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Thursday, September 13, 2012

For You...

For you
all the grass grows crowning the mountains
and all the waves are born high
Then they Hug your shore
and melt in a gentle kiss
that much you are a bliss
to life

For you
the jealous seas pose at the horizons
after the crazy clouds circles
sharing a joyful sonata
Daring you my prince of darkness
to shine

For you
all the kids laugh
all the words become your autograph
craving letters crawl at your mind wish
holding the line  

For you
all women dress up,
wearing their euphoric dreams on
at your sight
all roses flirt with the drunken sunlight
chasing your twilight

For you
Still rivers flow
all the soul winds blow
love secrets to your flying kite 
lazy skies snow
Bride fields in silken white

For you
time would stand still
Soft breeze would have all stories to tell
loud whispers to your ears
as you close your eyes
teasing all these whens&whys
watching your made up sand castles
fall at night
feeling all the virtual hugs as tight

For you
life happens
and Dreams shall strive
as long as the dreamer is alive
as long as the dreamer is alive


One Conscious Dreamer said...

What a beautiful love poem. I love the use of repetition in each stanza, it creates a delicate flow of ambiance and love.


Kim Nelson said...

Love cannot be expressed more fully, more completely than you have express it here.

Brian Miller said...

an absolutely wonderful love poem...i love the depths of love you plum in this...really nice flow to it as well...

its great to see you as well...been a while...smiles.

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