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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Things...

Unwillingly intentional
unpleasantly irrational,
your seasonal silence
escaping Life show
drowning into circles you draw
on your own you think you go
Darling No!
with you i go,
as i invisibly blow
the fading candles of your absence
My stubborn Resilience
And these little things you do
Rise and stare
to your adjusted unfair
Holding each letter close
whispering to each orphan prose
Secrets only you would know

Landing on my moistened lips
your dimpled expressioned trips
Building palaces of joy
living as your spoiled rotten favorite toy
for this intimate instant
Even you keep distant
you get deeply in
where i hide within
but you don't know
these little things of yours
in me, grow

These little things of yours
holding the lighter for one more cigarette
while at your feet, i bent
your own wild cat seduced
following those smoke circles you spread
around the corners of my thread
holding your every breath in my heart
for when you leave, we are never apart
i keep that moistened filter
Tasting my salty dripping laughter
blessed with your lips print
some candies you left
You, The Only Resident of the Heart
missing you that much
laying upon the moments before you go
these little things you throw
on me, Grow

This little tiered smile
you send
while gazing to the ever after end
and the locked door
steaming the cold floor
your bare feet tracing the Time dust
into waves of lust
the hours moan
Our memories loan
as i sip what's left in the cup
bittersweet is your coffee
from where your lips last tipped
My feverishly brush has dipped
with more quivering marks
my shivering mind sparks
at that flow
these little things of yours
intentionally, grow

How could you dare to leave?
why don't you just ..stay, in my arms for good!
wondered your favorite chair scented wood
at the welcome of the gentle curtain shy slip
upon its empty Creed Royal stained bars
Missing the moon,weep the looney stars
a gush of cold wind slapped my teary cheeks
as i curled into an old line
you wrote at the side of the other day paper
mixed with the black ink
your words dance, my eyes blink
cheers to your present absence
for these little things of yours don't show,
Yet gracefully, still your presence..glow.

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The Unidentified said...

nice words and pics :)

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