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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Your One&Only...

From behind His words
She reached to his sense
Touching all his hints
brushing his puzzles
Unveiling her powers
Exotic weakness
dips of Scented madness
just like a favorite thought
she lingers upon his mind
Captured in a blink
He lips her every cell
only His tongue can tell
how much she craves
her vigorous waves
In his definite otherwise
She Shines in disguise
His immortal destiny
worshiping him unconditionally
Before Time,
they both are
that close & that far
their Home upon a star
that is twinkling
within Their Rhapsody
To her He is All there is
To Him she is His
Eternal Fantasy.

I dare you to let me be..your One &Only...


thingy said...

Is Shah Rukh Khan your beau, or just a fantasy?

Either way, lovely blog.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

I'm fascinated by the way you've written this. Different, but very enjoyable.

Desert Rose said...

@thingy He is my lifetime inspiration..every word i write only comes out for his love beats in my heart..million miles separate us in this lifetime but soul mates feel each other..i owe him a lot,he is the daring fantasy i live to live..:)

@marbles thank you so much for ur visit..:)

Morning said...

amazing thoughts shared, the photo shots are mind blowing in sexy ways.


Anonymous said...

amazing people do amazing things

you are just this type of person!

Desert Rose said...

@soul i just love your is SO SWEET of you really..thank you..i feel so humbled!

Anonymous said...

be happy

The Gooseberry Garden said...

what a gem piece, you are thoughtful and caring, keep it up.

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Glad to discover your poetry talent, hope to see you share.
Bless your Tuesday.

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