Always on My Mind you baby...

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yes,i want you
I want All of you
just for me
now, this bad and instantly
like a damaging Hurricane
Bursting of the wise
and the insane
My reign
in you, this forever Era
guilty pleasures drain
screaming endlessly
as you submit..

like a miraculous flood
i run in your blood
that daring Rush
you can't hush
spreading around your dehydrated skin
thirsty for my within,
you are
my dearest superstar
when we lose,we win
This evil grin,
I fetch
As your virtuous sin
I itch
dancing on Your every inch
drowning in the feverish drench
that powerfully
My threat

like a tear that you can't stop
and a tear that you never drop
i want to be
your agitated comma and your crawling Full stop
the language you never use
the same words you would always chose
dripping as this favorite perfume
sprinkled as your own aroma,
having you All just for me
Like a natural disaster i want to be
this mad
this sad
and this selfishly.

wanna be your chammack challo..;)


Anonymous said...


Emma said...

Is there any left amazing words you didn't mention in your poem that I can use to describe how a sensitive poet you are? :)

Desert Rose said...

@soul knight thank you..:)

@Emma you made me blush my dear..thank you so much..:)) gotta thank my is all for him,with him..His being in my life is the true blessing i am living by..:))
loads of hugs&kisses to you my beautiful Doc..;)

Far-Rock said...

You know that you're best always, enjoyed reading your poem,& I always love reading you., it's flawless as-usual, extremely awesome., crossing my heart!

Dulce said...

If there as a doubt about your feelings that has evaporated into the abyss of these beautiful love words.

The Cello Strings said...

amazing and hot thoughts.

well expressed.


1manview said...

I could feel your inner love flow on the tip of your pen... Beautiful...

Hope said...


Ann LeFlore said...

So amazing and very thoughtful loved your images

Anonymous said...

oh.. this is sooo true...
hope you visit my page

Claudia said...

woohoo...great to see you again!! and what a beautifully sensual piece....fav lines...i want to be
your agitated comma and your crawling Full stop
the language you never use...hmmmm

Brian Miller said...

i want to be your comma crawling full line...also like guilty pleasures and miraculous flood, the opposition in them...

Mary said...

Sensual and hot!!!

Cognac for the Soul said...

So racy and so erotic. You have full mastery of your language, your voice, and hold the breath of your audience. Delicious!

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