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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Freedom Flag

Today you can't stop me
Today i am rising
These dreams which haunt me
today will be dancing
on my striving tunes
drums of anger
Roaring danger
My screams are no more silent
blow as much heads as you wish
set this canyon with more fire
Today my whole life is on your wire
I am my own destiny
Today i am your worst nightmare
I am that fair and this unfair
I am this young boy
who once needed a dream to hold on to
a future to look up for
out of your maze,He needed a shore
a day to pass without feeling guilty
of being born
I needed a teacher who was not frustrated
a school system which is not deteriorated
a playground to craft my childhood
and a chance to listen to my own voice
a space to scrap my hopes
on the wings of a flying kite

It is still me
this young man who gets to study
what he has to
this helpless shame of what is available
crashing his simple needs into luxurious taboos
made him run into the illusion of a revolution
that could one day happen
one morning, while standing in the line for loaves of bread
Daring his tears to shed
As Life Lines never end

Today i am the one who will make it come true
Today you are no more in charge
It is Me
Rising out of Me
To the world of possibility
I am your now and My tomorrow
not all your canyons can stop me
I created my own dreams Today
Delivered out of the womb of courage.

This piece was inspired by this marvelous Revolution that is happening in my beloved Egypt. this young man who stood before the canyon putting his life at front moved me.May God always give us the power and strength to stand up for our own freedom.Bless him and All Egyptian heroes who are protesting for Human freedom.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your Thing...

Just do your thing
don't regret a thing
lets plant our tree
with your seeds and my rain
share the pain
just as warm
beat that storm
don't repent
I hear your anger
as i bent
to kiss two tears
hiding in a laughter
we may not write our fate
but we do carve our destiny

They say "Great ones walk alone"
happiness comes as a wicked loan
still you can make it
then bend it and break it
Illusions of ecstasy
Out of the nowhere
you make it to this everywhere
step up into your impossible
be that extremely unforgettable
in the madness of the crowd
Dance your silence out loud
These Lullabies
Of your awakened night
Laugh your heart out
Love is what you are about
Even the moon knows
For whom the stars pose
Their every single light
Serenades of Rhapsody

Scrap some smiles along
Listen to your own song
spread your wings and fly
when the tide is high
You are the reason and the why
as hard as the Rock
still as gentle, as a butterfly
savagely moistened,
yet tenderly dry
Sailing in your now
Hailing your own Tao
Enchanted mystery

You who nobody really knows
You who is all but what he shows
You who is darkened in his glows
You who makes it to my everything
just when you simply do your thing
Being what my life is all about
Rain and thunder
Fire and whisper
Flood in my Nile
Like an answered prayer
You, Come to my temple
Blooming my harvest around your Euphoric Monsoon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bread and blood.

She used to sit right next to me
playing in the grass
even in class
back then in 2nd grade
when everything would fade
but our innocent smiles

when i was sick
she used to visit
helping with all missing lessons
when she wasn't around
i would stop by her house
and ask if everything is alright

those streets,
carved with our little steps
those playgrounds,
that used to hold our little dreams
our little secrets,
we only whispered to the wind
Me and my best friend

At Christmas we both decorated one tree
blew some candles in birthday cakes
in Ramadan she used to fast with me
I used to love these cookies her mother bakes
For me in Eid
Love was our creed
Me and my best friend

She prayed with me in my mosque
I lit one candle in her church
Her heart is all i saw of her
she only knew this human in me
we would never bend
Me and my best friend

Her first day of everything
we were together
when happy or sad
i was all she had
and she was all i need
why this greed?
why is it difficult for love to lead?
why should they plant the doubts
in the eyes that only knew love

I never saw that cross in her necklace
and she never noticed the Gilded verse
around mine
i only saw in her my best friend
and she always believed by her side i stand
Together we weaved
Our Childhood memories
just as Pure

So,you may blast all the churches you need
destroy all mosques and plead
for mercy
such hypocrisy!
yet, you can never touch that bond
of bread and blood
My best friend and I
still eat from the same plate.

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