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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rolling Dais...

I tell you yes
then i object
I ask you to come
then i repent
I say that i don't care
all of it in one stare,
that only you can get
as i split
a Truth and a lie
a reason and a why
as bold as shy
I dare to cry
only with you
I dare to contradict

your black and white
my darkened light
I melt
when you accept
and i reset
in between your dais and bet
turn around that Russian roulette
just let me be,
your once in a lifetime
absolutist attempt.

play my game
call my name
whisper to the rolling dais
Your secret to My paradise
Then believe them now
My eyes..
when they insist

that gambler you are
exposed as a shooting star
knows it all
hears the call
picking the right trigger
as it would only cost
one reviving bullet.


Brian Miller said...

kapow...just be careful what happens after you pull that trigger....smiles...

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Awesome write! Fantastic word play!

Rick said...

I think you could make Raymond Chandler cry.

Summer said...



Mehlynn said...

I like rhymes as well, fun to play with :)
happy gooseberry day!

Raivenne said...

"Wow!" is so insufficient for this, but -- wow!

bajanpoet said...

This is an awesome poem...

"your black and white
my darkened light..."

I totally agree with the others! AWESOME isn't enough!

Bradley A. Peraino said...

I can dig it! Thank you!

Morning said...


welcome and have fun.

Cognac for the Soul said...

The rhythm and the rhyme caught me and I got lost in them. This is powerful feeling you have given voice to. Dark but empowering at the same time. You are truly an enigma.

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