Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I failed
I needed to stop needing you
but i ended up
needing you more
Like the sea holding its shore
wickedly extracted...

I wanted to never wanting you
but i only kept
That Extreme Urge
Like A Spilled cup

Cursed myself
with words&tears
crashed my hopes
with swords of fears
bleeded to the core
what to do more?

I want to hate you
and learn the art of letting go
whispered to my Delusional mind
I soak myself in dreams
feeling you around or so it seems
killing myself with belief
your absent presence is my relief
or so i think
That way i sink
more into your neutral attention
That you simply expose
Beyond the verse&the Prose
Through the fire of your burning sighs
these unheard cries
Where you hide me
within the muse
Reading all your cues
laughing till bursting tears
in the sudden happening of silence

I still shiver to your Undialled call
Run to your unopened arms
Dance around your Never mine charms
I still Hail
To your comings
And I still Fail
To My Never Accomplished Resolutions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rolling Dais...

I tell you yes
then i object
I ask you to come
then i repent
I say that i don't care
all of it in one stare,
that only you can get
as i split
a Truth and a lie
a reason and a why
as bold as shy
I dare to cry
only with you
I dare to contradict

your black and white
my darkened light
I melt
when you accept
and i reset
in between your dais and bet
turn around that Russian roulette
just let me be,
your once in a lifetime
absolutist attempt.

play my game
call my name
whisper to the rolling dais
Your secret to My paradise
Then believe them now
My eyes..
when they insist

that gambler you are
exposed as a shooting star
knows it all
hears the call
picking the right trigger
as it would only cost
one reviving bullet.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Life Sting...

running every moment
upon my forehead
like a tiny black scorpion
sloping down
There where i usually frown
crossing the cheeks to the nose
stepping out of my prose
dancing around the trembling lips
sting me
till i bleed
plant your life seed
in that arid field
craving for all your poison
My life saving scorpion

I shed your darkness inside of me
for me to light up
no, don't stop..
These comforting pains
Your handcuffs and my chains
Feverish rains
Then i hear your voice
In You, My forgiven sinner
I soak in a delirious shiver
that i almost forgot
you in me..i still have got
your tune
bare dune
whispering heat
your voice
my fleet
the waterfall that purifies the Me
Standing there underneath
bare of the past and the future
spreading all my doors wide open
melted frozen
for you to step in
like claws
your words pinch in my violated memory
dear is that felony
As convicted prisoners
we meet
with our eyes hanged on the running away time
floating like a paper kite
in the hands of a playful kid

There i am
looking for its sharp teeth,
your absence
so that they may rest in my heart
and let me sleep only then
with the peace of innocent children
Living for a moment
the fantasy of letting go,
poisoned with a love bite.

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