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Friday, December 2, 2011

Life Sting...

running every moment
upon my forehead
like a tiny black scorpion
sloping down
There where i usually frown
crossing the cheeks to the nose
stepping out of my prose
dancing around the trembling lips
sting me
till i bleed
plant your life seed
in that arid field
craving for all your poison
My life saving scorpion

I shed your darkness inside of me
for me to light up
no, don't stop..
These comforting pains
Your handcuffs and my chains
Feverish rains
Then i hear your voice
In You, My forgiven sinner
I soak in a delirious shiver
that i almost forgot
you in me..i still have got
your tune
bare dune
whispering heat
your voice
my fleet
the waterfall that purifies the Me
Standing there underneath
bare of the past and the future
spreading all my doors wide open
melted frozen
for you to step in
like claws
your words pinch in my violated memory
dear is that felony
As convicted prisoners
we meet
with our eyes hanged on the running away time
floating like a paper kite
in the hands of a playful kid

There i am
looking for its sharp teeth,
your absence
so that they may rest in my heart
and let me sleep only then
with the peace of innocent children
Living for a moment
the fantasy of letting go,
poisoned with a love bite.


hedgewitch said...

Intense in every way.

Brian Miller said...

nice..i like the contradictions...taking in your darkness to light up and life giving scorpion...nice...

Morning said...

very amazing word flow.

Summer said...

tight, well done.

Mehlynn said...

a little masochism thrown in a tad, made me smile, thanks

happy gooseberry day!

bajanpoet said...

This is another awesome read. Ok I'm following you now...

I love your wordstyle :)

Cognac for the Soul said...

This must be one of my favorites of your work. So full of contradictions and yet so tied together, in dream logic. Sometimes we just can't live without that which almost kills our heart. The complicatedness of this piece makes its success even more astounding.

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