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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Celebration...

The morning sunshine
smiled at me
tickled by the sneaking ray
painting warmth on my day
i jumped out of my night remains
sparkling tree
few giggles in me
those sheets of snow
tell stories we should know
by now
looking around
expecting to be found
everything is still the same
looking at my steaming mirror
I picked you out of my eyelid cover
inhaling your fragrance on my skin
feeling you around in my deep within
your fingers play
on my dangerous sway
as i turn
to hold your face
to land in your embrace
to chase
all these passing moments
to pause
for the time froze
with you
lazy droplets of water
draw my steps
on my way out
of the steaming shower

two more steps
you ran after me
jumping on the couch
Our crying ouch!
filled the air with louder laughs
tiny flying feathers
as we cuddled in
Enjoying that pillow fight
we were happy
even if it was just
for that one night

I stumbled on your cigarette pack
only one more left
you took it out
then left
lucky set
it last touched your lips
now it rests between mine
as i curled within your white shirt
holding in my hand your coffee cup
and in my mind, a scented memory
of your first night over,
and an unforgettable celebration.


Neva Flores said...


Neva Flores said...

Wonderfully superb!

Timoteo said...

This is classic YOU! Glad to see you back and in such fine form again.

Sausage Fingers said...

great post, I was glad to read it a couple of times.
Cheers, Sausage...

Eva said...

This is so bittersweet. The beginning reminds me of the best parts of love, and the end breaks my heart.


always feel as if i might have written your words myself, they so touch my own heart - wonderful to have you back - and all my caring thoughts for all being well with you and yours, dear lady!

1manview said...

Lovely piece..

Dulce said...

Oh my dear friend... This is just the most beautiful scene one can describe, but only YOU have the talent to do it so rhythmically perfect!

Loved every moment of it.

I am sorry for not having been here for so long and more often.
I am so glad I did today.

Henry Clemmons said...

Elegantly sensual and beautiful. A celebration of love and passion presented in a very skillful way. Great job!

Morning said...

super hot imagery,
Thanks for sharing, you rock.


The Cello Strings said...


Marbles in My Pocket said...

Beautiful, sensual, and vivid writing. Very enjoyable read.

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