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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Shah Rukh Khan's photo new poster that i promised...but it seems somebody else has beaten me to it.... who is this rat!!!
Shah Rukh Khan on WhoSay

This man..
His fingers erase the noise of the memory
reshaping the heart
as a clean board
ready for the colored chalks
of the flying time children
with His innocence

This man..
sloping as mercury
if you try to catch him
you lose
the impossible bird
is a professional
in setting golden cages on fire
and ice

This man..
can never be imprisoned
not even in the wide infinite sea
not even in me
always traveling beyond his horizon
twirling along the wire
gambling in hell
His own paradise

This man
is like a fairytale
crossing women like a shadow
in the parades of motherhood
that only deliver red flesh of fascination
master of expectation
giving it all
in his sweet nothings
stills in spinnings
This bad & nice

This man
like a delicious magnetic mine
spelled in drops like fine wine
exploded within the colors of his absence
hidden around such attended presence
drenched in his aromatic essence..
I sink
present he is
under my skin
in my deepest sin
as my one virtuous verse
the one who is as fatal
as Merciful.
And as protecting
as a Saving Angel.


Far-Rock said...

Firstly it was $hahRuKh that almost kills me with
Dildaara and Poster 2, and now Secondly it's you who took those last breath away!' Merciiiiiii

Will send you my address and I plead to send me your autograph ., & no way I'm kidding! I'm your FAN...

............~~~~AWESOME ~~~~........

Desert Rose said...

My dear really made me smile&blush..eehh i m just an amateur who is inspired by her MASTER..:) thank you from the bottom of my heart for ur amazing support..and i am truly attached to our superhero..and will keep praying one day my dream comes true..wish Ra.One all success..:))

Jignesh said...

Thanks i got Chamak Challo lyrics.
Nice site.

Morning said...

fantastically beautiful.

Shauna said...

Gorgeous prose, words.
The poster is stunning.

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