Always on My Mind you baby...

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Has it been already a year?
since lifetimes ago and coming
i have been wishing you in my every breath
every heart love and all health and happiness
ease of heart and peace of mind
i put my loneliest nights on rewind
as you on my every darkness, shined
healing all the wounds
and weaving of my tears, 
upon my chest a necklace of hope.
to my you of you, i used to elope
into you i myself of myself , hid
to the home i made with you, in my head
where we paint our fantasy town red
roll the smiles on our faces shed
eat the time butter and bread
and rest in each others arms warmth bed
nursing the moments
Our nectar of love
as we to it, starve...
growing our faith only younger
into your eyes, i would find my shelter
curl in between your lashes, as you linger
and the days blink
what do you think?
what could be more paradise?
that living every time in your heaven eyes,
another year of you is on
another me in you then, gets reborn  
perhaps you don't know
but as hard as it always gets
from you i regain my strength
everyday is a struggle to win
as i almost lose it and give in
you come in your full self attire
pull my hand and shake the wire
for the blue bird to soar
and i can't dare to ask for more
but i do...
i wish me more of you...
just as i more of you, wish you...

may you in the darknesses, to you, prince
may you out of the sadnesses, joy
may you within your loud silences, sing
may you into your golden heart, king
may you to your spread arms once, run
may you for your every endless night, sun 
may you in every staring eye, see but a mirror
and in every shootout, hear but your name
may you into you always hangout,
and feel my craziest heartbeats whenever you, a glimpse of you,
may you in you, find a shelter
and Don the windmills of doubts  
may you come only at your-self coming
and may you never of your coming-self, leave
may you Ghalib only of your rhyming hands poetry 
and Shah Rukh Khan off your soul ink
may you of your lips wine only, drink
and like me, about you, whenever you breathe this life,
may you about your existence wonderlands, dream
may you ice your every pearl of sweat in your honor bet,
may you become who you are and seem
and like me, flow in your own blood river stream
for as long as it takes,
for my every prayer of love for you,
to get in your heart answered.

May you...
Meer you of your gentleness,
Latif-Fatima you all your tenderness,
Lala-Rukh you more strength,
Gauri you the patience of solace
May you...
Aryan you of your grace
Suhana you of your radiant beauty
and may you AbRam you the innocence,
your miraculous being every moment in this life,

What more to wish you
but to wish you
more of the you-est you of you
warped in my tight hugging arms' ribbons 
and sealed with your flying kiss signature prose. 


Happy Birthday my love...
May Allah blesses u with more of u
because there is no more blessing than that.
Always urs... Ab.



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