Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, February 13, 2012


I gave myself the right
to love you as right
as wrong
to be the lyrics of your silent
to shine in your darkest night
as bright
the lonely princess of the bravest knight
who gave her his arms as a shelter
and they lived happily ever after
This silly
i get to become
craving for you to come

I gave myself the right
to miss you when you are around
but not quivering in my eyes
to listen when you don't sound
but your screaming moans madly rise
Inside of me..
million whys
I dared myself to be
that thought you try to shut away
and end up living its every detail
in repeat
that note you are afraid to read
yet you keep it closer to your heart
in pleat
That justice plead
you deny
that urging need
you live by
That fired sigh
you skip
in a soaking drip
only you can taste

I gave myself the right
to Reign
your unspoken desires
to stain
your revolutionary fliers
Sentence you to my dangerous zone
watch you roar
as you submit
Declare the war
I already gave myself the right
to be that constitutional law
when the trial is due
Being in you
From that instant

For You My Forever Valentine..


Brian Miller said...

nice..i like that last stanza the most...its got pace and imagery and wildness to it that is enchanting...

Summer Rain said...

love the powerful sentiments shown in your words.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Pat Hatt said...

A right that should not be ignored, at least in most cases, nicely written.

Paris Foliage said...

human rights are the most enjoyable and powerful rights.

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