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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Out of the closet...

Half asleep
I struggled out of your keep
to reach my papers
tenderly cuddling my verses
that flew humming at your sight
In my twilight
I bless thy monsoon
converted by your face of the moon
into one vampire queen
too dangerous to be seen
rising at your midnight
like a fearless delight
doomed with thy power
and i moved a bit slower
taring all my years apart
only within you my time would start
you own my empire
crossing over to your fire
bare feet on a wire
celebrating my desire
and your enchanted life bite
i am getting there
underneath somewhere
or not..
I shall untie that knot
my fatal breaths
are desperate to confess
one truth that is bare
shining in a dazzling glare
is the day and the night
black and white
hidden and in between
burning sighs
around your neck
flavoring your ear with a slick
you blink
so i sink
within my paper
rhyming your presence
embracing my longing verses
anchored to your sailing ship
I slip
out of my life gown
just to be your rejuvenated vampire Queen.


Brian Miller said...

lovely...flavor you ear slick...slip out of my life dress...nice...vampire queen, yikes...haha...nicely done and good to see you!

joanny said...

So glad to see you back here again, your poetry is stunning, line by line. Was missing you dear blog friend and your lovely poetry.


Desert Rose said...

Thank you so much is so lovely to be here after such long took me for a while, but here i am..:)

dearest Joanny
what can i say, you have been always there for me my sweetest friend..thank you and so happy to see you around! big hug :)

joanny said...


Forgot to say how much I enjoy reading your poetry, and the way you always add music that compliments your work.


my short poem is called a "haiku"
5-7-5 is the rhythm.

Fireblossom said...

You're back! I have thought of you many times and hoped you were okay.

This rocks! You're like me, you think love should be all or nothing. This is definitely "all"!

Joop Zand said...

Hello Dessert Rose

My compliments for this very nice work......'s great.

Greetings from Holland, Joop

Anonymous said...

good god girl... I have missed you and wondered from time to time if you were doing ok.

If this says anything, the answer is yes

this was beauty on a scale I have never seen.... I wish the world could read this

alex-ness said...


Dulce said...

WOW Linda mujer! So nice to see you back with your efervescent`passion... hummm hawt poem, really hot... this way you find to get there and COME!
Lots of hugs!


great words wrapped together here, dear lady! loomin' round about in the darkness of all that desire!

so wonderful to see you back - have thought of you and yours - and hope all is well -

Jannie Funster said...

The only thing better than a vampire queen, is one who writes such great poems!!

C Rose said...

nice tempo and flow, the architecture of this really contributes to the emotion you convey. Very nice write! ~ Rose

Vinay said...

so passionate in flavor, and yet, vampire queen would say the flavor is blood(?) :)

haven't hopped much from OSW in the pst few weeks, but good to see you back at OSW on the first week I'm properly back to hopping as well :)

Vinay (Formerly Leo)
My Post Is Here

dustus said...

I think you state a great deal between the lines. Under the literary surface, I read a struggle with ownership and identity. A beautiful mask through popular imagery and theme, though there is much more under the surface "methinks" given word choice. Opting to write "thy" indicates a tradition one uses to make a point. Anyway, you know I missed you :) Welcome back, my poet friend.

Anonymous said...

thk (U)

noona said...

wow beero that was amazing
I loved the whole fierce-romantic scene you've created here.. as always you are fantastic and so full of elite love feelings that show really good in your words. Great work hun :) Glad you're back ;))

Timoteo said...

So great to see you back. I breathed a sigh of relief.


just thinking of you and hoping all is well! ;)

BVS said...

Abeer, this piece has rejuvenated my power and mood. I have lived such a rough night last night and this is soothing and passionate. Thanks. What an amazing piece.

May Kosba

bellegram said...

what a lovely Friday evening spent reading some of your poetry..really enjoyed them dear! All my love & kisses to Egypt!

Kavita said...

That was a smooth and delicately sensuous ride, Desert Rose.. and how beautifully you have tied it in with writing.. really well done!! And that gown touch was simply AWESOME!

Joop Zand said...

It's compliments.

regards, Joop

Camille said...

beautiful :)

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