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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Promises Spree.

I promised i wouldn't love you
this much anymore
watching the wild waves
get crashed at the sanity shore
but before the big words
i chickened...
I couldn't but to love you
even more
I promised i wouldn't come back
if i ever left
i weakened
and strongly returned
i wouldn't
but to be around
expecting more
I promised not to expire of longing
but i did...
million times i did
not even once i resigned
of ecstatically waiting
your rising fore

With things bigger than me,
i promised
Not to be that foolish mad
Not to be that happily sad
but i was
not to write in your eyes
a verse or a prose
not to shiver by your aristocratic nose
as life miraculously out of you blows
too many nots
released tight knots
of my stupidity
as much as i cried
i laughed
numb no more

I promised not to care
when before me giggles your hair
flopping proudly around your face
but when it vigorously kissed my skin
i giggled within
I promised not to stare
when i get dramatically invaded with your sudden gaze
but when i saw them raining stars
your sky deep eyes
i euphorically beamed
I promised not to love you
that much more
not to live by your yearning shore
but no matter how hard they hit the sand
they keep rising
boldly asking
for hugs
the mighty waves
off the tendered sand haves
i do hate how much i keep loving you
as much as i guiltlessly enjoy my broken promises spree.

Love you much...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hugging Master...

As puzzled as bewildered
about you they have always wondered
words twinkled in a poetic mess
bursting out of  their lonesomeness
He is in the hugging business
Trade marked his opened arms
spills his charms
in a craving call
smashing all distance barriers
in a loving fall
tightening a hug...
they say he does it best
he never let go
until you do first
hungry for warmth
his chevalierie overwhelms

He gives you more
without asking for
Wrapping you joy right of his core
He reads your eyes in a gaze
feeling what your words can never erase
he crashes bones reviving hearts
giving you a piece of his shattered parts
in a squashing hug...

He gives his soul
telling you all
what his heart could spell
an army of stares
colonies of feverish glares
He craves that freedom
imprisoned in the gratefulness shell
He knows you well
though you never before met
too much bliss in one human set
Top of billions bucket lists
The every night soothing dream    
our very own prince of darkness
and the crossed heart initials on a mirror in steam
Successfully running his life saving business
wearing his Hart in his arms
leaving of him in their realms
The Good One melts in a dimpled smile
delivering hope with a desperate laughter
Turning on his Starlight shelter
offering you the world in a glimpse
and a tight life making hug.

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