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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your Thing...

Just do your thing
don't regret a thing
lets plant our tree
with your seeds and my rain
share the pain
just as warm
beat that storm
don't repent
I hear your anger
as i bent
to kiss two tears
hiding in a laughter
we may not write our fate
but we do carve our destiny

They say "Great ones walk alone"
happiness comes as a wicked loan
still you can make it
then bend it and break it
Illusions of ecstasy
Out of the nowhere
you make it to this everywhere
step up into your impossible
be that extremely unforgettable
in the madness of the crowd
Dance your silence out loud
These Lullabies
Of your awakened night
Laugh your heart out
Love is what you are about
Even the moon knows
For whom the stars pose
Their every single light
Serenades of Rhapsody

Scrap some smiles along
Listen to your own song
spread your wings and fly
when the tide is high
You are the reason and the why
as hard as the Rock
still as gentle, as a butterfly
savagely moistened,
yet tenderly dry
Sailing in your now
Hailing your own Tao
Enchanted mystery

You who nobody really knows
You who is all but what he shows
You who is darkened in his glows
You who makes it to my everything
just when you simply do your thing
Being what my life is all about
Rain and thunder
Fire and whisper
Flood in my Nile
Like an answered prayer
You, Come to my temple
Blooming my harvest around your Euphoric Monsoon.


Louise said...

oh beautiful.. 'happiness comes as a wicked loan' good, and 'spread your wings and fly' ...I fly reading your poetry...

Tofyta said...

As Usual BeroO ur Poems TAKING ME
To another world full of love and dreams .. I do not even feel anything around me,Your words always used to captivate me .. Love u sis & Keep it up darling :)


Fireblossom said...

Whoa! This POEM is a euphoric monsoon. You get better and better, Rose. I won't pick apart individual lines, though many jumped out at me. I'll just say, I love this!

Oh, and I love your profile words on your sidebar. I wish everyone felt that way.

Dulce said...

oh Abeer,
you, my fave
When a poem goes beyond beauty and perfection I really find it hard to say anything.
may tis be enough for you to understand how much I love everything you write more and more...

Anonymous said...

You always pick the best pictures! Love it sweetie... love it. ♥

Carrie Burtt said...

Love the flow of this a song...this is beautiful Rose!

Brian Miller said...

smiles. lovely journey in understanding this man who is your everything...quite the character...

BVS said...

wow so powerful Abeer...fell in lvoe with every word. its just flows amazingly. proud to read you girl...keep floating ...

dustus said...

"still as gentle, as a butterfly
savagely moistened,
yet tenderly dry"

Way to contrast savagery with a butterfly. Makes me think of the different sides to individuals. Many emotions are expressed through your flow. Much about human personality also between the lines. I like what Louise said. Many of your lines do seem to take flight :)

Myrna R. said...

So loving and sensual. Beautiful encouraging thoughts. Hope he's listening.


you KNOW how much i love this piece, dear lady! every word every nuance every particle - beautiful!!! great words!

Beachanny said...

Why you've written a song. I just almost heard the melody in the background and I surely heard your voice singing. Well done, and thank you. Gay @beachanny

TALON said...

"happiness comes as a wicked loan" - that made me really stop and think and it does sometimes feel like it's something we have to pay for.

As always, Desert Rose, your poetry takes me on a lovely journey.

joanny said...

Sensually bold and beautifully told, love has no rules, it is filled with contradictions as your eloquent poem points out - swing of emotions intense pleasure - intense pain, why do we crave it so much? It is hard to say - and here your words flow from a woman's heart and soul capturing our inner most thoughts penned on ageless paper.

warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Great hdonistic light fancy feel. Rhythm and rhyme in it's most glorious form...your work is truly stunning

Pete Marshall said...

as always i am engrossed by your verse...although i did stay a while at the opening image..but heck who wouldnt it...wonderful words...Dustus, talon,fireblossom..all their comments ring true..great share...pete

Thoughts Not Lost said...

Sexy, beautiful!

Claudia said...

ahh - beautiful.. i love the two tears
hiding in a laughter...says so much - and i love the pic you chose

Claudia said...

...did my comment just disappear...?

Chris G. said...

Musical, this one, and quick-paced. Built around sensual imagery and beckonings, with a surge of emotion solidly expressed. Good flow, lowly words.

Asobime said...

Many images here that work to good purpose in forming this poem.


Lady Nyo

Anonymous said...

Whoa the sexual metaphors, the intense use of nature, the deep feelings of passion brought me to a massive arrousal of mind & body. Even the visual of the picture set the mood as something to be desired. I applaud on your growth. Your subtle use of rhyming was poignant & fitting. Thank you for sharing with me.


Anonymous said...

when you write, people stop breathing until you have completed your work and then....


extremely beautiful...

SuziCate said...

Oh what beautiful love...can hear it being put to music, lovely.

Anonymous said...

The flow of your words is like quick silver, such beauty. The beat is as strong as the heart of a lover, the words are exquisite.
The Lonely Recluse.

Kim Nelson said...

LOTS going on here. So many images, so many messages. Here's my entry for this week:

dan roberson said...

You've expressed a world of love, many beautiful lines, and all the feelings. A veritable eight course repast, well worth revisiting.

Anonymous said...

An extremely beautiful poem full of passion and thrill. Enjoyed it very much. :)

Lisa said...

Wow! So glad I stumbled in here and got to read this :)

Salivated on this line:

"Dance your silence out loud"


John Fitzpatrick said...

I found it impossible to read this without becoming lost in its rhythm. I didn't want to get out of it either...great piece and lovely imagery.

Jingle said...

it is a lovely shout out.

Thanks for sharing..

PattiKen said...

I agree with those who mentioned a song in their comments. This is lyrical, and needs a melody to carry it.

Soraya said...

What a sensual and tender poem
"You who nobody really knows
You who is all but what he shows
You who is darkened in his glows
You who makes it to my everything
just when you simply do your thing"
Simply lovely.
Thanks Abeer for share your beautiful poems, and your kind words.

Kavita said...

Being oneself is the best one can do.. really!
"we may not write our fate
but we do carve our destiny" -- these lines were like crazy good!!
Gosh.. I so so liked the tone of this poem... stern, sensuous, practical, caring, all at the same time!

Anonymous said...

"we may not write our fate
but we do carve our destiny"

Much wisdom in these words...this poem has great rhythm, flow, and depth. A stellar write...thank you for sharing.

Shashi said...

I enjoyed it so much.. thanks for sharing this one...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter @VerseEveryDay

robin ellen lucas said...

illusions of ecstasy out of nowhere...

Anonymous said...

lovely.. here's mine for this thursday..

Marlee-I Mystic said...

Wow! Serious expression here. Loved the last lie "Blooming my heart..."

Happy Rally

Sam said...

Can't tell which part i liked most...all is breathtaking..loved it.

signed...bkm said...

hailing your own Tao....that is wonderful way to go through life....blessings each day filled with as much happiness as possible...bkm

Steve Isaak said...

Erotic, natural theme(s) coupled with beguiling word choices = exemplary seduction poem.

dustus said...

Great on 2nd read too :)

Anonymous said...

very nice! I enjoyed your lyrical masterpiece! awesome :)
Thank you!


just dropping by to say hello, dear lady - hope you're having a glorious day! xxx

dakshi said...

"happiness comes as a wicked loan"
love the line..

Jingle said...

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Thanks for the lovely contribution, it is fun when everyone gets the job done…
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Intuitive said...

"Dance your silence out loud"
how absolutly amazing that line was for me...your peotry is so full of emotions

myintuitivemind said...

"Dance your silence out loud" Just beautifuly expressed....waw....i keep reading it and waw....

Rick said...

"Happiness comes as a wicked loan" is an experience in itself. Your work is richly evocative and a delicious dessert a harshly adventurous day.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely loved this many great lines and imagery...please write more :-)

ManPreet Kaur said...

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Jingle said...

Greetings, Happy Tuesday! Blessings…

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Temptress said...

"Out of the nowhere
you make it to this everywhere
step up into your impossible
be that extremely unforgettable"

I love these lines! So inspiring! Would you mind if I read this poem to my yoga class?

Andy said...

Great imagery and play with words.

Vyankatesh said...

Great lines!!!

Andy said...

I had to come back & read this again. It's even more beautiful the second time around.

Evelyn said...

"lets plant our tree
with your seeds and my rain"

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