Always on My Mind you baby...

Thursday, December 31, 2015


I don't celebrate anything anymore
but the carnivals of your to my eyes,
i await your lunar arrivals
like the fasting believer awaits
his feast crescent
every gaze starves me full
and leaves me as hungry
the ebbs of your absence
fall on my aching shoulders of want
take at my resistance their toll
i drift
within my hallucinating tides
in defense mode.
Ready for your apparition
all of a sudden
i take my life off
stripping every moment without you
on the floor of my solitude
bare feet,
and heartfelt.

In the Heavy smoke of my dreams
i take a dip
drenched in your wined gazing to my verse rib
I bathe in your sunlight stare tub
rubbed with your every hint petal
soaked into the musky aroma of your indirect speech
rinsing all my doubts away in a dotted peck
that you melodiously send across the wireless universes
to my dimpled cheeks starry sky
i scent your returns amber
drip in your every screaming murmur
gliding in my vigorous linger
skipping in every dip a beat
washed away in the happiness floods
of your burning heart laughter
sinking my faceless face into your hiding glares
purified in the sacred water of your drizzle rising
so gracious you are my love
you come and bring a whole new world
of happenings in a peek,
that is just as tender
Howling your thunder
and lightening my darkest
in your storming silence,

Then I wear your alluring glimpse
My branded new dress
is your erupted pulse
designer, your Chirping Kiss
that i pick off your blood rush veins hanger
i like to fit into your getting only younger
free size scarred skin
released from within
like a gypsy thought that you finally managed
to put into floral words
I bloom
in between your sealed lips
roaming my curved mind hips
in a poetic blaze
weaved into your timeless maze
my blushing lines, boldly hiss
as loose as stitched
and for my vagabond hair style
i ride your rosy arrival for a while
clutched and clipped
sprinkled in your Aristocratic Oudh
and almost ready to celebrate your every festive arrival
serving my sweet surrender homemade rhyming cookies
and flying you over,
my bruises of the soul love pumped balloons.
"Together" you said
For this year and every coming one
locked in your juicy lips
and the rose petals of mine
Some Bulgarian Vodka and French red wine 
spilled over the New year's celebration
our love kiss fireworks. 



Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fan Firewall

In a dark hall,
I saw
a tiered face 
happily smile
at your sight
a wrinkled skin
beneath her eyes stretch
the love of life,
at your arms spread
a mischievous sparkle
of a beautiful hope
drawn at your hands touch
i saw happiness
in faces that came just for you
i saw children of all ages
holding their breaths
at every fist in your way
silent prayers
at the flying cars
fear it might hit you
knowing it won't
but still, it's you!
I saw hearts raised in eyes
breaths held in throats
i saw tears running at your sad muscles grips
lives dancing at your fingertips
on a melody out of their soul
i saw it all
in a dark hall
sitting in my own world
with you
and your lifetime love story

So Rise
the sun in your eyes
and the moon
spread your wings
and hold the sky
and let them try!
they can't ban of your mind
a thought.
This love you earn
this earth you carved with blood and sweat
nothing they can shall hurt you or might
i heard whistles at your name
claps at your every frame
i felt your presence
in every shivering flesh
at the crashing anger of your steps
and i touched your feet  
at that dark hall temple
where only blessings are offered
in uncounted numbers
and Hearts Box Office collection. 

Your smile
beats the pain
and when you laugh
the world is but an autograph
at your dimples flash
You may not see them
but they watch you
you may not know them
but they love you
just like you do,
and then i saw Him
on my way in,
after a long week of work
and no pleasure
how many days turned into nights
sleepless beneath the life's bread wheel
which moments to steal?
He whispered to his exhausted self
watching a colored poster
waving from afar
going through the crowd
Counting in his hollowed pocket the cash
a vision of his loved ones sparkling eyes
at the worn out dark hall chairs
kept him on his feet
advance tickets will soon be at his greet
"may be she will finally of her heart,
the man to himself whispered
"at the sight of the one man she probably adores,
more than me." 

I saw a boy with his school friends
cheering at the action Stunts
a group of college girls
their dream in your eyes swirls
fire sighs
at your unbuttoned shirt
and when your eyes flirt
even the silver screen,
went red
in our hearts bed
we got you covered
well warmed and wired
let them be 
you are born just to be
and for every life of me
i will be there.
along with all you inspired into your ecstasy
your backbone of love
and Full House always at your call,
we are your Fan Firewall.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Your day

everyday someone new
and the one we love is you
you are not yours anymore
all lines are blurring in your mirror
be it a blessing or a shiver trigger
ragging ocean or soothing river
you weather but never wither
like fine wine, the older the better
all cliches work for you
with much ease, you flow
who are you?
greeting you sometimes, he waves
when he feels your itching
after shave
on a skin that shreds faces
you wear in shadows and glares blue
So whomever you that might be
reaching out to your sea
holding with love, your shore
And he who walks by your side
not even he
you are way beyond your own, thee
numbers bow before your endlessly
and time, runs after you for a timeless selfie
what more do you need?
of ecstasy, you just got a seed
you pass lives in a flock of smiles
roaring your name on a spree
crossing universes of eternity
some boarded on their dreams birds
others just took the skyline leap
all on one heart
screaming your love in the deep
we hear you when you don't talk
and when you do, your words, we keep
standing tall on the fence of our minds
guarding you with each loving thought
chirping your loneliness away
holding the earth for you to sway
spinning along the melodies of your heartbeats
and praying in every religion for your happiness
Those you couldn't save,
have saved you 
And those you are saving now
are but in a long distance flight your love-belts.

you touch our lives in ways you can't imagine
you only do
and we learn how to 
riding our madness for you
the world becomes but a grip in our fists
wearing your heart up your scarred sleeve
gray hairs in your beard, red rush in your veins
the faces are all Gaurav
and the names are all the same
collecting you in cigarette packs boxes
and covering our power walls with your captions
keeping you in our tenderness drawers
for when the nights get a bit longer
for when we hopelessly linger  
we curl in your eyes quilt
and sleep.

I can't call this poetry
or may be it is
it's just that out of my heart kinda burst
like many who couldn't be there in the flesh
we know we are soul invited
to your everyday more than breathing experience party.

Friday, December 11, 2015


So, tell me
what do you do
when the longing gets down on you
and eats of your every piece anew
creeping into your resistance stacks
consuming your arrogant guts like snacks
and leaving you starving full
do you wish you never had to open your eyes
for keeping a face so dear
that you don't know what it looks like now
So far in a dream, so near?
do you brush your teeth 
rhyming a vague tune that may be 
was composed for her..
and every song lyrics you hum 
or get dressed only in her words
wearing unbuttoned verses tops
and worn out prose pair of jeans 
do you also wear her love?
as you leave your hair undefied
for her fingers to run the miles before you sleep
into its gravity
and pulls you through
do you also burn your fingers
in a cigarette long
you forgot you lit?
watching her dancing silhouette
playfully rising off the mute smoke... 
do you listen to her loud silence whenever you spoke
and in her absence, does your soul choke?
do you hold this coffee mug tight
as if she would rise on the black spill
rhyming into your veins her tune
turning your every December into her June
right into your heart
for phenomenal solace?
Do you put together her face
out of the puzzle pieces she is to you
do you put out the fire of time
calling her names nobody understands
but you two?
Do you ask the streets she never crossed,
for her feet?
and the roses she never got, 
for her breath..

Do you fight the demons of distance
showing your craving self beyond a pair of blue glares
may be she will swim their ocean once 
and rest in between your shore-lids?
do you taste her blood of oblivion
whenever you bite your lower lip?
this whole of emptiness that never get filled
no matter how wide you spread your arms,
a spot in the left, aches
that line of bittersweet breaks
like nothing makes up for her absence
nor presence
do you roam the late night streets of solitude
for her-never been to this town before- footsteps?
and keep her always in your plate a love bite?
because when its too dark, she is but your light
the blindness of your insight
and to her blurriness, you are the clarity?
do you slide on the curves of her mind hips
your fingers of ecstasy
as she rides your steel pole of fantasy
do you torture hope?
the way waiting rapes your patience
so you take out your seductive lot
and kill her with a shot 
then die along
tell me!
do you arrest this stupid tear
fleeing in the middle of a loud laugh
snuggling it right back
into the handcuffs of nostalgia
to a touch that you couldn't to your memory, save
and a tight hug that your arms only crave
and when you are home,
do you get for her Homesick?
 And when you can't live with her
nor without 
mute becomes your shout
and screaming, forever your silence
do you tell of your sweet lies,
only to her, your true?
do you?
Because darling, 
i helplessly do
Infatuated i am, my love...
just like you.

Friday, December 4, 2015


In the middle of nowhere
i found myself
alone with a broken car
and a bleeding heart
in the arms of time
He came out of my soul
wearing my longing
unbuttoned shirt
with my tears drops
dangling off his skin

and ablaze
we met 
in a yearning gaze 
come closer, 
His eyes murmured
"set my body on the fire of your love"
drunk on his blurring haze
i yielded to the burning maze
traveling across the galaxies of want
He was kneeling into my car,
my life strip flashed at the reflection of his hair

in the thunderous rain
every glance told a story
every silence screamed aloud
his fingers working on the steel
my hands in the air
reach for his feel
we hugged in a stare

rode the stormy night in a glare
aware of our heartbeats
and of our time,
the flesh dance we share
and the two bodies
melted into one

In the darkness
you are my sun
only before you
i come undone
where have you been all my life?
the moments with you,
are all i could count alive
rising in his eyes
i fell
his arms my home
and my words,
his spell
"By my side, Stay"
He said
tuck me into the loneliness bed
cuddle my anger and despair
cradle my fears into your hair  
nurse this awakened melancholy to sleep
and hide me into your bosom 
as i gently, weep
Hold me in
when it rains
and Sway
for the Time in me  to stand still
and of you i can always get my refill
His Head moaned in my hand
as i softly kissed every erupting vein
rushing underneath, his blood   
i say
You take all my pains
I Pray,
together forever,
For every eternity, 
and a day.
If we ever Part in flesh,
if we ever may
i will never leave you
for i am in you all along 
Our souls are free,
and in love.

And in His kingdom of dreams
he made me His princess
Playing in me
his notes of desire
shivering in between his lips
like the weeping violins of fire
down the stairway of his fingers
every touch was a step to heaven 
i closed my eyes in his embrace
coming to the front lines of my powerless race
His tender grip
my nectar drip
"You're mine'
He whispered,
In in his`arms 
I trembled 
Breathing life into me,
Our Promise is forever,
my love,
of every eternity,
and a day.


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