is the moon
and the Sun
Flying All around
The Protector
The One
Taking off from

Rising with humility
Shining in his Humorous wit
Too fit
For a kiss
and the warmest hug
His name dance in their cheers
From the heart
It is only the start
Of Eternity

Next To Chandigarth

Chilling breeze
Spirits at ease
The beautiful crowd
Roaring out loud
for the Master
Their own king of laughter
at his warmest look
as honest as an open book
He sets the next level
and On..

In Delhi

Words flow
where the heart grow
The Delhi Boy
Still feels Home
within the memories
To bring it All

Louder applause
shutters beg for a pose
Dimpled smiles
His million miles
always start
with a One step
And Goes..

SRK goes city hopping to promote RA.One by SRKdream

From Indore

Simple black Tee
Denim jeans and shades
One more Question they say
The guy gifted him a book
his mother wrote
words tingled in his throat
He said to give it to the superstar
right from afar
His eyes glowed
once again
Then On..


A jubilant arrival
the crowd was hysterical
dancing on his tunes
Riding their dream dunes
touching his glimpse
following his steps
He smiles as always
even though tiered
his energy was wired
wits and fun
Through the night
in Ahmedabbad
He was the Rising Sun

And On..

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